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She walked towards his desk and put her hands on it and leaned so much that her cleavage was in his complete view.

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There was a soft music on and at the end of the office stood a tall man dressed in a matching grey suit. Jennifer took her time to marvel trough the script and then looked up at him. It meant that she had to have real sex. You first tell me that it would be a good movie then you ask me to have real sex on TV? For what price? James helped her and took it off so that now there was only a thin piece of fabric between him and his goal.

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She was 5 ft 11 and had 14 inch heals. She then turned him so he was facing her then sat on his lap. So may I ask you who you think choses the actors? She was shocked. Jennifer was shocked again.

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They reached a big door and the secretary turned to look at her. Francis are expecting you. Please close the door after you get out. In our company everything has to feel very real wae make our own action actors do their own stunts and try to not use dounles as much as possible and sex scenes are no different.

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Her lips tasted like cherry altough the kiss was not very passionate but it seemed to work as he kissed her back as hard as her. Would you want anything? He opened her bra and ghrew it away and then began to suck on her left tit. We have lots of hope on this one because we have one of the best directors for the film and the best script writers and of course if you accept to our crew then it will be the perfect match. Jennifer taught with herself and made her way to him.

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I do everything and that is the way I work. She got up from her sit furiousley. She knew that she wanted the part very much but the whole sex thing was too much even for her.

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People usually remmember the characters for years and make legends from actors who portayed them. I really like this kind of roles that try to show the streghnt in women.

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Nobody even bleanks without my premession. This made Jennifer moan as she pushed his head on her bre like a mother who is breast feeding her. Eversince she was interduced to the industery the criticts where all over her. So the next week she was sitting in the main office of the Cooper Cinematic Company. James looked in her eyes the entire time. The producers? I am the boss and you Miss Lopez have dissapointed me and that means that I am not intrested in you anymore. She has almost everything unbeliveable body that has kept her at the top for so many yearsvoice of a godess and a perfect life.

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most famouse people in the world. Then he used his other hand to open the remaining buttons of her shirt. James reached behind and grabbed her ass very hard this made Jennifer moan in his mouth. Coffe or anything?

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She knew that she wanted the job but he was telling her that he was dissapointed in her because of their earlier conversation. After some reserachs and thinking she decided that enternal attention was in film industery.

While James was licking her Jen reached found the zipper of her skirt and opened it. She had curves but not as much as her. She even tried some sex scenes but they where never good enough because every body knew that they wear acting and not even a bit of it was true.

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Jennifer got off his lap and made him moan in dissapointment she then got on her stories and unhooked his belt. She had already made some researches about the company and watched their latest movie which she taught it was a masterpiece. The problem is that it is all true and she is desperate for attention and for being in the spotlight. She stood up and walked towards her. They loved her because of her voice but hated her in a way because of her behaviour even sometimes going as far as calling her thirsty for attention. Her head was down trying not to make eye contact. They were asking her to do unsimulated sex.

So you wanna play huh? No I do. When the final button was open James took off her blazzer and shirt together and pushed and reached for her bra. She was getting really dissapointed and taught about giving up but right at the moment when she was ready to give up on the idea her agent told her that a very famouse company were intrested in ing her for one of their big movies. Altough you are not the only woman who is willinig to do the role actually many more famouse people will do this for a good paycheck and of course multiple awards.

James jennifer her big ass rubbing against his crotch and it was making him hard but he made the rules he was not going to play with her sex but lopez he was about to get her off of himself Jennifer crushed her lips with his. She was getting a little bored when the blond secretary called her name. A tear fell on her cheek but she wiped it clean. When he heard her footsteps in the room turned around He came closer to greet her.

When she reached her there was a beautiful smile on her face. She then pushed the door open. But she was detemined to get it and nothing could get in her way. Her skirt was up to her knees and if she opened her legs a little more the guy infront of her could get a good glance at her black panties. You know I really want the part. Her breast where full probably b cups. She taught for while then looked at James.

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Jennifer took a deep breath and adjusted her skirt and blazzer. James looked at her cleavage and then at her face but got back to his files. She was wearing black matching blazzer and skirt. Francis would like to see you. Jennifer smiled back at her. But she taught about how good it will be if the movie became a hit she would have more roles available and more attention. He offered one of them to Jennifer and sat infront of her.

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The guy had brown hair and was about 6 feet tall. Thats why this movies has severall sex scenes and some of them are between mother and son and are incest.

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She was dressed very proffessionally and you could tell that she was all bussiness and ready to take the role no matter what. James waited until she was normal again. There was a sudden happiness in Francis face as he took a deep breath to explain to her the most crucial part. Have a good time. After she reached his chair she took the pen from him and placed it on the desk. The office was very proffessionally decorated and had big pictures of their big movies which in fact was all of them because all of them were blockbusters.

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