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Relationships only work when both people are happy in them. Here are some tips for dealing with breakups. Breaking up with someone can be as hard as being dumped yourself. There are no magic words you can say to make breaking up easy or painless. But you can make breaking up suck less by being straightforward and honest about your feelings while still trying to be as kind as possible. If you're not sure what to say, try writing down your feelings and the reasons you want to break up.


I felt bad that she doesn't even wanna see me now. Explore Our Forums. Maybe it helped her open up and talk to her bf about their situation, they declared love and moved on.

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Maybe she didn't know either, until she cheated, got scared, and figured out that guy she's with is the only one she's ever going to love. ed Jan 24, Just let it go man. You guys are more sane than what I expected from MTF. I am not going to do it. It's all here!

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Continue with Facebook. Furthermore, when I kept asking she said she had a boyfriend no hesitations this time and that she needs to sort out the stuff in her mind. Log in. I know they don't have one of these open-like relationships so I am pretty sure he'll care. When I first met her she said she was in a stable two-year long relationship. I know eventually I'll have to move on. I don't say her current relationship survives, but it seems like she wants to save it :shrug: If it doesn't and she comes to you, cooing, you probably should just turn her politely down and cut off the ties.

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Mens Tennis Forums. Be thakfull, chuk it as a nice experience and move on. BauerAlmeida said:.

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Yes, sad, pathetic, I know but what gives. ed Sep 14, You don't know anything about her relationship. Then you are in trouble, but should still not do that. ed Aug 25, Let it go and see it as a nice sexperience.

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She said I was so sweet and blah blah blah. However, I am just not able to do that and the idea is growing on me more and more. The rational thing to do would simply be to let it go and move on with my life. I don't know the guy but I can easily send him a message on Facebook. However, I know it's just so wrong. Don't be a butthurt tard, leave that for GM. Smile that you had an easy affair and that someone really liked you I have no doubts she did. Maybe she didn't know her bf's true intentions towards her and now she does and they want to get married and have 5 .

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As others have said, just let it go and see it as a nice experience - better have a couple of weeks of intense passion and sex than nothing. ed Mar 20, Onto the next. Venting one's frustrations is very important in the psychological healing process, something I am guilty of not doing, I keep everything to myself.

What’s the best way to breakup with someone?

Truth be told, even though a part of me hates her a bit, I still hope I can see her again. At the beginning I thought this was a crazy idea. Almost used. Then again, that's a topic for another discussion. If a guy had done what she did, I am pretty sure most girls would think the worst of the dude.

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the discussion. I never considered myself a revengeful person at all but in this case I must admit it would be pretty satisfactory. Just move on. I even have some pretty compromising pictures I can attach as evidence. I'm glad we were able to help you. Cons: - It will definitely kill whatever chances I have if any of seeing her again.

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Yes, fucking do it Votes: 8 No, it's wrong and will only get you troubles Votes: 18 Wait a few weeks. What do you guys make of this whole thing? Plus things of doing this: - Pure revenge. You don't deserve to be anyone's plan B. ed Apr 24, You knew what are you getting into, yet you had no problem then, only after you got sort of dumped.

A forum community dedicated to male tennis players and enthusiasts. Then, last week, when I told her I really liked her, I sent her flowers which I had never done before for anyoneto which she replied by WhatsApp that thank you but that she doesn't want to see me anymore because she doesn't want to "hurt my feelings".

About this Discussion. You'd look like a total ass if you go on with that plan, and you can't even be sure it's not going to backfire. There's no benefit here. She's also an idiot that she allowed anyone take pictures of such situations :facepalm: Obviously she is intellectually handicapped, don't prey on handicapped people.

Nathaliia was pretty spot on many things. Well, she wouldn't think I am so sweet if she knew what I am thinking now, which is the reason I am making this thread: do you think I should tell her boyfriend that she cheated on him? I she still doesn't want to see you, do it. ed Mar 5, No don't say anything, he might turn out to be some nutjob that turns up at your work with a baseball bat in hand or worse a gun, just move on.

Votes: 2 6. I understand you got your hopes up when she told you she might quit her bf, but well, shit happens, life ain't roses.

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You dont know the guy and the nature of their relationship. I do think girls have a different standard for measuring this type of behaviour for other girls in comparison to dudes. You are right in what you say but as of right now, all I am is a butthurt tard.

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However, only a few days later, before having sex, she said she was in a complicated relationship but that she was planning to quit it. Recommended Communities.

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I kind of felt very bad to be honest. Nathaliia said:.

My boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with me. how do i deal?

There is no point whatsoever. I just can't right now.

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Count this as ego points and not as being used, and move on. ed Jan 31, Tell him his girlfriend cheated on him but don't tell him with whom I assume you don't know the guy and he doesn't know you. I mean, if she hadn't told you anything and then boom, I already got a bf, buh bye, then yeah, I could understand you feeling used.

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Jump to Latest Follow. Continue with Google. ed Jun 20, All I know is that I wouldnt like to be on the boyfriend position XD believing my gf is faithful to me. Other please explain, and don't suggest extortion Votes: 4 Total voters ed Jul 24, It all went down fast and we had sex on two separate occasions and went out like four or five times, always hugging, laughing, talking, making out, etc. It's a lose-lose situation any way you slice it. I have never done anything like this before. ed Jul 21, She told you from the beginning that she was in another relationship, so you had to assume things might not work out as well as you would want.

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I have known her for three and a half years and we do almost everything together.


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I have no respect for her boyfriend at all ,and when like I see her in school she just looks miserable and it does suck knowing that you deserve a girl more than the actual boyfriend does.


Do you have a feeling your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you?