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Knotted bones are some of our most popular dog chews. Made from premium quality ingredients, our rawhide-free knotted dog bones are the perfect treat. After an exciting day at the beach or park, your dog will unwind and calm himself down while gnawing on his favorite knotted chew. Even the tastiest treat benefits from a bit of variety. Your best friend will love our mini knots and our 4-inch chicken knots with a savory wrap.


Before I go into how to remove knots out of your dog's hair, let me first stress the importance of regular brushing.

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I'm sure it's not an enjoyable experience to have someone pick at your hair, so it's a good idea to reward your canine for their behavior. Some breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Great Pyrenees and Labrador Retrievers simply have more hair and as such, they require more frequent brushing. Now, you should gently run a brush over their coat while looking for knots.

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In addition, you should also pick up a metal comb. It will remove loose fur, dirt and debris, while leaving your canine companion looking their best.

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Here are some general tips to follow when brushing your dog: Make slow, gentle strokes to avoid causing your dog pain or discomfort. Don't try to brush out the knots, as it will only cause pain and discomfort for your dog. If you own one of these breeds, you should be brushing their hair daily.

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Dog brushes are great for regular grooming, but you'll need something a bit more durable to remove and tangled knots in your dog's hair. Slicker brushes wide, flat head with short bristles are great for removing tangles. Instead, hold the knot close to their body and slowly pick it at with a metal comb.

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You can probably get away with weekly brushing if your dog has less hair, though. Remember to hold the knot tightly so it doesn't pull their skin when you pick it.

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When you locate a knot, hold it with one hand and "tease" it out with the other. I know this is probably difficult for a lot of owners, but taking the time to brush their hair each and every day will prevent more serious knots from developing. These are typically softer and feature a larger brushing head to cover more hair.

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Some owners simply use regular soft-bristle brushes on their dogs, but I recommend that you invest in an actual dog brush. To remove knots in your dog's hair, start by having them lay down in an area where they're comfortable, because you don't want your dog to become agitated or nervous during the process.

It may take some time, but continue to pick it at until it unravels.

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However, the most important benefit of brushing is its ability to remove knots and tangles. Reward your dog with a treat when you are finished brushing. Brushing is an integral part of a dog's grooming routine. As with any grooming routine you perform on your dog, you should give them a treat afterwords.

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A dog knot stuck problem is unique to dogs.


As a certified master groomer and president of the Paragon School of Pet Grooming , Melissa Verplank has worked on many beautiful dogs, and more than a few in need of extreme makeovers.


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Knots and matting occur when strands of hair tangle with each other and become solid.