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  • 28
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  • Canadian
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  • Soft gray eyes
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  • Beer
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When I was 28, I decided it was time to purchase my own home. Up to that point, I had been hopping from apartment building to apartment building.


So creepy. But the again our city ordnance is 10 or 11 PM for noise.

Don’t start mowing too early

My neighbors are constantly doing yard work into the late evening. Follow your baby's amazing development track my baby Download BabyCenter app.

hot sister Opal

Omg what a nightmare! What a crappy night! I feel validated. I'm hoping it's because their work schedule only allows them to do it during that time?

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Fed up, I called the police simply to have them come out and let my neighbor know that she is violating the city ordinance quiet hours 7pm to 7am. It is now after 9 pm. They still have no idea who called. Yes, it is beginning to get dark. I wouldn't think anything of it if people were mowing. I personally would prefer at night than 7 in the morning. That's just rude. We had to call on our neighbors bc they were burning unsafe materials after midnight and causing noxious fumes.

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Usually they are more discrete. January Birth Club Neighbor, why are you mowing at pm?!?

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Original poster's comments Hell no. In Florida people do it at night because it is too hot during the day. Some assholes were shooting guns until 9 a few Fridays ago I didn't even call the cops for that but now wish I did! Am I overreacting??? Thank you.

passion Amelie

Your neighbor should be courteous and fin…. I would've done the same thing as you. Next thing I know, my neighbor is at my door. We use to live in the country were we had no neighbors so he wasn't exactly used to it. My dogs bark and wake LO up again!

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Yes we are hillbillies maybe Hahaha By us noise ordinance doesn't start until 11 pm for noise. I live in the country so I'm not sure if there's a noise ordinance I better find out.

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My husband did yard work at 8 one night! I would be so mad!! We're not exactly in the city, but we're not in the country anymore either, we do have neighbors! No police involved, but I did want to call animal control for his dumb dog. Why did the cops tell them who called?

I open the door and my neighbor starts insulting me and being highly argumentative.

Hot 20yr old neighbor doing yard work.

I agree!! Isn't it dark outside by then!? I wouldn't have opened the door I know the feeling though, my new neighbor moved in last year and all I heard was tree cutting chainsaw from dawn til dusk luckily no baby yet. Create post in "January Birth Club" group. That's what makes it so bizarre. Late evening lawn maintenance is so disruptive.

Red-hot 20yr old neighbor doing yard work.

Your neighbor should be courteous and find some other time to do their yard work. More posts in "January Birth Club" group.

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Bad neighbors are the absolute worst! No way!

Follow your baby's amazing development

You get disgusted by just having seeing the existence of their house;-P. Last night, my neighbor decided to start mowing her yard at Well, it of course woke LO up after I just got him to bed. Who the hell does yard work that late. I do think since it violated your city's ordinance your were within your rights to call. See all replies 1. DH used to shoot guns at any damn hour so maybe it's karma!

So it is normally early morning or late night that you see people doing it.

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Our neighborhood is pretty active at PM at night. I gave him an ear full lol.

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