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Most people say that when you get married, it gets boring and dull. How can married couples make sure that their marriage life will still be exciting? While some people are familiar with the trend of marriage heat where married couples start sharing some of their hottest sex stories and more and more couples have ed this trend, marriage heat romance is when both couples want to maintain not just their appetite for sex but also their intimacy and romance. Maintaining intimacy, romance and of course your sexual appetite alive in your marriage is very important because it strengthens your marriage. As married couples work on their intimacy and romance, their bond strengthens and it keeps the fire burning.


Initiate time alone with your wife, she needs it and so do you.

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After a few days, they started to get cabin fever so they wanted to do something to make the time more fun. This was before they had. Create space to be together. Do something new.

Perhaps it is time to be adventurous together. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. All Pro Dad. Share on facebook.

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My wife and I have been friends with another married couple for many years. Create a list together of all of the things you both have always wanted to do. What is going well?

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Share on twitter. Not only did it make the time more fun, but it made them closer. Spend some time thinking about where your marriage is and how it got there.

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All Rights Reserved. Then commit to doing the list. Think about the good things together and make that your focus.

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This is not just sexual touching, but the casual touches throughout the day. Get a babysitter, then go out and do the things you loved to do as a couple before you had. If you are watching TV together, hold her hand or massage her neck. Have some bad habits crept in? Share on print. Increase the amount you touch her.

Nothing turns up the heat in a relationship more than when we feel known and cared for. A few months after they were married, a blizzard hit and they had to hunker down. This time of year gives us a great opportunity to get cozy with our wives.

Evaluate your marriage first.

Do you need to spice up your marriage? Rank the list in terms of the ones that excite both of you the most. Site De by De Extensions. Do the same thing with your marriage. Ask your wife what she thinks is going well and what she would like more in your marriage. As you pass by her in the kitchen, put your hands on her shoulders and give her a kiss on the cheek. What are some other ways to heat up our marriages?

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Go to her and give her a hug for no reason. Set aside the time and the money if there is a cost. When the temperatures are below freezing outside life can become stagnant and sometimes marriages can become the same. Take a morning off from work, and after getting the kids off to school, get back in bed together.

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These little touches throughout the day will warm her to you and hopefully lead to more intimacy when you head to bed. They decided to have an entire day where neither of them wore clothes.

After the kids go to bed put some music on, light a fire in the fireplace or light some candles, have some wine and get cozy on the couch. Slow down and look for ways to spend more time with one another. Share on. Below are 5 ways to do it. Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram. During the cold seasons, things seem to slow down.

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Marriage Romance is a spice for marriages.