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  • Age:
  • 20
  • What is my nationaly:
  • Welsh
  • My sex:
  • Lady
  • What is my Sign of the zodiac:
  • My Zodiac sign Sagittarius
  • My favourite drink:
  • Red wine
  • My hobbies:
  • Painting


I saw this lad playing in the park with his friends knocking a ball around, just roughhousing and carrying on. I continued to watch them play for a few more minutes until they took a break to toss back some lager one of the others had brought with them. I figured this was my opportunity, so I input my target into the SwapApp and clicked initiate. A second later, I found myself a few yards away, taste of cigarettes and cheap alcohol on my tongue and a very sweaty vest around my torso. He likes these chubby cubs on occasion, and since it was his birthday, I decided to give him something he would absolutely love!


And this hot liquid is so good to drink!!! No matter how they were taken down, soon the field was filled with shirtless bros each one hornier then the next, pent up with pleasure and hormones and raw cocky power. With a few plump twitches and several stifled moans their clitoris was resting on their slick covered sack as their freshly changed penis. Continue to train yourself to drink this liquid again!!! He needed a swim mate. It started out low at her feet, sizing themselves up.

In case you didn’t know, i make short title mtm stories on reddit!

Good boy. Aren't you Kitten? It's the muscles of the legs that compress in me!! Her abs flexed subconsciously causing another stifled moan this one a little bit deeper than the ones. He lets the erect tool slap underneath his pecs with a small chuckle. I always love how quickly the drink can get to work. It's so hot and so nice!! Some guys just sat in pure confusion, only realizing what was happening when their shirt started to tear apart and pants started shifting into athletic shorts but by then it was already too late.

Each knuckle cracked and popped as her feet started to grow. One point from his finger and the target would cringe and groan as bones cracked and elongated, fat melted and muscle bloomed all over his frame, and the mind got rewritten with thoughts of sex and muscle and bros, pain becoming pure acceptance and pleasure. She then felt herself against the wall of the changing room as her body began to heat up and shift. Oh what is this thing that sticks on me??

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Turn around for us, Dylan. She smiled approvingly and sent them immediately to Jay. As she clicked send she felt a wave wash over her. The change did not slow down as he plump frame evened out to show a more firm physique underneath a treasure trail of hair started rolling up her torso starting from her thick bush of hair around the base of her cock. I'm human Ready be use bro.

Grabbing firmly she pulled on the fleshy mass inside and worked with a small push an audible pop was heard. Her breasts began to flatten out forming firm pecs with a little dash of hair on their chest. She puffed out her cheeks and took a deep breath in and then plunged in deep to her core.

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The bro in the center just smirked at his work and handled the football in his hands. Stifling their groans as Ryanne felt a swelling form from within her core. Show us that nice ass in my singlet.

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Better just down the drink now and quickly get to someplace private. Some lacey panties a nice bra that she would wear tonight to impress her boyfriend Jay. She slipped out of her clothes and slipped them on. There were a few that stood up eagerly and volunteered, happy to leave their fat, skinny, or simply unsatisfying selves behind to have their clothes torn too shreds and remade into athletic gear and sneakers hugging their new jock bods. The last shot is my favorite part.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Totally worth it. He kept cumming until there was nothing but a small nub left and a nice warm mound to where his balls used to be. Did he know that after a few laps he was fully remade into a stud dripping with pure raw sexy energy?

Daddy isn't sure they fit you just yet. Now her arms matched her new masculine body with thick biceps pumping up with each breath veins popping slightly to impress.

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Her toes stretched themselves out as her smooth thin legs widened their stance for what was to come. Reaching down to her slit she gently teased at her own entrance her eyes fluttering a bit as every little action down their felt like a furry pleasure that came from unworldly sources. Look at my newest boy Dylan here. This was always the most awkward part, a combination of pleasure and restraint coalesce into one action. She pulled out her phone from her pants pocket and snapped a couple of pictures making sure to highlight her every curve.

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You gave my dick such a good boost A few sips in and here he is- filling out with muscle and confident attitude with every breath. NO you can't do that to your brother!! Tell me.

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His head covered in be of sweat as he bit his lip. Ryanne slipped into the changing room humming to herself as she dug through her new clothes.

Body / role swap!

It was incredibly deep and hazy, one people go crazy for when you whisper to them. I'm a human, not your tights!! NO what am I saying? He looked at his phone once again seeing that Jay had replied Ryan took a good look at himself in the mirror and took a picture to send to Jay. He did so but quickly called him up. At the end her hair had recessed back into a fashionable hair cut keeping her, or rather his form's hair dye.

I bet you're playing with your thick dick for me huh? Her clitoris was then bright red as if raw from arousal, which was most likely the case.

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A few minutes ago he was a gangly figety bookworm, so socially nervous he could barely speak let alone look at me on our little date. Did he even notice that after one swim he had aged up a few years with muscle and hotness, as though he had quit school to focus on his body to transform with perfect stubble and chlorine light hair, perfectly wide shoulders and v shaped torso dropping down to a thin waist, hard thighs, and perfect ass and cock?

He now had more then enough guys for a round of football, but eyeing the hard bodies and bulges of the guys around him some of them were already feeling each other up maybe they should skip playing a game for now and get on to a bit of rough tackling. You know, lil bro, I think I like you as my tights!

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Many guys tried to run, only to stumble to the ground once they were selected, their bodies twisting and swelling out into hot jocked out versions of themselves that soon stood up with cocky dumb smirks to feel up their new body and cup their new hard bulge. Who knows.

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Finally her face, her sweet gorgeous face began to crack and shift as her face became covered in thick stubble her lips thinned out a little as her brows thickened. I don't want you to continue!! Lot more hair than expected.

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Was there something in the water? Their muscles became defined and their silky smooth legs were no more as a fresh crop of hair grew from their skin. Dangling between the two firm thighs were a pair of nuts fit for a king.

It feels so fuckin good. He rubbed his throat as he sized up his voice. Back to Jay torrents of cum shot out from his cock but with each twitch his cock kept getting smaller his balls become less pronounced.

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He had not even the slightest interest in becoming a wrestler before me and my Golden Bears got to him. She was hot and wet, but that was not what she was looking for, but soon she found her goal.

Public change

His hands twirling the lace fabric over their thick fingers. She twirled a little bit her breasts bouncing slightly as she balanced on her delicate feet. I want you to transform me back as before!!! Are you going to ?

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I love being Coach Dan.


I know that we have given you a lot of recommendations before you finally make the important step to take over someone else life.