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Think of how much better the next one will feel with the tar from the one already inside your lungs.

Tarry, tarry lungs

Can you teach me how to smoke like you do? Inhale it deeper, again and again… succumb to the pleasure and addiction that you will never regret. Again and again, Jesse brought the cork-tipped filter to his lips and sucked in the smoke like his life depended on it, not even pausing for a breath in his quest for more smoke. Or a rude awakening with as many cigarettes chained and sucked into his lungs as he could manage before his lungs were wide awake, aching with a fresh load of tar, and buzzing all over from the nicotine?

Those final few inhales, where the glowing embers creep ever closer to the filter, are the ones with the richest smoke and the maximum amount of tar.

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Yes, today was going to be a good day…. Just devouring their last cigarettes each before jumping in the water for a swim. Just as on his vacation, where he sunbathes with his gaze fixed on the many shapley firm buttocks, he relaxes even more by bathing his lungs in steams of delicious smoke, which steadily deposits thin layers of tar into his breathing organ, of which only limited parts are reexpelled as tough and choky phlegm during his daily coughing fits in the morning.

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This is absolutely the best smoking advice out there. As you burn each cigarette down and the filter gets spent and turns soft and brown, it becomes less of a barrier to those tiny bits of tar and other delicious chemicals desperately fighting their way through to make it into your lungs.

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Jesse had been looking forward to Sunday all week long. He took one final, cheek-hollowing drag, and tossed the butt aside. Having his lungs become blacker and weaker, and his cough get deeper and wetter, was as inescapable as having your hair turn gray over time.

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Although Paolo's wheezing is clearly perceptible to others, he doesn't see any reason to give up his beloved cigarettes. Feel the creamy gray wisps swirling through your bronchi and entering each air sac. Smoke each cigarette right down to the filter and you can actually taste the difference compared to the first weak, diluted inhale. Matt had always smoked around his kids from when they were born, but now that they were growing up and becoming curious about cigarettes, he started stepping outside each time he lit up.

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Josh Hartnett - smoking 8 "Just stubbed a cigarette - to light a new one right after". Recently Liked.

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Eyes closed, basking in the warm sunlight, he felt the filter go soft all too soon and knew he was nearing the end. Hold it in for a few seconds… and then a bit longer. His lungs had been awoken, and they eagerly welcomed the fresh smoke inside them, simultaneously satisfied yet eternally hungry for more.

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It had been a busy few days, and when Sunday finally rolled around, gorgeous and sunny, Jesse got it off to the right start by stepping outside as soon as he woke up and fired up a Red. He dragged hard and inhaled almost a quarter of the cigarette immediately in one enormous, lung-filling inhale, a moment of pure bliss and glory. When his alarm goes off he can feel his lungs cold and empty, struggling and begging him for more smoke and tar.

Inhale the smoke deeper, like you mean it.

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He savored the smoke for a several seconds, not wanting to let it out and have that beautiful tarry concoction leave his lungs. A key to becoming a regular smoker is never to skip an occasion to light up a cig. No amount of caffeine or anything else could ever replace those first few cigarettes in waking him up and making him feel right again. Allow the smoke to really make its home inside your lungs, exploring every corner and making itself comfortable. To him, it was all normal. Get comfortable with it, breathe it in deeper, invite it to leave its sticky, tarry residue behind on every surface it touches.

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Allow it to caress the walls of your airways as gently as my hand on your skin. As he finally let out a long slow exhale, he immediately followed it up with another inhale, this one even longer and deeper. Go ahead - take longer, harder drags. So if there was no realistic way of stopping the fetish, he figured he might as well enjoy each step of the journey. Thick and airy at the same time, feel it swirling inside your maze of airways, solid enough to fill your lungs up all the way yet fluid enough to work its way into the deepest, smallest corners.

To him, smoking was just Gay all men did, and the effects it brought on were something that came to everyone eventually. Better than fresh air, feel it flood your lungs and wash over you in a wave of pleasure that nothing else can smoking to.

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And what better feeling is there than sparking up and inhaling more smoke when your lungs are still heavy with fresh tar? Love seeing a man smoke a cigarette right down to the filter, getting every milligram of tar that they can down feel where it belongs. Each cigarette contains the potential to completely fill and satisfy your lungs with a divine concoction of nicotine and tar, but you can only unlock this pleasure if you smoke as deep, hard and long as you can.

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The smell of smoke and nicotine.


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