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Do girls fart?


This means more spasms, which in turns mean a nightmare scenario down below.

Is it bad if you fart a lot?

I think it was the farts. It sounded like someone clapped one time with extreme aggression and efficiency to, say, wake up a hearing-challenged grandfather or a sleeping teenager in a geometry class.

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Farts want to travel, too. Just try to sympathize.

My attractive wife farts too much: ellie

More Stories from MEL. Not only can she still not stop the farts, but the farts are suddenly really fucking loud. Tracy Moore is a staff writer at MEL. Formerly at Jezebel. Maybe uncircumcised men can? Take boiled eggs, ice cream and Indian food, ferment it for 1, years and release only the gassy offset, and you have a period fart. Any grimacing woman you think is a bitch is probably just a nice lady sitting on about three to five farts. Mainly because for the period I enjoyed it, no one ever knew at first, or more importantly, for sure, that it was even a fart to begin with.

Period shits, too, are real, and they are molten lava. Pregnancy and Postpartum Farts Fact: A pregnant woman is a farting woman. What you think of as one of those upbeat smiley ladies is really just a woman who has figured out where to put her farts, undetected. Ask her what her secret is today and then message me!

To be fair, though, the postpartum clap was my favorite fart. Either way, grandma has her own special farts, and we need to respect them. Take maybe your worst hot-wings-and-jalapeno man fart, wrap it in a burrito and multiply it times dry fart. That girl is that fiber-rich farts pack a much meaner punch. Maybe men never mention this because vaginas have far more nerve endings than penises, which means men are also missing out on this vital experience. By an estimate I just made up, it would take men years to catch up on fart smell alone. Call it fart privilege, or call it fart destiny.

Taken together, women outpace men this crucial category. For freedom. You have to lot it. Welcome to Fart City, dude. For this reason, some people may call the queef a post-sex fart.

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Fact: A pregnant woman is a farting woman. Holding in farts is serious work; women spend a lifetime perfecting this dark art. If you could actually see it emitting, it would look like a toxic cloud of cotton candy, but made of ghost peppers and old blue cheese. We should be compensated for what amounts to reverse pollution. We have greater socioeconomic and legal power, as well as greater respect as thinkers and doers. The reason is, the fart moved.

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That is a queef, also known as vaginal flatulencea fanny fart or a vagina toot. To fart is to be fully human, and while men get to fart freely, they have generally never let us just let one rip, for America. This means slower digestion, more gas, more pressure inside and less ability to control its release.

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You know how women were sent into the woods back in the day to menstruate because of the shame? My postpartum fart was literally a clap. Another thing that causes lo of farts is eating a ton of vegetables. You are correct.

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But to me, you should actually feel jealous. Fart women must, and fart they do. Plus, even if it is a fart? The point is that not only do we have to lug around all these farts, it is not easy to do so. While this sounds more sophisticated, it is still inaccurate. Yup, direct quote. Women have a long history of farting, but they have an equally long history of holding those farts in or depositing them into a hole in a tree.

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One food type that contains more hydrogen sulfide is dairy. My personal theory is that resting bitch face is really resting fart face. They say you fart what you eat, and women eat two things more than men: yogurt and sal.

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Sipping carbonated beverages, chewing gum, and using a straw can cause air to become trapped in the colon , where it causes up to 50 percent of excessive farts.


Dear Luv Doc, I have a really tricky situation with my girlfriend.


If one too many incidents of making your living room temporarily uninhabitable have left you wondering 'why do I fart so much?


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