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I sent you a private message. Over time, mistress has my mind and emotions so completely under her control that I develop an almost obsessive need to please her.

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Crissy has a sissy hissy fit, and fights, frets, refuses, and resists with all her little sissy might. She hopes she has positioned her legs to be sufficiently provocative for Daddy, just like Mommy taught her.

Crissy also receives in-depth instruction in the fine art of flirting with men. White, male professional who fantasizes about being force-feminized by a strong-minded, willful woman into the role of her confused and submissive, chastized sissy teenage daughter.

Sit on my lap and give your father his nightly goodnight kiss.

I would love to someday meet a smart, intelligent, imaginative woman who is sexually, mentally, and emotionally fulfilled and satisfied by being in control, a female who understands the subtle and creative intricacies of power and enjoys applying it to her advantage. Crissy is preparing for Daddy to enter her with his big, thick cock.

So Monique makes a decision.

Sissy husband

Then she will ask her father to help her undress for bed. You are a very passable, sexually desirable young lady. Talk with you soon. Instead, I am seeking a naturally dominant woman who wants a loyal, long-term, devoted submissive partner who will adore her and put her needs first, wait on her, and serve her as his mistress.

Want to be forced

Powered by Tumblr. You should be able to find my message there and you can just respond to it.

Find the icon that looks like the face of someone talking and click on it. I am not looking for a professional mistress or dominatrix offering sessions. Any slip-ups will result in swift and harsh punishment.

She comforts her husband and reassures him that it will be alright. Her teenage clitty is tiny but hard and engorged. Here Crissy is posing for her new Daddy, Tyrone. A woman who is capable of uncovering my trigger points and then skillfully pushing the right buttons could literally own me for life. She will transform Chris into her 14 year-old teenage daughter. Mistress takes Crissy to the beauty salon for a full make-over. No longer able to hide the severe physical changes to his body, he is fired from his job and forced into a stay-at-home role in his marriage to keep house for Monique while he searches for a new position.

Now come over here… your father has a gift for his little girl. She will have the black alpha boyfriend, Tyrone Powers, she has always wanted.

Forced sissy

Small droplets leak into her pretty panties, making them wet. Yes, he is a bit slight of stature. And yes, he struggles with performance anxiety due to his inability to satisfy Monique in bed. She hopes Daddy notices her full, sweet lips and wants to kiss them. I want you inside of me, Daddy. If all goes as planned tonight for Crissy, her Daddy will take her in his big, strong arms, pick her up, and carry her to their bedroom.

She convinces Chris that since the pills prescribed by the doctor are not working then there is very likely no hope for his condition. Finally, Crissy will admit to Daddy that she is afraid of the dark, and beg him to sleep with her for awhile, just until she falls asleep.

Then scroll down until you find my message and click on it. She hopes Daddy likes her pretty new dress. But Tyrone has a voracious sexual appetite and his cock requires constant attention to keep him from straying. Mistress teaches and coaches Crissy on how to apply her makeup, how to sway her hips when she walks, and how to dress to attract men. At first, I resist with all my might and vehemently insist that I am a man and that I want to be treated like a man. But Monique is 3 steps ahead of Chris.

Sissy husband tumblr

Once Monique makes the decision, she vows to herself that there will be no turning back until she has achieved her objective. Crissy will be fitted with a male chastity device to help further shrink her clitty to a size more proper for a girl her age. Minimal Theme deed by Artur Kim. Forced Sissy Daughter. She is taught how to bat her eyelashes, pout her lips, and toss her hair to please her new Daddy, Tyrone. Please go to the upper right corner of your tumblr home screen. Next ». But in the end, the massive doses of hormones have done their job well.

Crissy has an ache and a need deep in her loins.

Sissy crossdressing faggot

Post via nayeli-muslimah-blog. What was once abhorrent to me I now see as a privilege and a reward, my sole purpose in life. Photo via nayeli-muslimah-blog. Then she recommends that Chris make an appointment to see a girlfriend of hers who specializes in gynecomastia. Tags: sissy sissy daughter forced sissy daughter mommy sissy daddy sissy forced feminization male to female boy to girl sissy slut sissy bride sissy wife. First, sissy Crissy will give Daddy a big, wet kiss to show him how much she loves him. About White, male professional who fantasizes about being force-feminized by a strong-minded, willful woman into the role of her confused and submissive, chastized sissy teenage daughter.

He will be better off and less embarrassed if he changes his name to Crissy and lives his life as a female. However, my new mistress superior gradually uncovers my mental, emotional, and sexual triggers and uses them against me to slowly but surely wear me down, and break me. Finally, Crissy is forced to undergo a series of intensive plastic surgeries to reshape and mold her face into that of a budding, young teenage girl… fresh, young, and innocent, but whose sexuality is also just beginning to blossom.

To access private messaging, click on the icon in the upper right corner of your tumblr home screen that looks like a face. Then he will roughly enter her and fill her with huge volumes of his creamy black seed. And her frustration with being married to a weak, ineffectual lover finally reaches a tipping point. Yes, he is a little passive, and somewhat shy. Thanks for the reblog.

My life, my whole existence, becomes solely centered and focused on looking pretty and girly enough to be allowed to orally service her upon demand. But unbeknownst to Chris, the pills are actually a combination of high dosage estrogen with testosterone blockers which are deed to quickly and forcefully accelerate his feminization. Then I will show you your present. I love you, Daddy. Indirect but consistent and confident domination, symbolism, imagery, psychological conditioning, mental and emotional influencing and indoctrination, shame, humiliation, assumed superiority, and the sheer force of a woman's will are stronger and more enduring than all the whips and chains in the world.

But seeing his little princess all naked and available is too much for her father.

Tags: sissy sissy daughter forced sissy daughter mommy's sissy daddy's sissy forced feminization male to female boy to girl sissy slut sissy bride sissy wife. Armed with an intimate knowledge of my passions and insecurities, she employs passive resistance and a firm but gentle hand to eventually convince me to submit to her will.

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