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  • Scorpio
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MWF is just a bit too much, with me also writing weekly chapters elsewhere. A lot of my older works are no longer available on here.


It starts with a nice easy relaxation into a puddle of goo and then back again. You can just squeeze through and wind up in the smooth walled chamber on just the other side You are Deeply Hypnotized "You are deeply hypnotized.

I want you to lay back, let your body relax, shift for your comfort, and take nice deep breaths. He lay on the carpet, one hand by his side, the other tucked under the waistband of his slacks, resting on his crotch.

Every last thought you had. I apologize for the oversight, and will fix them up as soon as I can get everything re. Written by gigglinggoblin Read by elisa kae demon, intelligence reduction, male bimbo, suckling, genital mention, corruption Play Count: It seems so ordinary. It might be a little bit off the beaten trail. No telling me how it feels. Sweet thing Very sexy story about a guy who finds some comfort with his friend.

Count them for me…. He was hard…. Such a brave boy, summoning me. Oblivion Have you ever wondered how a person could come to worship Oblivion? I want it to consume you. All in your head. No dirty talk. She laughed I mean really start talking. You feel such comfort, You feel such relaxation, as your breath easily flows in and out, as you sink deeper and deeper.

And the best part is, you enjoy every second of it. I want to hear just that single word come out of your mouth.

I want to drown out every thought in your head with a torrent of hypnotic sensation, and then cut the strings of consciousness and let you float I can see…fuck, if anyone looked over here THEY could see, your dick making a tent in your pants right now. Look into my spiral and answer: how many thoughts are in your pretty little head right now?

Sweet Fiend Shh. Just a taste. Turning slowly How Many Thoughts? Such a brave, silly boy.

She was leaning over him, one hand on either side of his body, with an expectant smirk. I want to hear it. In the mean time, most things here are "NSFW storytelling" some erotic hypnosis inductions. It might be a little bit hard to find but once you got here, it just seems like any other cave. No instructions. Let your eyes close, and slowly move your hand down to your cock…" written and read by elisa kae erotic hypnosis, induction, tease and denial, guided masturbation,sexy relaxation, breath, no wake up, nsfw pc Play Count: Bimbo with a brain "The most evil thing is a bimbo with a brain.

Every last ounce of resistance. Or if I do get too close I can just pull out. Still there. Hypno robocall What if that robocall message wasn't trying to sell you carpet cleaning, but instead was providing you a very important message, about a very special offer. And you would know that was my doing.

Because when all the other ones pass on by, this one is still there. You have traveled long to reach this place, and I know that you are weary and wounded. All I have to do is not cum. He said he lived on desire and lust and he would devour hers. And my words are going to fill up your brain and push everything out.

And out of your mouth, leaving you an empty, drooling, wreck. Don't be silly. She'll feel that for days Some very good advice about making sure the passion stays in your relationship.

The SFWish options are the great fairy relaxation, count, you don't want to relax. Gaslighting "You know a lot about covert hypnosis. Let the tension in your muscles relax, as you sink into the soft surface below you. My name. You know enough about covert hypnosis that you would never let me sneak up on you and drop you.


Play Count: Hypnotizing you? Ella's File a "harlequin romance hypnosis fantasy" originally posted on tumblr. Just a little taste. If only soundgasm had a way to edit descriptions, I would be able to add in my content warnings and author attributiobs as I intended!

Feel your chest rise and mind as the air flows in and out of your body. Come forward and step into my waters, sweet boy, and be restored. How many thoughts are you thinking at this very moment? They are control in nature, no lasting triggers or suggestions. Written by Ellaenchanting, read by elisa kae cw:impeding danger, anxiety, relaxation, male rescuer, gendered language, sfw pc Play Count: Tentacles Written by Arihi recorded by Elisa kae CW tentacle, mind control, drugged, entrapment, dubcon, hypno related story, Play Count: NeedNeeders A Seuss-esque poem written by FallingInward, read by Elisa Kae erotic hypnosis, induction, sexual touch mentioned,tease and denial,gender neutral Play Count: Soundgasm, let me edit descriptions!

Nothing else. It's all in your head. Slow Steady Spiral "I love how slow and steady this spiral is. Spiral you goblin you shouldn't look at this spiral- you might lose yourself in it Written by goodsleepyboy read by elisa tags hypnotic language, induction, no wakener,good feelings, sensitivity, touch yourself, edge, emptiness, obedience, nsfw, old file, byo erotic Play Count: Sometimes the blush is a burn… Written by DysfunctionalNymph, read by elisa kae tags: adult storytelling, gentle femdom, male sub, gendered language, nsfw Play Count: Vampire "He said he was a vampire, but she knew there is no such thing.

One single word. Great Fairy Relaxation "Welcome to the spring of your mind, boy. I am the Great Fairy of this fountain. The persuasion is in the eyes… the hands… the voice… Written by hypnosandwich read by elisa kae tags: hypnotic language, breath play, cnc, mind control, resistance, gender neutral language, bdsm, implied non-consent, cult pc Play Count: Lay Siege to Me morning musings about tenderness that give way to what her giggling desires are Written by Raininjuarez, read by elisa kae tags: adult storytelling, mf, rough sex, explicit, nsfw, fucking, gendered language, pc 97 Play Count: Surviving a succubus is easy.

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Weak to her charms Sharing fantasies of male submission to womanly and motherly females.