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Any "exotic" being alien, monster, robot, demon, ghostetc. When the Male Gaze gets involved this in common de features for female characters in other contexts, like Hartman HipsNon-Mammal Mammarieslong hairand Tertiary Sexual Characteristics like dresses or make-up or bits of anatomy deed to look like a dress or make-upeven if it would make no sense for such a creature to have these features. Conversely it can be done for Grotesque Cute reasons, contrasting the monstrous and cute side, especially if they still act like the monster they're based on — villainous CMGs in particular are very likely to be Literal Man Eaters.


Owl House owlhouse THE OWL HOUSE Disney toh palisman palisman cat black cat witch witches staff magic staff gargoyle cat demon cat emerald redhead redhead oc redhead drawing red hair red hair girls hexside hexside student magic student owl house oc OC original character owl house original character plant witch.

When his glamour is off, that tattoo of his will morph into his wings and tail ; man this is gonna be so much fuuun View Full. Some are brought out, others from another universe, some that are created.

the group, be a part of the family. I thought they were done. For my next patreon exclusive smut comic i will be making a modern AU of Rain and Lena, featuring rocker Rain and fan Lena.

Which evil alternate is your favorite? TONY: Because you said you wanted to hear everything. Top Evil Versions of Heroes Every hero has a dark side to themselves.

Darija, the Gargoyle Queen, my original character. Congratulations, welcome to the family, Coldstone.

Chipmunks can live through it. I thought my penis was dead.

Show More. Every hero has a dark side to themselves.

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Gargoyle girl for your saturday. Gargoyles - Thailog 7. So this ten features heroes with evil versions or those transformed into villains.

Kill La Kill - Junketsu Ryuko Battle for the Grid - Lord Drakkon. Then there was a period of time where I fed cereal flakes to all little animals.

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Squirrels can live through it. Sonic Colors - Hyper Metal Sonic 3. With these clowns?

I just wanted to leave my mark here. Digimon - BlackWarGreymon 5.

Wakfu - Dark Vlad Goultard 9. You be the judge on that.

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A monster which is a statue that came to life and started moving due to the soul of a fiend dwelling within.


Gargoyle is a character from the Other Monster Girl Encyclopedia.