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Vampires are one of the few supernatural beings depicted in the All Souls Trilogy.


As soon as they found their mates by smelling their scent in the same room or by attractions, they would feel the urge to mark their mates as theirs.

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Mythical creatures has a lot in common. Alpha and Luna were the leaders for a pack of werewolves.

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Share this: Twitter Facebook. Notify me of new comments via. Either they ran away from their packs or they were banned from their packs. Rouges has their own reasons to be ran away from their packs or banned from their packs. Weird, I know.

Mythical creatures: vampires & werewolves

Mate also means a person who will makes you feel like in a cloud nine or a person that makes your heart skipped a beat or a person that you would rather die for. But they were also have elders. It would weakened their wolf and it makes them hard to shift into their werewolf. Besides that, blood lust.

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These creatures could have their own mate either with their own species or with other species even with humans. Each packs has their own leader Such as alphas for both species. First and foremost, mate. Werewolves would be easily feel weak if you put wolf banes in their system. Well, mate is a short form for soulmate, which is a person who will be spend the rest of their eternity.

Next is rouges. If they have learned how to control then they would drink blood from the animals or blood bag that has been donated by the humans. Whenever the Alphas and Lunas went away for sometimes, their Beta would take in charged of their packs duty by keeping the packs safe and sound from other intruders. What is mate, you ask?

I bet you would wondering what hell is packs, right? As for werewolves, blood lust is that they have the urge to kill someone whenever it was full moon. Rouges also brought problems to others packs by trying to kill the Alphas and their mates. Blood lust has different meaning for werewolves and vampires.

For example, the leader want to get everyone in the pack to do something they needed to do and they called them just by mind linking others. You are commenting using your Twitter. Well, packs is a community that is full of their own species. Last but not least, their weaknesses or ways of killing them.

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Or if someone wants to block others from reading their mind or mind linking them, they just have to imagine a big thick walls. Which is why in order for them to control their blood lust, they went for a hunt and kill the animals instead of humans or their own kind.

They could send any massages or talk with others privately by mind linking others by using their mind. What is packs? It was a part of the mating process Once done, they would make love with their mates to complete the mating process and also to complete their bond so that they would be stronger as one.

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You are commenting using your Facebook. Rouges is a creature that have no pack. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website. Notify me of new posts via. Some were really innocent.

Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. As for vampires, well silver would weakened them but kill them with a wooden stake right through their heart would enough for them to be killed instantly.

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required Address never made public. But if you used silver, it would easily kills the werewolves instantly. Secondly, packs.

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But not all rouges where harmful. Elders is a group of council for the mythical creatures, no matter how old or young you are as the Elders also no matter what kind of creatures you are. You are commenting using your Google. Then Beta and third in command or also known as Delta are the most trusted man for the Alphas and the packs. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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It always come up in many a conversation with my nerd buddies.


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Where it's plentiful, a small territory will do.


Like warlocks, vampires are immortal and sterile; though unable to bear children, they are able to continue their vampiric bloodline by turning humans into vampires.