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  • 24
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  • Woman
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  • I've silky white hair
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Then with no effort at all, lifted him up over her head like a Teddy bear. Her calf mushroomed as it trapped his head between her calf and hamstring. Welcome to Forum Saradas! He began to regain a bit of his senses. It was too late for Brad to avoid her as all her pounds of solid muscle came crashing down upon him like a wrecking ball.

Two huge mounds of muscle shot upward, forming very highly peaked 28" biceps that tore her ripped sleeves even farther up her arms.

His face also felt the of each flex as it was repetitively crushed by the rock-hard muscles. Then with all limbs, Annie squeezed. Annie grabbed her older brother by the scruff and pulled him up to his feet. Annie started bouncing up and down on her toes.

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She showed no s of stopping and Brad watched her press the massive weights another 20 times. She opened her legs, as she was probably about to break a rib or two, and released his head from her chest. Annie stood up on her toes, bloating her calves out to 22 inches.

Wrapping her arms and legs around him, Annie rolled over onto her back and now Brad was on top of her. She squatted her brother up and down. Muscles bulged and rippled as she squeezed her big brother into her body. He reached the top of the stairs and heard the familiar sound of clanging weights coming from his little sisters room. His limp head slid down the back of her leg, only to come to rest on top of her jutting calf.

He had the urge to reach out and feel her biceps, but there was no need for that, for her biceps were most definitely as hard as rock. Her thighs were out to a massive 36 inches. His face was entirely surrounded by crushing muscles. Her pecs felt like steel against his rib cage. He moaned lightly as he lay motionless on the floor.

His torso lay between her open legs, which she then closed around him.

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Up and down he went like one of Annie's toy dolls that she played with just a few years ago. She did this over and over.

one is, she absolutely loves to lift weights. His body jerked from the immense mass of Annie's thighs. She squatted down, tilted her head forward, and outstretched her arms. His face plunged into darkness as it was pushed deeper and deeper into her cleavage. She put her arms behind her and took a girlish stance. He knocked on her door, still not sure of what she needed to see him about.

His squirming began to fade and his hands slid down off her legs.

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She had to hold him up or he'd fall. A few thre began to pop on the seams of her shorts as her mammoth thighs swelled. Please or register.

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She flexed her foot up and down, making her calf bigger and bigger with each flex. He came crashing down face first into the floor. Brad watched her press the weights as if she were lifting a broom stick, not straining or even a hint of sweat being broken. Annie reached down and grabbed the waist of his pants and with the other hand, grabbed his shirt collar. His face was tightly compressed between the immense muscles. He was nearly limp as she slightly spread her thighs apart and turned to one side. She stood up and walked over to him, her 34 inch thighs threatening to rip her jean shorts at the seams.

Annie brought him down to her chest and then back up again.

The 18 year old was told by his mom, on her way out the door, that his little sister Annie wanted to see him up in her room. Brad slowly rolled over onto his back, he was still in a great deal of pain. Brad tried once more to free himself, but she giggled at his feeble attempt to budge her. At 5' 11", he was almost a foot taller than her, but her nearly pounds outweighed him by nearly 50 pounds and gave her the appearance of a tank.

Huge cords of muscle wrapped tightly around his neck. He opened the door to find Annie laying across a bench, pressing about pounds. He fell forward, landing over her shoulders. Annie has shoulder length, blond curly hair, stands 5' tall and weighs an astounding pounds, most of which is solid muscle, Now Annie is a simple girl with basically two interests in life.

Like huge steel coiled springs her legs shot up, propelling him into the wall. Brad was helpless and could nothing but take the pain being dished out by his little sister.

She gently let her leg down and his head slid limply to the floor. She did not quite have fully developed breasts yet, but her pecs would be the envy of Mr. I've all ready taken care of the workout, now I need to beat up on a male.

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Her little girl, freckled face was quite a contrast to her massive musculature. Annie looked up at him with girlish smile as she continued to squat him.

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For the first time, Brad felt unnerved by his little sister. His limp face lay on her chest, moaning in pain as he seemed to be from the beginning of this ordeal. She easily rested the bar-bending weights on the rack above, showing no s of ever lifting them at all. He'd seen her pump iron many times, but still was amazed by her strength and the size of her muscles, after all she was a 13 year old girl. Now that you're a bit acquainted with her, let's get started on the first story of 'Little Annie Ample'.

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The term 'Little' in her name refers to her age, Annie of course is her name and 'Ample' refers to her muscles. Most men are usually passed out by this point. His body gyrated as his oxygen was cut off and his neck bones on the verge being disintegrated by her mammoth thighs.

The floor shook from the thunderous crash, which expelled every ounce of air from Brad's crushed body. Annie turned his head, putting his nose right in the heart of her muscle-rippling cleavage. Meanwhile, his waist size had probably shrunk a few inches, do to the hydraulic crushing power of her muscle-engorged thighs.

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He jolted in pain from her erupting calf. Annie Adjusted him atop her shoulders and then stood up. s: [ 1 ] 2 Go Down. It was as if she were peeling an orange as the tight shirt came over her head. Brad was on his way up the stairs. She was now topless except for a pair of bow ribbons she had pasted over her nipples.

I'm very impressed, big brother.

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She backed up from the door, taking her trembling brother with her. Her thighs bulged with muscles upon muscles. She squeezed with the very light pressure, but her thighs bloated with muscles and straightened his body right out as the pain wrung through his neck. two is, she loves using her young muscled body to inflict pain on the opposite sex.

Then wrapping her huge arms around his head, she squeezed. His momentum was halted by her crotch, and she slowly crossed her feet. Brad tried to move, but found he was between muscles and a hard place. She slowly turned up the squeeze, putting his neck under extreme pressure.

She brought her leg up and held it there. Her 34" inch thighs surrounded his neck like a vice. Her T-shirt mercilessly strained to contain her massive upper body. He slid down the wall, in his semi- conscious state, only to fall flat on his face once more.

She turned to face him. The sleeves had actually torn open a bit. Then slid her legs up under him, planting her feet on his stomach. He slowly made his way up, his neck slipping up between her awaiting, open thighs. Annie kicked off her runners and stood over him as he lay face down on the floor.

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Brad opened his eyes just as his little sister jumped in the air and like a seasoned diver, arched her back and stretched her body out.

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There had been, he admitted, a trivial blemish or so in its rate of progress, but this was exaggerated and had been entirely owing to the parsimony of the public, which guilty public, it appeared, had been until lately bent in the most determined manner on by no means enlarging the of chancery judges appointed-i believe by richard the second, but any other king will do as well.


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When Annie Ample decided to give up the spotlight she had sought for most of her adult life, she moved 75 miles from the glitzy neon Strip to a remote double-wide mobile home in Nye County that had no phone.


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