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  • What is my age:
  • 36
  • Ethnic:
  • Finnish
  • Hair:
  • I've auburn hair
  • What is my body features:
  • My figure features is medium-build
  • What is my favourite music:
  • Techno
  • In my spare time I love:
  • Swimming
  • Piercing:
  • None
  • My tattoo:
  • None


If you are here because you are looking for the most amazing open-minded fun-spirited sexy adult community then you have found the right place. We also happen to have some of the sexiest members you'll ever meet. up below and come us. Ever see an hard on erection in the gym locker room? Most Liked Posts. Chis Chapman Expert Member.


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It is occupied by older rooms like myself and up and comers who think this makes them something special. It was one of our local news anchors, who anchored the news every evening. We usually tried to avoid them and shower after they were finished but became frustrated when the hot water supply would begin to run out on us. But man his body looked better in person. The event I described is not typical. I'm hoping they had plenty of chlorine in the water. When I was around middle-school age, I'd spend a week at camp each summer.

I suppose that really answers all 3. My son is 18 and has been coming with me to the club since he was I told him ahead of time about the sauna and the shower. I was all alone and got erection. Then I had an locker. I made this a regular part of my routine, unbeknownst to my friend. The boys involved were probably 13 and 15 and it was clearly their first time in this situation. At University, I often noticed other guys with erections in the shower and change room and nobody seemed the least bit embarrassed.

He looked right at it and then averted his eyes.

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Has any guy had an erection in the locker room? I could tell that not by their erections, but by the look in their eyes. First, "no. But, when I was in my early 20s, I used to play racket ball at a nearby club, usually with a good friend of mine at least one night a week.

The members are okay with younger members being in those areas as long as the father is present. It is not common but it does occur. He said hello. Well, after we played one evening, we were sitting in the whirlpool as usual and I was having a beer and a cigarette while we were chatting and relaxing. A moment latter I heard someone walking towards the room. The water jet pulsating on my dick made me very locker very quickly. I'm not sure if I kept doing that but I probably did. I couldnt believe he was in the shower!

When I got up, my friend saw that I had this huge boner and I expect he knew what I was doing. They never mad us shower at my school. Well, one time I was enjoying myself as described and something or someone compelled me to have to stand up quickly and unexpectedly. But erection high school I ed a gym.

There was another locker of campers who, for one reason or another, just didn't get along erection my group. So, one evening we all went into the shower room, dropped our towels and headed in. Did anyone see it? I enjoyed not only the great sensation, but the fact that nobody was aware of my hard-on except me. Several times just before puberty3sometimes 4 of us room always be last out of the pool and share the last available large changing cubicle after a naked showerwe all got hard comparing sizeusually with cocks touching.

They had multiple locations Another location id go to had an open shower. I think in a world of body image mistrust, he should be commended for trying something different. He didn't show any discomfort with the nudity. I turned to see who it was, and recognized the man!!!!

A few even liked to show off their erections to the rest of us, so I soon got over my embarrassment. I'm asking because the Y where I work out maintains completely separate locker rooms for adults vs those under This is a private health club.

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I just sat back down in the water and pretended nothing was unusual. In fact, I actually came a few times. So, we decided to be as obnoxious as possible and chase them away.

It was kinda late in the night I got done went and showered. You could smoke which I did heavily there and also have a beer, which they sold at the club. Now that I think about it, it's amazing how simultaneously immature chasing the other group out with our nudity and mature not picking on the kid with the erection we were. However, on several occasions I have seen men with erections in the shower, steam room, sauna and hot tub.

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BTW, everyone was nude in the locker room. I had forgotten all about those innocent times until now. We didnt say to much to each other.

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The other group cleared out almost immediately. It was good time to be alive. They showered in swimming trunks; we showered nude. The showers there were in a fairly large pavillion-type building with a changing area and a large room with showerhe along all the walls and no dividers. I recall being concerned about getting an erection in that setting, but in all of the showers I took and all the times I went to the camp I never did. I always knew he had a fine body!!

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This is pretty embarrassing but I'll add my experience. I have had a couple of gym memberships with fitness clubs that have multiple locations. Two Saturdays ago, my son and I were sitting in the men's sauna at my health club.

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I kept showering and tried to just focus on the simple task at hand. My son is a veteran of this process since he has been coming with me since he was He is very comfortable with his body as am I. Nudity of this type does not bother us. But I'll never forget the time I got busted with a boner in the Jacuzzi at the racket ball club. A father brought his two sons into the sauna area. Another boy in our group did, however -- almost every time -- but nobody ever gave him a locker time about it or even acknowledged it. They came to the showers while my son and I were there and their excitement had not fallen off so to speak.

I think their dad, a newcomer to the health club, wanted to teach his erections about not being embarrassed by their bodies. Just curious. This happened most weeks for a few months and no-one within the group ever mentioned it outside that space. It was about Anyway, after playing we would hang out in the locker room and use the Jacuzzi.

I do not recall seeing anyone with an erection in the dressing area of a locker room with an erection. I was embarrassed the room few times it happened, but I soon noticed that quite a few of my classmates also got them and didn't attempt to hide them.

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I am guessing that this was the first nude experience for both boys. On one occasion I was at the newer location with the open showers. Eventually, my friend and I had a falling out and I didn't see him anymore and gave up racket ball. What was their reaction? We never spoke about it. Both young men were sporting erections. He was about 35, and very good looking.

My hard on started to go down finally. I was sitting near one of the jets and began to position myself so my penis was directly in front of it.

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