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Zach looked up from his phone, a well-practiced bored sneer already creasing his upper lip.


A site containing all of EHY's stories, including Courtesy Suites a hotel chain offering service by realistic androidsIPM a corporation manufacturing themand non-android stories. Fairly short, but good. Lots of stuff. In part two, he enhances her body so that she can turn into a mannequin.

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Go figure. Mitch, his wife, and another couple set the Immobilizer to freeze and unfreeze them randomly, and play with each other.

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I wish Mechana would write more! A genie has to turn a girl into a mannequin. Women deliberately immobilized by any invisible means - magical, technological, "freeze ray", transformation into mannequin or statue; especially if she is aware of being immobilized. Sweet and romantic as well as sexy.

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More generally, any situation where a female is deprived of control over her own body, willingly or unwillingly, and is aware of the fact. Sara's boyfriend turns her into her own exhibit at a party. Very long, especially if you want to read the whole series. Not necessarily reflected in his recommendations below.

Free tg/tf story: from man to female mannequin!

EHY's preferences in ASFR are: Realistic female androids, with emphasis on the fact that they are deed and programmed to serve and must do so regardless of any feelings it may seem that they would have to do otherwise. Keri refuses to go swimming I'm not normally a big fan of android malfunction stories, but this one worked for me anyway.

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When the boss orders their friend to move them and change their clothes, things get interesting. Excellent descriptions and characters; nicely believable. Especially if she is unable to do anything to change it.

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This is the first and best of a series. To rescue her from a crippling injury, Alison's husband transfers her mind into a wind-up robot. She enjoys being posed, re-dressed, and moved about for the duration of her vacation. Realistic situations, believable characters, and good writing.

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And the tables turn several times, as everyone has fun with various human mannequins. A wizard punishes his female slaves by freezing them and transforming them in various ways. David's uncle, the owner of a women's fashion store, introduces him to the mannequins - all of whom are live women who have agreed to become mannequins.

He has recently succumbed to the temptation to start this web site.

Chris meets the love of his life She explains how she was brought to life. A woman on vacation is turned into a mannequin. Four girls stand in for window mannequins for fun, transformed by a gadget. Go visit. EHY has been lurking around the edges of the ASFR community for over three years now, and has written several stories. Very nice writing and a touch of humor. This is one of a growing series, by a of different authors. Turns out she used to work there, and slips back into old habits. Scott's girlfriend Jen introduces him to a club where people pose as living mannequins and statues for the entertainment of the guests.

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Mike awoke and thought to himself, "What the hell?


Dave Fragments Welcome to my website of strange and creepy stories.