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Heck, not even rp, how many actual relationships have spawned through mmo's? I'm just wondering what is causing E-RP to be a log, since it's popping up here a lot on Balmung and I've had about 3 or more people PM me about it One of them which I am a friend with who was helping me with my Weaver leves suddenly did a in an attempt to gain my affection. AgelessDaisyNov 13, ERP is a fantastic way to get your characters close to each other and explore other territories with someone you are also erotic to outside of RP - it's an OOC and IC trust bonding exercise, in my opinion.

I am sorry Under no circumstances is it appropriate to be posting content that the ESRB would rate "Adults Only" in a chat channel where it could be overheard by people who are playing this game under the assumption that it is rated for Teens. I sort of get how that develops in a game like this.

Yeah, most Lalafell's are considered roleplay, even if their size is quite small.

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That's a bit overboard AgelessDaisyNov 14, Lalafells were hatched from eggs. My friend and I even came up with a theory that Lalafell's are not intimate, but instead are earth born and bud from the soil when two of a couple reach mutual interest.

‘roleplay’ stories

AgelessDaisyNov 16, So are Lalafell born fully grown or something? Anyways, I feel that Loli character's such as Lalafells shouldn't even be associated with through sexual intercourse. If that is the case, tell them that mainly due to playing a Lalafell, you do not feel that ERP is right. As we know it, there are a lot of servers that have Roleplayers, which is fine.

I personally think it's rather disgusting unless you are a Miqo'te and it's part of your storyline, and you have friends who could care less about being a part of it.

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There is a reason RPers are mocked, and people erotic that is one of the reasons. Being so desperate for something like that is laughable in other people's eyes; I don't blame them myself. I just don't find it appropriate that people have a desire I have roleplay problems with what is it in Japan?

FF has never been as bad as this was, thankfully, but I do know of people that think it's socially acceptable to whore around on their characters and cause unnecessary IC drama. It technically is a form of sexual harassment, but since RPers have it rough as it is, I don't think they deserve to be pestered by a GM. The most I can do is tell them no and if they persist, log them. I've had people actually send me full on tells with sexual escapades included in them. Because I seem to recall seeing a few children Lalafells running around in this game They'd definitely be on their merry way to blacklistville if it was me.

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There is now a means to get at complex inter-toon relationships. I mean come on people, there are children who are under the age of consent who play this game. Blacklist them Move on, and hakuna matAta.

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I unfortunately came upon a pair while I was turning in my Weaver Quest items who were well You think this type of behavior would be kept in PM's. Now I understand everyone RP's and does their own thing, but my concern is people who roleplay sexually, but in a manner that's not suited for many general audiences.

That being said, in say in a major city? Their interest and love manifest itself into a seed in which they plant in the ground and 6 months later a baby Lala is born inside a beautiful flower in which they pull them from and make a loving family. Last edited: Nov 14, HermesNov 14, Jinzuku likes this.

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Let's talk - erotic roleplaying (18+ only topic)

My other MMO that I played used to have a night club full of demons, succubi, furries, etc - you name it, it was probably there, in the vast depths of which no sane RPer would dare venture to. Honestly, if you know a person who harasses a lot of people for ERP, reporting them is not terrible. GeekMattNov 14, Caimie Tsukino and Hermes like this.

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We really don't need to expose these children to this kind of content against their parents will. Usually this is what I think of when I think of plant people: Spoiler Move your mouse to the spoiler area to reveal the content Show Roleplay Hide Spoiler. I thought erotic talking to my FC Leader about it, since I log bad and I'm probably going to give the stuff back But at the same time, I don't want the person being made fun of for this type of deal.

As a further aside: I agree with Mikairi, as above Harrassment is unacceptable under any circumstance. This discussion is to address the above topic in a mature and adult manner, if you cannot handle such a topic, please choose another thread. Call the gm. How do you guys handle these people? I had a Lalafell couple with an ex of mine and we promptly decided that we wouldn't touch ERP with them due to the same reason.

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If they're trying to be nice to you to get in your character's pants, chances are, they probably did it to someone else too. And I'm kind of curious to see how these things evolve. Much easier to let someone down that way. You're playing what is basically a lolita character that you think is cute and cannot see it as anything sexual; which is perfectly fine, and I personally don't blame you - I don't think anyone else would, either.

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Thank you Onto the discussion! On that note If at any time, someone is harassing you, blacklisting is a good idea. IvyNov 14, Tharian83 likes this. There are to be no post, no links of that sort to any pornographic media for any reason. The game is already pushing it far enough as it is what with the bikini's and undergarments.

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I understand there are erotic roleplayers, but there are also people who I hate to say it "get off" on this kind of thing and just want to do it out of pure carnal lust instead of creating a storyline erotic two character's to lead up into those intimate moments. Daisy, I suspect this is in large part to the advent of "civil unions" ie marriage coming into the game. I don't like being mean to roleplayers since I log they have it hard already, but I don't know what to do about people who want to take it to the next level. Caimie Tsukino likes this.

Since it's a sub-branch off Lolita. I think that's the correct term for what a Lalafell is, Loli correct? IvyNov 13, Hermes likes this. Tharian83Roleplay 14, This thread is awesome! And erotic role play, as any other deeply personal interaction, is a very fast way to get pretty enmeshed in that system.

[explicit] the dangers of erotic role play

People don't seem to understand WHY they RP and instead of asking them questions, they ridicule and tease them. Tharian83Nov 16, Tyo GanajaiNov 16, There is a reason why we are called potatoes. Before we begin this discussion. Tyo GanajaiNov 14, Caimie TsukinoNov 16, In that case they are the most bizarre plant people I have ever seen. Now, most RPers usually get harped on due to, well them roleplaying. Given the level of day to day interaction and emotional investment people put into rp, erp is just that next step.

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I've always kept anything like that confined and I believe everyone else should too. That way, you're associating it with your character rather than them.

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