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Can someone write a fanfiction where Nora is the former rockstar and Loren is the rockstar while Max and Eddie are just everyday people? The roles would be reversed? I love that idea!!! I just read this and started the story!!! Hope to have a chapter out tonight! Post it please!!


TheFemaleShady 5. Leddie and the rest of them, too! Melessalynn 1. It was coincidence that it happened again. Will this be his only chance at the women he loves, or will she reject him? Tyler Roarke is a former friend of Eddie's who has never forgiven Eddie for betraying him. I will post depending on feedback, either daily or every other day. However, sparking a friendship was a choice when change was invading both of our lives and we both needed someone to lean on. Hollywood Heights: One Day at a Time by PinkMusicLover reviews This is just a fanfiction that continues on from the last episode of hollywood heights.

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Will Chloe finally get the revenge she wants? Read to see if Loren and Eddie's love will last. This is my first fanfiction on this website so please be nice and be sure to review! StayYoBreezySelf 1.

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You want to know more about it read it Best choice by havila reviews Will Eddie stay with Loren or will the ups and downs of fame break them apart? This series contains Drama and romance. FanFiction unleash your imagination. Sort: Category. Legitjess 7. Nikita PinkMusicLover 5.

When loren finds her boyfriend cheating on her with her step sister she looks to eddie for help and he help mend her broken heart and along the way loren developes feelings for eddie. Can they're spirits' and love stay strong? We need a second season! How could they change each other? Constantly we're drifting apart. Chloe Carter is Eddie's Ex-gf who won't let go of the good life or of Eddie. Meant To Be by fallingxforwardx reviews It was chance that we climbed that hill on the same night.

The story is about the hardships and struggles of love, and how hard it is to keep a love strong.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. In the first few chapters it will be more about Eddie and his life, then we will introduce Loren and it will all begin to unfold. Loren Tate has worked her whole life to get into her dream school college and doesn't want to be distrastated by a fantasy. Is faith trying to tell me something? Loren is happily dating Cam while Eddie is wishing it was he who was dating Loren. But after Cam is caught cheating on Loren with Adriana, no one can find Loren. Is it a love out of reach?

Eclarelover96 ItsOnlyLiz 3. Loren and Eddie will face alot of obstacles in this story and i mean alot. Neither is quite ready to take a leap of faith, though leaning on each other might turn into more The Hollywood Heights Love Story by xoray reviews Hollywood Heights: Loren and Eddie are falling for each other, but people are trying to get in there way.

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But is it right? I'm in love for the first time, but it's a different story with you. I'm holding on by a thread.

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A Newfound Connection by shimmeruponwishes reviews Eddie and Loren each feel the pull towards each other. Brilliant Brunette Beauty Dazia-Marie 0. Hollywood Heights. Melissa's Visit by Nikita reviews A Hollywood Heights one-shot, that turned into a two-fer, and is now a three-some Hollywood heights: Things happen for a reason by bubbles reviews Loren, Mel, Adriana are best friends and in college.

Plummer 1.

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What if Eddie had lived his life in sheltered without a real understanding of the hardships of life. I want you to be mine, I need you to be mine. I suck at summaries. Will Leah and Jeramy make it big in the music business? I-love-hollywood-heights hide bio. One thing I know for sure is you're worth the risk, and I'm not giving up on you- Eddie Duran.

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Terms of Service. Lalaeveryday 0. This fanfiction takes place after Eddie and Loren's first kiss on episode As time passes by, the more there affection towards each other becomes stronger, but like many love stories obstacles get in the way, and what bigger obstacle is there having a superstar as your boyfriend. Will they fall for each other or just stay friends?

Keep fighting! Season 2 of Hollywood Heights by melissa. BittyAB18 4. Eddie is the only one who knows where she is.

SarahC20 7. This is my spin on Hollywood Heights. It is a Leddie fanfic and this time Loren is the rockstar and Eddie is the one to fall in love with Loren first.

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Not to mention edge of your OMG drama! Writergirl 6. edid:Profile Updated: Plummer 1 BittyAB18 4 Brilliant Brunette Beauty 17 bubbles 2 chelkey21 2 Dazia-Marie 0 Eclarelover96 14 escaping-thee-reality 3 fallingxforwardx 3 havila 2 hhaddicted 3.

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Would she be different? Loren Tate's Crazy Life by Eclarelover96 reviews This story is different from your average love story. Thousand Roses by hhlover reviews This series is called a Thousand Roses its a fanfiction based on the t.

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Will they have a happy ending, or will the lies of fame and fortune break them apart. Love you guys!

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But falling in love, despite everything that was deed to keep us apart, simply made me believe that we were meant to be. I don't own anything. As of now I have deleted all my stories here on fanfiction but I will be making a new one and hopefully I won't create more and just forget about the others.

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Nora and eddie tried to call loren a countless of times but they find her phone on her bed.


Um…this is run by a bunch of teenage girls?


There was of course a lot of alcohol.


Eddie wanted to hear Loren sing the song she had been hiding from him as soon as they got home, but she insisted on making dinner first.