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Everything is great, except one thing: He wants me to kick him in the nuts. It makes me really uncomfortable that this is some sort of fetish of his and I need help taking steps forward. That said, childless guys who are into ball busting are often advised to freeze their sperm just in case. Take it slow at first, particularly if your guy has only fantasized about this and not experienced it.


He made painful facial expressions.

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Guys getting attacked in the balls is probably like women giving birth But I don't know what that feels like but getting attacked in the balls, especially when it's like a long hard squeeze or a very powerful hard kick. He could not get up. You don't even need close to that amount of weight.

I noticed that a very slight squeeze would stop his breathing after I kicked him. Women are weak if men are playing full force. Yeah, I didn't expect the girl to kick me in the balls, so I made no effort to protect them at all. And girls use the desire of men to protect women against them to get what they want. He said that he could not move and stopped breathing motioned that it went way up his belly and he was totally paralyzed. I found that only the balls worked the best. He stripped down and showed me the best angles to kick him and with different parts of the foot and knee.

The without warning I kicked real hard and smashed them against his body.

“i kicked him in the balls and now his friends think i’m crazy”

Does this happen to you too. I want him to have kids some day so I never did that again. It's not that other things don't hurt. I was competing against a girl and was winning comfortably on points going into the very last round, but with like seconds to go, I lost concentration and ended up facing the girl with my legs wide apart, so she literally ran up and kicked me in the balls as hard as she possibly could to win!

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Serves you right for fighting a girl. Very very painful experience. I recently competed in a mixed gender kick-boxing competition where a strike to the balls was allowed and guys were not allowed to wear any protection protective cups etc at all. I wanted to see what would happen when he woke up, I hit his balls real hard with my fist. The other ball was really hurt and super tender, I had to roll it around very carefully to keep him from curling back up.

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Maybe if you looked into it, you'd know that women are more into being dominated than men are into dominating. I don't get it. You did not expect her to use your male weakness and kick you in the balls.

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Just long as u don't killem to bad because I want to goods to be good that comes out, not dead useless goods,, I love the kinky stuff, I'll strip down any time while they get grabbed squeezed and tugged on or kickedall this fetish talk on this I'm ready lol. I could have done anything to him. Yeah I know what you mean. You're all idiots. A lot did come out. Prolly cuz I'm only 15 but still I know the feeling I feel bad for her boyfriend.

You need something that shocks the entire nervous system.

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Like me and my brother same story. Guys, I accidently kicked my boyfriend in the testicles while we were play fighting. Seems like your are into hurting balls. I don't know how or why you or any guy would ever do that. One ball went up inside him? Luckily it only lasts a few minutes. My mom tried that on my dad but luckily he reacted well to the punch and got hold of her and squeezed her by the boobs next thing you know she was knocked out. He got me to extract juice and I had to be very careful on the down stroke because he was so tender.

I know that when I handle him with my hands that if I do it wrong or a little to hard he curls up and jumps so I know how tender they are. It shocks the nervous system so badly all at one, without warning or preparation.

I accidentally hit my boyfriend in the testicular area hard.

I held it firmly and he passed out! A lot of the girls watching in the audience were laughing and cheering too! He said it was so painful and he did not move for another 15 minutes, just laid there curled up. He let me play with them and tell me when it hurt and how much. One time I got him with a knee while we were wrestling. I pressed very hard and he groaned and started to curl up but I pressed even harder and told him to straighten out, he did. Never felt something like that in my life.

At least you gave all those girls a laugh, while you were on the floor holding your manhood. I've been burned, electrocuted, stabbed, had broken bones, road rash, contusions, etc. As per your update, it is true that when wrestling or play fighting, a guys balls are just hanging freely in a very vunerable position, so I can understand how easy it would be for you to accidently knee or kick them I guess just try to be aware of them and careful around them in future, but know that if you are ever confronted by a guy, you can kick their balls as hard as you can!

It scared me because I thought I messed him up. Think about your worst stomach cramps during your period, then add in being punched in both of your kidneys, then add in sharp shooting pain running from your pevis down through each leg that makes your legs collapse without your control, then another shooting pain running up your spine.

Girls, do you ever threaten to or actually do kick your boyfriend in his balls during arguments?

I immediately screamed out in shock, fell to the floor and was just rolling around screaming in absolute agony while the girl celebrated her win! The point I'm trying to get across is that the type of pain is extremely severe. I noticed them swelling up. Add Opinion. I kicked myself in the balls on accident long story by the way and I had tears, felt very nauseous, rolled around on the ground for a while.

Being kicked in the balls is like the worst pain imaginable. I kicked harder and with a snap, this dropped him to his knees. As per your update, you're lucky that you found a guy who was willing to let you practise even with light kicks and knees to his balls I'm guessing he wouldn't have let you kick him as hard as you possibly could though, but I guess you caught him off guard with that one!

The pain went away after a long while as I rolled them very very gently through my fingers, it seems to be the best way to help a guy that's been hit there. I made him uncurl and held my grip, then dared him to not move at all while I pressed harder. He said it was a huge one! Maybe extreme burn victim, being shot, something bad. I checked his balls for him and it was cool to see how they felt, super tender though.

It's an entire body pain. And put him in absolute agony in the process! They just do not hurt the same or with the same intensity or in as many locations. Any longer and I'd put a gun to my head and end it. I kicked him easy at first with the top of my bare foot, he bent a little.

I'll not be competing against a girl again!

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So I found that if I hit or kicked him then got the grab, he was done for. He told me the ball hurt. It was excruciatingly agonising! Why can't you get up after being kicked in the testicles. I never experienced it but I guess that's why they can't move. I checked his ball and it was fine. Try to have a guy this big hit a small girl and see if eh survive.

Share Facebook. I have knocked my brother out by squeezing his. How does it affect your legs or ability to stand up? Its easy to accidently hit or kick the testicles because they are right there in front and at easy kicking distance. I thanked him for letting me play around and he said OK but its payback time. But then again, based on the rest of your post, I'm guessing you already know this and are wearing a mask.

Your boyfriend couldn't stand up because your kick to his balls put him in absolute agony!

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It must hurt terrible, I will be more careful from now on. I would not wish that pain on anyone and my balls were very bruised and swollen for at least a week! If it were me and I got hit in the balls like that I would hunt down that girl and brutally slaughter her over it. Then I pressed harder and he curled up and said it hurt in his upper groin on that side and he pointed to it. It's only an advantage if the guy is not hitting as well. We used to date so it was not uncomfortable to ask him.

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What made it worse was that my girlfriend was sat watching on the very front row and of course she was horrified! But I just did not understand why your legs drop out from under you when your balls get hit. I put my thumb into a ball and he started to curl up, I was "barely" pressing on it but could feel the ball give some. I pushed it back down and rubbed it.

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As per your update, it is true that when wrestling or play fighting, a guys balls are just hanging freely in a very vunerable position, so I can understand how easy it would be for you to accidently knee or kick them


Lol, very smart way to think about it.


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If you've watched any bro-based comedy movie shenanigans we're looking at you, Jackass , you're probably familiar with this scene: guy gets hit in the crotch , lets out a long, rasping groan, then folds in upon himself while trying to deal with the pain.