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for Free! An Unexpected Evening "Two girls get to know each other like they never have before. Score 4.


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It was a two picture of two girls locked in an embrace, holding each other's pussies open with their hands. I sucked in my breath in surprise and felt a tingle start in my pussy. I was lying on my left side, facing the edge of the bed, covered with a sheet.

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She cupped my left breast again in her right hand and squeezed it harder this time, letting her thumb and index finger pull my nipple upwards. The one was sucking the other's nipple and had two fingers in her open pussy.

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Her breasts were lovely, about the same size as mine, firm and beautifully shaped with a slight sag, which enhanced the delicate under curve, capped with large pink nipples. In a panic I rolled over onto my back and saw Stephanie in bed next to me. I had never contemplated making out with a woman before, let alone being naked in bed with one.

I was getting very horny from both her touching me in this way and from the porno mag. Let me introduce myself.

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The incident I am going to tell you about took place two years ago. A very striking woman came up and greeted me and introductions were made. We made small talk for a few minutes and I took note of her attire. I am an architectural draughtswoman and at that time was working for a firm of architects, having recently graduated. Slowly I began to recollect vaguely what had happened. I am not normally a champagne drinker, preferring something less sweet, but it tasted good and refreshing, I was enjoying it. Well it happens to all of us at some time or another.

She smelled nice, I recognized her perfume, it was Opium, which I sometimes use myself. I got up and wobbled over to the bar for more champagne.

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I live alone in my own house, which I inherited from my mom. I was so engrossed in the magazine, I never noticed that Stephanie had let her left hand casually fall to my left breast until a while later, as she gently let her nipple tips brush across my nipples. My nipples are sensitive and I enjoyed her soft touch.

Stephanie left me to greet some new arrivals and I wandered out onto a spacious patio overlooking a sparkling sucking. Stephanie tweaked my nipple causing it to harden and then removed her arm from around my shoulders and slid story in the bed on her side, facing me. I felt a movement behind my back and heard the rustling of paper. I have brown hair, which is shoulder length at the moment, and gently permed, dark blue eyes and a good firm body.

Not a word passed between us. As I slowly turned the s, I was becoming more and more aroused. The other had her head thrown back and her lips were parted, she had an expression of ecstasy on her face I gasped again as I felt a bigger thrill course through my body.

I wasn't even perturbed at my nakedness. I was wearing a light gray suit with a white shirt, no pantyhose, it was too hot, and plain looking lesbian shoes.

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If so, there were no visible s of straps or the cups. The bodice hugged her upper body and was cut low at the back and front, revealing an ample cleavage.

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I have a boyfriend, who has been around for about a year, but no serious involvement. Vital stats: 36c, 26, My friends say I am attractive, which pleases me.

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I guessed she was in her early thirties. Again I felt a twitch in my pussy. I never gave it a thought and just surrendered to her caressing hands, letting my arousal increase. I arrived at this lovely house at about 5. My dad died a few years ago and my older brother took my mom in to live with him, his wife and young son. I leaned against her as she guided me from the room and helped me up the stairs. I noticed Stephanie looking at me quite often, and our eyes made contact a few times and she would look at me seductively over the rim of her glass. I remember taking a few sips and the next thing someone was helping me to my feet.

Her nipples were very prominent but I was not sure whether she was wearing a bra or not. When I did not flinch away she cupped my tit in the palm of her hand and squeezed gently. Being a reserved person, I naturally drifted over to my colleagues and we chatted about mundane things.

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As the evening wore on, the champagne started going to my head, I was becoming quite mellow and a bit tipsy. I started to relax and felt very comfortable lying next to her. Her eyes were a lovely sparkling green. He at least looked after me, renewing my champagne when my glass was empty.

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The lights had been dimmed and most of the guests had left. Her gentle breath, so close to me, sent another shiver through my pussy. Well I was obliged to attend so had to make the most of it, there was no time to go home and change first.

It was a Friday and shortly before closing time at the office my boss informed me that I was required to attend a cocktail party being given by a lady client at her home. Putting her left arm across my shoulders, she held the magazine in front of me. I was very excited and wanted her to know I liked her hand there. I thought to myself, "Whoops girl, take it easy, you are getting drunk.

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I later learned that they were mostly business associates. My name is Maxine. The same two girls were in a clinch. I put my shoulders back, causing my breasts to thrust forward and up and pressed against her hand. I like to dress up when going out and felt like a frump. Looking around I recognized a few of my story colleagues, and became aware of the fact that there were very few women present, most of the guests were unknown to me.

Eventually I needed to sit down and found an armchair, which was a bit secluded. I am not sure what time it was, but sucking off and woke with a start. I thought nothing of it. I have seen naked women before and believe me you have a nipple to be proud of.

Her hand alternated between my breasts and I am sure she was unaware of the pleasure she was giving me. Her name was Stephanie, she was married but her husband was not there, he was away on business for the weekend.

Stephanie moved closer to me, and in lesbian so, the sheet covering us slipped down and I saw that she was naked as well.

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I did. I felt her soft breast pressing against me as she helped me into a bedroom. It was Stephanie. I was a bit pissed off, not at having to attend the party, but more because I was not suitably dressed. None of them really appealed to me and I tolerated the advances of one of the guys.

Stephanie eased me down onto the big bed and I was aware of her removing my shoes and clothes.

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She had blonde hair, which was done up in a modern style, and a lovely golden tan. It was a porno magazine and was opened at the center spread. I am 26 years old, single, no attachments.

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I took the book from her and flipped over the. She was dressed as I would have liked to have been, a midnight blue dress with a short, full skirt ending at mid thigh. Quickly I flipped the s back, I was so intrigued, I wanted to see everything from the beginning. Don't let it bother you, I really don't mind. I saw you had fallen asleep in the chair and when Colin went over to you and started feeling you up, I decided to put you in my bed to have a sleep, I wanted you to be comfortable.

She had her knees drawn up with a magazine propped against them.

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It was late at night at the residence of Maya Murdock.