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The Star Wars franchise encompasses everything from the Skywalker saga and stand-alone movies, to live-action television series, cartoons, novels, and comic books.


Found the internet!

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Read turns of fate by rosabell. Luke just trolls both jedi and sith.

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More posts from the FanFiction community. I threw in this search on AO3. You'll find a lot of Rey time-traveling on it -- especially in the wake of the new movie -- but far as I can tell Luke's got dozens of fics too. A supportive community for writers, readers, and reccers to talk about and share FanFiction.

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Redemption is one ongoing example, and Old Man Luke is another with a slow update rate but a very high following. Reply Share.

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Of Queens, Knights, and Pawns has been on my read list for a bit and transports Leia back in time. I haven't read any of these yet myself so I can't say if they're good or to your taste or not, but it'll get ya started.

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Recs Wanted. Turns of Fate is hilarious, I especially liked the part where Anakin, when scolding Luke, messed with Luke and Leia's force suggestion on Palpatine, making Palpatine believe that Luke was his father. Much appreciated.

FFN is a struggle for me to search through, but Shattered focuses on Luke, though it has not updated in a few years.

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I hope you all enjoy the last Friday Fic Recs.


And this is not reformed Anakin who travels back, but full blown Sith Lord ready to change the past.


The time-travel fics I know that deal with the PT-era Jedi are bellow:.


Right here we go because this will be a long one.