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Why is it that women tend to think that sex fixes every argument, disagreeing or debate? Sometimes they even call it make up sex or mercy sex. Hello horny citizens, This is a story about my erotic sex with my neighbor, a few years back. This story is imaginary, but very realistic. This story is medium sized.


At times, he would notice how Henry looked at me. That night, I told my husband that Henry had impregnated me and that was the start of a new chapter in our lives. After my son was born, we were all so happy and getting myself back in shape was just another excuse to have Henry around. I lifted my sleepshirt and he eagerly guided himself into my hotness. The next night, I was in the kitchen getting a bottle of water when he arrived. Taboo mom milf pregnant impregnate impregnation insemination sixteen young cheating affair. We rested next to each other for a couple of minutes, with lots of kissing and caressing, and then we got up to get dressed.

Moments later, he switched me to the doggy style position so he could get a good view of my body while he pounded me. I tightened my pussy around his dick and he groaned in pleasure.

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for Free! I was working him nicely when my husband entered the house, which added a nice adrenaline rush for the two of us. I relaxed my throat and took him all the way in while I reached my hand between my legs to give myself some pleasure. I guided his throbbing cock into my pussy and my tongue into his mouth.

I blew him a kiss and went back to bed to masturbate before my husband got out of the shower. Our relationship continued to grow and that was when thoughts of separating from my husband started creeping into my mind. Score 4. His tight boxers outlined his bulge but that sight only lasted a few seconds before he dropped them down and got in bed with me.

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My husband was home early but we obviously had delicious business to finish in my room. Famous Story. I grabbed his hand and made sure to add a bit more sway to my hips as he followed me up the stairs to my room. He sat next to me in bed, and I remembered what I had been thinking about earlier in the day. His fertile seed filled me up and I smiled at the thought of finally getting pregnant. He picked up the pace and I grabbed my legs to keep them wide open for him.

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I took my time kissing his chest and neck before coming up to his lips. We kissed deeply and passionately while I ground my hips on his throbbing cock. Through the pregnancy, Henry continued having sex with me and even became an expert in the art of cunnilingus. I dribbled saliva over his head before going to town on his young cock.

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Today, as I sit back to reflect on everything, it feels unreal to know that I was like an aunt to Henry and he ended up becoming my husband. My husband and I would cherish every moment with our baby, and Henry would also be there every step of the way.

Getting Pregnant "After the death of my son, his best friend was the perfect candidate. I mean, how could he not when Henry devoured me with his eyes. Published 3 years ago. It had been way too long since I had orgasmed during intercourse, and I would have never imagined that it would be Henry giving me such a beautiful orgasm. The climax rocked my body and it was all made hotter by the fact that he emptied his balls into me. He helped me exercise almost every day, and I paid him with lots of hot sex.

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The following night, I was feeling so hot and bothered by the time he showed up. I bounced up and down on him, causing my juices to run down his cock. He slowly slid in and out of me and my pussy quickly reacted by letting out some hot juices. He grabbed my ass and brought his eager tongue down to play with my nipples. I have learned that life takes you through many twists and turns but in the end, you must do what makes you happy.

We had exhausted our options and had ultimately decided that me being with another man was the best route. His right hand found its way between my thighs and began rubbing my aroused pussy. Before he opened the bedroom door, I surprised him by kissing him on the lips for the first time.

He continued fucking me and holding back his orgasm until I reached mine. His hands fondled my breasts while his teeth gently bit on my nipples.

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I do often think of what my son would say about my relationship with Henry, and I always end up feeling that he would have no problem with it since he was so close with Henry. Just like the night before, his breathing got heavier before coming but this time my pussy tightened to milk his fertile seed. I could clearly see he was already erect by the time he pulled down his shorts. We both let out a soft moan as he pushed his length into me.

It had been somewhat uncomfortable as it was the first time, but I felt like the second time it would be impossible for me to hide my pleasure. The idea was for my husband to find a willing man from across the country to impregnate me, but we had to change that plan after months of searching.

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for a long time with no success. It was the right decision and it was made in the most amicable way possible. The room was cool, dark, and filled with sexual energy.

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I had a boring sex life with my husband and the thought of receiving fertile sperm really excited me. He had impregnated me, the mother of his late best friend, which would bring so much happiness to all of us.

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He surprised me by giving my ass a few spanks, which was something my husband had never done despite me encouraging him. I helped him undress and got on top of him in bed so I could kiss and caress his virile body. It must have been quite the sight for him to follow my barely covered ass as he had yet to really see my body other than in my dark room. My sopping pussy was begging for his cock but it was going to have to wait till after he came back from the trip. When he came back, I greeted him in my room with nothing on except thigh-high stockings.

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We managed to keep everything together and well until Henry was old enough that I could leave my husband for him. We live happily with our son and continue to have that exciting and adventurous sex that brought us together.

I firmly gripped his shaft and stroked him, with my lips tightly sealed around his head and my eyes looking at the reflection of pleasure on his face. He smiled, but I returned to kissing him before he could utter a word. I knew he was close to ejaculating but he seemed determined to keep going until I orgasmed. A lot of thinking went into the decision, but we felt comfortable knowing that Henry would respect all our wishes. He was a wonderful sixteen-year old and the perfect candidate to impregnate me.

We were both so full of lust and more as we approached explosive orgasms. I licked his head clean and kissed it a couple of times before getting up on my feet.

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His eyes immediately went from my face down to my panties.

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