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Boy girl discipline spanking stories.


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Eventually she arrived in her beat-up Morris estate. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Learn how your comment data is processed. This site is dedicated to the memory of Jonathan aka jaybeefriend, muse, gentleman and master.

Boy girl discipline spanking stories

You and I are going to have some fun. In record time, they were back at her house, a whitewashed semi in a pricey cul-de-sac. One Friday evening, young Jonathan was summoned downstairs by his aunt. Her purple paisley outfit stank of cigarettes and cheap perfume.

You are commenting using your Facebook. He carried on placing clothes in the trunk, thinking now and then about his old blazer as he did so. As ever, she looked remarkable and regal. Neither had the special attention and encouragement of his homosexual English cum RE teacher been of any help.

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He headed upstairs anxiously. More aunts before too long, I expect. I have always had Sapphic interests, you know.

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A tobacco victim,R. He should have thrown the blazer away years ago, as he never wore it, and it smelt of mothballs. The overladen old car burst into life, the tyres screeching and leaving an acrid smell of burning rubber behind. Slowly, he did up the buttons of his shirt and then he peeled down his underpants and gazed at his pert, naked buttocks in the full-length mirror. I bought them on a whim. Notify me of new posts via. Comments are here. Like Joel, I would not imagine reading as first choice but it was too well written to resist.

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She smiled lovingly at her nephew, lit a cigarette and gave the accelerator hell in high heels. Really, I must thank you. Well, well, well!

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He gave them a loving squeeze. I understand that men like to play with themselves. Please call again! But, much to his surprise, it was uncreased. So exciting and reminiscent of my school days, I had tb e caned several times for dis obedience but loved going into the sick room after to be consoled by a strict but pretty school secretaryhappy days!

The odd fierce beating had failed to motivate him. I am sure Jonathan will be buying more spank mags soon for aunty to find! Despite the odds, they had succeeded in maintaining their relationship. Special thanks and hellos to Marmles and Pete Charles. Except for a jacket.

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Then, I almost tripped over a pile of girly magazines. The idea was that he should sober up and take his fledgling Civil Service career a little more seriously. Now, go and put your office clothes on. Can you guess what comes next? I was just a little dismayed to find dirty handkerchiefs and underpants lying around.

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There it was, hanging on a polished wooden coat hanger, on a brass rail within a rather knackered old wardrobe. Be sure to add your own! He picked a striped tie that would complement the blazer. Eventually, he was packed. If he was going to be spanked, he decided, then he wanted it to really hurt!

It would need ironing! This blog is not suitable for persons under the age of Important Note: The owner of this blog does NOT condone, promote OR encourage the corporal punishment of minors or non-consenting adults. Especially the spanking ones. Maybe if satisfied and the mood strikes her she might reciprocate.

I celebrated leaving school by ripping my blazer to shreds. Thanks for the comment. It was a subject that appealed to him still, for he was of a nostalgic bent. All listed sites, pictures displayed or referred to in this blog feature consenting adult models and players over the age of All stories and artwork featured are fiction only and refer to adults in role play. I enjoyed the pictures. You can share your magazines with me in future, naughty boy.

An interest of yours? She had her arms crossed and an expression which veered between disdain and amusement. He could save up the deposit on a rental property while he lodged with his aunt.

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Thanks for the comments, Guys. She was so nice, after all. He had been an underachiever, or lazy, depending on your point of view. Notify me of new comments via. Instead, you can wear that cute school blazer for me. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Slowly, he got changed.

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Apart from which, I had a quick flick through the magazines. It was barely big enough to accommodate the two leather trunks, his record player and albums. Carefully he took the blazer down from the hanger and folded it once, neatly, and placed it in one of the large leather trunks in his bedsit.

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To a certain extent, you could say he lived in the past. Great story Rod, wish she was my aunty! How fortunate for Jonathan that he decided to hang on to his! This blog is intended for adults only. In his bedroom, he slid the frosted glass doors of the wardrobe back along their runners.

It was a few weeks later that things took an interesting turn. His aunt would be there soon. Hot stuff, Rod! Like Like. He held on for dear life as she whipped the recalcitrant Morris around corners it was clearly taxed by. And those cp magazines! You are commenting using your WordPress.

They were happier days and simpler times. You are commenting using your Google. All characters appearing in this story are fictitious. Hope she cannot work a computer to find my photos. He reached out for a pair of grey slacks, and a white shirt.

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Now I am just about to take on paid digs with a landlady that would neatly fit Aunt profile. When I was courting my future wife we used to badysit for her aunt at night when she came home my wife would go home and leave me there her aunt would ask the kids if everything was ok if not I would go over her knee for a bare bottom spanking — it always made my penis stand up. He sighed and remembered his school days.

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Like Liked by 1 person. Either way I loved the story. me up! Another excellent story Rod. Not that I think the spanking and caning he received from her will act as a deterrent to him doing it again.

Boy girl discipline spanking stories

Address:. I liked those magazines. It had been agreed between the lad, his aunt and parents that he would stay there for a year or so.

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