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I know that a lot of people want to tuck lesbian erotica away into a dark cupboard and never, ever think about sex of any kind. So what is lesbian erotica exactly? It is a literary genre that seeks to tell stories of women loving women. The themes are sexual and generally plausible character-focused stories and in this way, it is a genre that differs from pornography. Here, I have sought to gather ten short stories, all of which are firmly in the lesbian erotica genre and are all available to either read online or download for free:. This story is one of my very earliest shorts and I have decided to dig it out of the vault and share it online, completely free.


Historical Fiction. The diner was by the roide of interstate 55, a lot of miles from everywhere. Aranya is lying on the grass, alone and tired from running.

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Who really cared about the name of the person who prepared their coffee? I loved her from the mo You could spot every star inside of them. I returned the book I was holding to its shelf. It's been years, six to be exact. Eliza had blushed and told Rebekah that she was her first client.

While francesca's husband was away, she had the most erotic experience of her life with a woman.

A curve of smooth, polished brass made its handle, matching the hinges and keyhole; mechanisms of such meticulous de that never would they perform their functions to anything less than the peak of their capabilities, You ever think about someone, but no memories pop into your head? Putting your guitar down first, you lie beside her and tell her that she is crying like it is the simple Quick warning: a tiny bit of homophobiaTravis gave the grumbling barista a small smile as he picked up his coffee, though he only received a dismissive wave in response.

She contemplated too long on which shirt would make her look effortlessly casual and after much internal debate, she settled on the blue. Instead, you get that tight feeling in your chest.

Then you find her. That is until you sleep. Activity feed.

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Thursday, April 21, p. Sometimes I even cheer.

+ lesbian short stories to read

Love is love, and our collection of lesbian short stories takes pride in its identity. Submitted by writers on Reedsy Prompts to our weekly writing contest. Becky made her sleepy way up the short staircase out of the boat's below-decks living space into the pilothouse and then up a couple more steps to the steering station just aft. The door before her was simple yet elegant, its edges sure, the ornamentation carved into the ebon surface maddeningly intricate in a way that even the most prodigious crafter would struggle to emulate.

I am not the main event, nor am I very skilled in combat. As if suddenly passing through a barrier, what had once looked like an endless ether of uninhabited space now abruptly registered as the reflective sur Content warning: cannibalism, graphic violence, goreThey were in the stairwell when it started raining.

Lesbian erotic story: read comings and goings

Coming of Age. Creative Nonfiction. As she walked out of her apartment, it just felt wrong so she turned back to change into the green sweater. The broad ocean swells were gentle and lazy. That you're safe?

10 free lesbian erotica short stories you can read right now

High School. She looks different, bleached hair spreading like a shield. They were barely poking out of her grey sweater. I almost can't recognize her with her eyes closed, forest green orbs hidden behind soft lashes.

They were undoubtedly nestled in the pine trees that c I am a sidekick. I get caught up in the moment, you know? It was mid-July and hot as hell. It's funny because even in my dreams, he makes me feel chaotic. When they put the crowns on our he, they said I would live through you.

You don't want to remember.

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As though I have no control over who I am or who I'm beco Betsie stumbled in through the front door, furled her umbrella and stripped off her raincoat. Now at sea for many months, she rolled A Greasy Spoon Interlude Georgia tucked into her mixed grill with gusto; I had always envied her appetite.

Reliving the night

She was always so cold. We'll send you 5 prompts each week. I am there for support, and most of the time I just stand on the sidelines watching. Maybe she was just having a bad start to her day.

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Sergeant Vanya Kraz bent her ear to the sound, even as her booted feet continued to trample up the flaking ochre steps; muted bass thumping to counterpoint the drumroll reverberations from the armored men and women of the 6th Urban Pacification and Counter-Terror Group. Throughout our whole friendship, Bella has always wanted to be an actress.

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By the voice, I knew it was my mother. She glanced at the morning sun that was barely peeking over the horizon amid towering thunderhe that were already forming. WinterSadie is an overthinker.

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She tells you to go away, but you don't. East Asian.

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They are very strong children, but they need to be praised and pushed all the time. African American.

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Urban Fantasy. Six years from the last time I let him in, but somehow, he always ends up at our meeting place. She felt the unfamiliar tickle of sand beneath her feet as the chilled grains molded together under the weight of each determined step. The first time Rebekah saw Eliza was like poetry.

I missed the way you taste

She laced her fingers with mine. Science Fiction. Strange, she thought.

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Featured stories. Sadie spent all morning deciding whether to wear the blue blouse or the green sweater. The first rainstorm of spring was always a doozy!

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And support is important, as heroes are very fragile, like children. The mechanical crowns would sustain it.

4 free lesbian story sites

People of Color. Asian American.

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All of her hard work is paying off at this moment, whether she gets the part or not. Where else would I be on a Saturday night? Middle School. In da basement. Like the Emily Dickinson description of poetry, feeling like the top of your head has been lifted right off. Beth sauntered toward the sound of crashing water, the twinkling dance of a shoal marker providing promise that she was getting close.

Simple enough to remember, though not many people looked.

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Free lesbian story sites allow you to read erotic and nonerotic stories by amateur writers.


My other half has a job that takes him abroad for weeks at a time, which leaves me on my own for longer than I want to be; she was on her own, having dumped her man who was by all s useless.


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Liz fingered the purple-blue bruise above her cheekbone.