damsel gal Kelly
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  • How old am I:
  • 27
  • Ethnic:
  • American
  • Sexual preference:
  • Man
  • My body features:
  • I'm fat
  • What I like to listen:
  • Techno
  • My hobbies:
  • Collecting


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You seemed in pain when I saw you.

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She throws her head back in ecstasy. You hold on to the handle that hangs from above with one hand while your other hand holds the suitcase.

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As you walk you observe the people around you, the native Breeders of San Natalia: a large-bodied woman is being fucked doggy style by a muscular man while giving a blowjob to another man in front of a bakery; a heavily pregnant black girl enters a bookstore; a cab that just went by had a couple breeding in the back seat. You walk out of the airport, excited, and soon you see a familiar sight that makes you smile. She smiles, dimples forming on her cheeks. A few hours ago, when her water broke and her labor started, she cleaned her bowels with an enema, packed her bag with her delivery kit and a dildo for anal penetration, then went off to the park.

Madilyn’s birth story – verified by snopes

You were transferred from Puerpere to San Natalia as a professional Breeder. She flipped a few s, checking. You think about it for a second. The woman has introduced herself to you. She only had two chapters left. On top of her belly rests a pair of large, juicy breasts that you are aching to stroke. You walk next to her towards the Serena Park. The first thing you notice is how strikingly beautiful she is, with caramel skin and long, wavy dark brown hair.

She also told you about her births; her first was an unexpected birth in her own bathtub that gave her an intense and shocking orgasm. This is what you get for opening your legs for that football player, and posting naked pictures of your slutty ass all over.

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The woman in front of you looks like she is pregnant in her second trimester. You look at your watch; you estimate that it will take half an hour to get to the other side of the region. You turn your head and you see a woman a couple of steps behind you, holding on to the handle with one hand and a bag in the other like you do. Your eyes wander until you lock eyes with her again. Her labor has progressed into its advanced stage.

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Puerpere and San Natalia are both Specialized Breeding Regions, or SBR, which means every citizen is a fertile adult that has been trained and chosen to breed for offsprings. She stands up, ready to take her position. She will be straddling you on a sitting reverse cowgirl position. Thus, some Breeders from Puerpere is transferred to San Nat, and vice versa. You aim at her tight dark asshole and slowly insert a lubricated finger inside.

She led you to a less-visited part of the park, an open field of grass with all kinds of wildflowers and some large trees that provides shade. Tyfanny let out a strangled scream as she bore down, terror story her young face. Thank you for birth my fics in it : a new 2-part story is on the works because everyone deserves erotic good these days. Her vision greyed out and she let out an almost inhuman howl when she crowned, the burn turning to a searing agony when she proved unable to move it from that widest point.

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Now she approaches you, breathing harshly. She has revealed to you that she is in labor for the birth of her third. She is only wearing a little red dress that hugs her curves a bit too snugly and only goes to barely cover her most striking feature—her enormous, round and firm ass.

Isabel has spread out a picnic blanket under a tree, where you now sit and wait for her, fully naked. She then lowers herself to a squat and spre her butt with her hands.

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This is the end game. She had just seconds to recover from the shock before the shoulders were ramming their way through her battered slit. A young man sits on a bench while a woman in short dress jumps up and down on his lap. Her name is Isabel. Her eyes were blood shot, her lips bloody from biting them as the contractions got harder and faster.

They seem to be enjoying this public display of affection. Isabel arrives and you assume your position sitting against the tree.

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It was a good ten minutes before it finally shot forward, shocking the traumatized girl into a plaintive cry. You too. That sounds stupid, of course you did see her in the story. She is with a man who has one of his hand inside her pants, fingering her while occasionally rubbing her dome of a belly.

Will she reciprocate your desire? You need to see your new supervisor before you start breeding, but you decide that you can take the long way round. You follow her instructions then erotic her ass again with more lube. You shrug and enter anyway, pulling your suitcase into the bus.

It would have been better if the husband had been rubbing her belly and massaging her tits. Should you make a move towards a woman that is probably in labor? She goes through her bag, still huffing and puffing through the birth. I love how she let it stretch her pussy slowly and her trying her best to breathe well.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You check the bus and route and make sure that this is the right one. You are new to the city, and you are very eager to see everything that the city has to offer. Puerpere exchange? She bites her lower lip. Tyfanny believed her. Her gray eyes suddenly narrows as she groans again, holding the biggest pregnant belly you have seen in a while. She felt the exact moment her asshole ripped, just after the sensitive skin of her cunty gave way with a violent tear. She hands you a bottle of lubricant from her bag. She stops to rub her belly and moans every once in a while.

A bus arrives.

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The bus starts again, and just as the machine roars you hear another roaring noise—a female voice. You decide to check out the new apartment which San Natalia has kindly provided for you.

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She pants and sighs. Her cheeks are slightly freckled.

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You take your suitcase and walk to the nearest bus stop. You have taken a novel out of your suitcase and is now trying to finish it, although you can barely focus. She d her pleas for help when the contractions died, pitching her aching body side to side in a vain attempt to ease the pain. You raise an eyebrow and chuckle. Her long brown hair flutters in the wind, making her look like a goddess. You put down your book and begin stroking your erection.

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She suddenly stops on her track. In the distance, by the grass, Isabel is strolling by herself, naked and barefooted. It enters with a slight resistance due to its tightness, but the lube really helps you slide into her. Making sure that the anal canal is lubricated, you then slowly inserts another finger. A contraction hits and her anus spasms around your fingers. Tyfanny grabbed the back of her thighs and pushed and pushed, writhing around to try to dislodge the head. You brave yourself to poke her shoulder and talk to her.

Do you mind? It stirs a feeling inside you; an instinct to start breeding. What do you do next, you wonder.

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Everything said here is to-the-minute truth.


This is my first submission and also my first time actually posting a story anywhere, I hope you enjoy!


A contraction while the professor is speaking.


People around me know that I am passionate about birth and pregnancy, and since I found out about orgasmic birth I was preparing myself to get one!