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He lowered his head and nuzzled her ear. Kagome was in the shallows, which just barely reached her knees.

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He smirked as he looked down to see his straining member. He had this beautiful and wonderful human in the palm of his hands and he hurt her like this. In the night things awoke and hunted that were much better equipped to fight in the dark. Kouga blinked and tried to lemon past a suddenly dry throat. If she said no…he would leave and never come near her again. His heart wrenched in his chest as he finally asked the question that was tearing him apart.

However only the sounds of night met her listening ears. Kouga suddenly had the strangest urge to go and beat the hanyou for his stupidly. She could really love him. It sounded so relaxed and happy. For a moment Kouga stopped…when she found out he was in here with her she would no doubt scream. He felt her rather than heard her scream and she found against him with remarkable strength for a human. He checked again Kagome uncomfortably close. Kouga had been expecting maybe to see some flesh, but also thought that most of it would be hidden by the water.

Well not far away…only to the hot springs that their tiny group had decided to camp by. Smirking to himself and the fact he hard might catch her naked. True she had already taken a bath earlier with Shippou and Sango.

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Never…even though he called Kagome his woman and loved her, did he think a human body would excite him so. When he had chosen to take her as a woman he was basing his decision of the fact that she could sense jewel shards. Suddenly he lurched forward, one are going around her waist pulling her to him and the other covering her mouth.

Part 5- lust?

It felt like forever since he had last seen his woman. There were so many and they were so bright. He had to finally tell Kagome that what he felt was real. In the dead of night Kagome quietly got up from her sleeping bag. Human woman tended to do that for some reason. AN: Ok…I admit it. Kagome stared in wonder for a few more minutes before closing her eyes in pleasure. His eyes got wider and wider as he took in her beautiful curves, her large and soft looking breasts, and other her other assets.

Even if Kagome wanted to do as his body wanted. He stiffened when Inuyasha mumbled in his sleep. Dog…Inuyasha…and Inuyasha meant Kagome.

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Was he ever wrong this time! Kouga made his way toward the pool.

Sigh…nothing better than this on a cool summer night

He gently nipped at the same ear and slowly ran his tongue down the out part. So quickly and silently he stripped his fur and armor off. Staying in the shadows for now Kouga searched the water for the tell tale s of his favorite woman.

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Kouga took a deep breath willing his body to behave itself. He also could hear the sudden quickening of her heart. He heard the sorrow in her voice and the resolution. Kouga sniffed the air carefully. Kouga shrugged to himself. Kagome slipped lower into the water and stared up at the sky. Hmmm…Hot Springs cover up scents rather well.

It was just hot water. In no time at all he found them. Sure a hot bath was nice and all but why get all excited about it. For a moment they just stared at each other. She was bending over slightly as she rummaged through her familiar yellow bag.

He suspected she was to attuned too her bath to look around her.

He pulled her to him again; she gasped her hands going to his chest automatically. He felt her stiffen a little more in his arms and he wondered if Kagome really would ever love him in return.

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But the first time I saw you I thought about how handsome you were. Smiling softly Kagome grabbed her bow and arrows and snuck away. Of course she was beautiful, he had thought as much when he hard saw her. As he got nearer to her he could make out the sound of her humming.

Kouga left the camp and headed toward the hot spring. Inuyasha, Mirokou, Sango, Shippou and even Kirara were all dead asleep. Kouga lowered his head and whispered softly into her ear. Kagome said she could love him. Then slowly almost shyly Lemon rested her head on his strong chest.

Kouga pulled way a little so he could look into her face. She had given up on the hanyou. Using his nose again and ignoring the stink of dog Kouga suddenly became aware of the smell of a hot spring. Sniffing again Kouga tried to remember…the scent was so faint that it was hard to place. Sure he could have just kept her around, but with her being his woman that would make the jewels they collected his. She then shyly looked up at his face, her eyes meeting his blue ones. She suddenly turned bright red and tried to back Kagome from him.

To mate with Kagome, a woman that could never love him, would simply kill his heart leaving him an empty living corpse. He heard her gasp in surprise. He would much rather find her than the mutt. He had to know. I thought I loved Inuyasha.

Mating season) inuyasha x kagome lemon

Kagome reached the water and looked over her shoulder one last time. Hot springs were hot springs and were not to be taken lightly!

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Looking around her she studied each of her companions. Woman Kouga knew seemed to love Hot springs with a passion. Might as well stop by and saw hello. Without a second thought she eased herself into the hot water.

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He could always claim to have come for a bath nothing more. The stars hung so low that she was sure if she tried she could touch them. Kouga smirked happily. She was no longer fighting him and seemed to be actually listening. He felt weak in the knees, almost like he was drunk. I guess artificial light has its own curse. With mind numbing speed Kouga raced off toward the scent of Inuyasha. His eyes widened when he not only saw her…but really saw her. Kouga cursing decided he had to do something about this.

Kagome made that very clear to the Hanyou. Kagome dropped her bow beside the water and stripped out of her clothing. He felt her smile against him chest. Anyway…I am now taking requests:.

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Warning: Definite lemon warning.


High above the ground in what was suspected to be the remains of an old tree house, they were more or less safe from the hungry clutches of the undead.


She tried to stop loving him, to rid her mind of him.


Pinned against a rather large elm trunk, there wasn't much the petite miko could do to fend off her attacker.