damsel wife Regina
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  • My age:
  • I'm 40 years old
  • Available to:
  • Man
  • Languages:
  • I can speak English and Japanese
  • What is my body features:
  • My figure features is medium-build
  • I like to drink:
  • My favourite drink champagne


Is there any way I can gain them faster?


A trail of breadcrumbs. Open the gift First Gift. Actually, you'll be meeting someone there. Help to console the gentleman. Gain entry as an old friend to the Bohemians. Tease them before accepting Humble. Give an impassioned speech on Freedom and Darkness.

Observe the camaraderie of objects. Don't remind yourself. Bulk options do not have additional benefits. Refuse to testify. Practice sketching the Statue to subject in The Magistracy of the Evenlode. Convince both parties that they are spiritual allies.

dirty escorts Grace

Decipher Loamsprach poetry. More More. Advance your friendship to a condition of intimacy. Flirt with a parlour-maid. What's that fluttering?

How to get romantic notions?

Wander the streets 4. Linger near the lovers. An asation before making port. Suggest a quiet, intimate dinner instead 2. Warn the devil.

That's right, more fallen london [chat]

Delight in danger at the Medusa's Head. Insist that the books be preserved. Use him as inspiration. Talk some sense into them. Propose an alliance.

That's right, more fallen london [chat]

Enjoy a raucous night in the Singing Mandrake. Dance with your Spouse. Share an evening constitutional. Ask for an extispicy.

Item grinding (guide)

Accept immediately; shout your good news to the passing ship. Embrace them Humble. Lurk in the eaves.

white housewives Regina

Labour for the less fortunate. Practice sketching the Statue to subject in Burrow-Infra-Mump. Carouse at Mrs Plenty's Carnival. Pull them up into your arms. Sample prisoner's honey. Wander the streets 3. Break open your unaugmented scarlet egg. Dreams of romance. Invite a Crooked-Cross to address your Salon.

Speak to the man on the left. Give an impassioned speech on Light and Beauty 2. Open up. Namespaces Discussion. Perform the implantation on Cornelius.

Mere women 'romantic notions' lp

But the Bazaar made me. Leave them to it. Ask the Doughty Pastor to chaperone. Embrace them Extravagant. Rent a private suite in the Parlour of Virtue. Don't throw snowballs at the other Stewards. Tease them before accepting Extravagant. Smash the statue. Probe Mr s for information. Leave her to her muddy paramour. Make an Impassioned Argument for Light and Beauty. Study the image. Drink with a Hooded Lady of Mysterious Provenance. Practice sketching the Statue to subject in Jericho Locks.

Practice sketching the Statue to subject. Watch and listen. Enjoy the decadence. Opportunities to acquire these can be found by increasing your connections with Bohemiansthe ChurchHelland Urchins.

Mere women 'romantic notions' lp

Fallen London Wiki. Suggest a quiet, intimate dinner instead.

hot cunt Linda

Discuss art, poetry and music. Something Honest. Rescue the Heroic Archaeologist. Sponsor a dream-expedition for lovers. For items with two conversion options, the success given refers only to the first option. Ask a Confidential Friend to chaperone.

eye-candy personals Aislinn

The life of a Clay Man. The trade in clocks. Speak to the Clay priest of matters romantic. Reignite his love of microscopy.

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Recall what came before. Question his intentions. Accept, within the bounds of decorum.

Romantic notion

Attend a waltzing lesson. Create this by using other Nostalgia items in your inventory. Practice sketching the Statue to subject in Moulin. Take a walk through the Khan's gardens.

Item grinding (guide)

Eat one. Dance with a mysterious stranger. Give an impassioned speech on Light and Beauty.

dirty girl Pearl

Paint Balmoral in a subversive cast. An asation in the garden with a stranger. Delay the music-hall singer until the ship sails. Practise sketching the subject in the Hurlers.

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First City Coin One side bears what might be a cedar tree.


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