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There is a world known as Tierra, a magical world of humans and elves within the free-to-play role-playing game called Food Fantasy. Thus, making part of the world a place of danger and evil, and it could not be obtained.


Created Jun 22, Top posts may 24th Top posts of may, Top posts Back to Top. In general, it's a pretty small fandom on Ao3, with mostly one shots.

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OC flairs are restricted only to artwork or things made by you. Posted by 2 years ago.

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Thank you! Peking x boston please.

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About time someone create doujinshi. Please don't use the OC flair if you're looking for BL fanfiction.

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I prefer really smutty ones lol. Continue this thread.

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Food Fantasy BL fanfiction Suggestion? My pet peeves is when they add game talk into it.

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Kind of an unusual question but you can check archiveofourown as there is a lot of fanfiction there. Honestly, I wouldn't be able to take Food Fantasy fanfictions seriously because it's well A03 has a good variety. Does anyone have any BL fanfiction suggestion?

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But as far as I've gotten maybe around chapter 26it was pretty good and I'll definitely finish it once I have the time. According to the VIP room Princess' 8th story there is some in-universe, haha. More posts from the FoodFantasy community.

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Reply Share. If you're looking for a lot of writing and artwork, the Tumblr Fanbase has a lot of stuff on there too. If there is none, should I just write some?

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A lot of things can be searched up with the ff [food soul] tag. I am fine with the names because hetalia is exactly the same but with countries.

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Found the internet! Sort by: best.

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Person A is afraid of vampires, so always coats their backpack in the scent of garlic and uses garlic scented stationary.


Hey I'm here to say you some kind words sorry if you don't want to see some kind of things in your inbox.


Running ahead of Cassata and Cheese, Pizza dove onto his knees and scooped up a huge mound of snow.


Six friends -two divorce lawyers, two relationship therapists, one wedding planner and one wedding dress deer- work to solve Seoul's romantic problems, and find themselves with plenty of their own.