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Oh, Marie. Quit being such a beeeeeetch. But we forgave you. To each their own, we said.


American Kathryn Harrison was seduced by the biological father she met in adulthood and carried on a relationship with him for four years. I have cousins who married one another. While there is some evidence that heterosexual men and women may favour potential partners who share physical features with their opposite-sex parents, for most of us the thought of sexual attraction to a parent is absurd.

You know, that makes a lot of sense. You ought to replace it with a picture of Luke and Princess Leia.

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But in some cases of genetic sexual attraction, the feelings are mutual. Thank you, Ms. LOL Lannisters!!

What is this?

Typically the attachment is so strong that the individuals involved are compelled to overlook all else. But they are so close to one another that they decided they could overlook the potential objections based on their religious beliefs. Property is usually shared, income is often doled out more or less equally, and children are all raised together in groups according to age.

I keep waiting and waiting for it to pass. Genes ensure that the two have a lot in common, and the absence of the Westermarck effect sometimes makes them difficult for one another to resist.

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Genetic sexual attraction — both one-sided and reciprocal — has been known to take hold between reunited siblings, a parent and child, an uncle and niece, and more. There are certainly instances of rape incest, but not too many studies on people who just have the attraction without taking action.

Another source of evidence for the Westermarck effect comes from what happens when it is noticeably absent. Last updated 22 March If you wish to repurpose this copyrighted work, you must obtain permission.


American couple Rachel and Shawn met in when they were both 27 and have been an enthusiastically happy couple since. However, when is separated from biological family at an early age, there is no chance for the Westermarck effect to take hold; reunions between biological relatives who were separated much earlier sometimes lead into unforeseen emotional territory. They sought each other out after learning that they shared a birth father. Marisa Brook collects postcards, magnets, travel pins, and sometimes interesting rocks. It is reported again and again. She also spent eleven years collecting linguistics degrees, and now helps other people do so.

So incest for the moral marie ground. One major question raised by any examination of sexual relationships involving biological family members is where, exactly, this leaves Sigmund Freud. That is, they and reach adulthood with no compulsion to consider a relationship with anyone they shared a home with in their early childhood.

Seems like the Lannisters would have gone better in that spot. But since children are likely to be raised by Donnie least one of their biological parents — about It functions well in this respect. The Westermarck theory explains how suppression of GSA takes place.

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But, says cognitive scientist Steven Pinker in his book How the Mind Worksit is Westermarck who may have the last word. A study by American cultural anthropologist Melford Spiro that examined 3, marriages within the kibbutz system found that only about 15 weddings involved pairs of people who were raised in the same group of children. What does that have to do with anything?? Virtually every known culture has considered it repulsive, especially when involving siblings or a parent and.

This is an evolutionary flaw in humans. Even Charles Darwin married one of his first cousins, though not without a lot of consideration beforehand.

Reviewing the unreviewed

The mental connection is incredible. It does appear so that Freud got out-freuded alright. Sometimes I think it might be better for my piece of mind to cut it off completely. The mental connection is the hardest part. Unsurprisingly, the kibbutz model has been of major interest to sociologists, anthropologists, and psychologists.

They are even devout Christians; but their deep love for one another is what they consider the most important part of their lives.

Marie osmond is ashamed of her (not-so) secret lesbian daughter.

One of the most common taboos across human societies of the past and present has been incest. Their physical relationship developed, and the young man could hardly believe that the woman he found to be a perfect match was his biological mother. This is a converse theory known as genetic sexual attraction GSA.

GSA is not inevitable, but it is common. I use myself as an example. Fascinating and squirm-inducing topic! Both theories are correct. I grew up very close to my Mother, and to my Sister, and I can say for certain that I have no sexual attraction to either.

I think it might be for us but we have only danced around the subject- -we are both married. We are all related in some way when you really look at the situation. But that would have gone against the Westermarck effect because the two were together since birth… Very strange, interesting article. Furthermore, none of these pairs had been raised with their partners before the age of six.

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Well played with the Osmonds too. Genetically related individuals who are not raised together often fail to be sexually and romantically blind to each other. Germans Patrick and Susan — biological siblings who did not meet until adulthood — fell in love, have given birth to four children at least two of whom are developmentally disabledand have been fighting German incest laws ever since. Not comfortable with the depiction of the Osmonds. It speaks to the strength of attraction that those affected by GSA experience. I went to live with my mom at To think of sexual relations with my grandma is unthinkable, but with my mom I i have.

In other words, what looks like taboo most of the time appears to be a fairly ordinary response to the exceptional circumstances of biological family members being brought back together long after parting.

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The term was coined by American Barbara Gonyo. The Westermarck effect is a hypothesis, but there is evidence to support it. I am having the same problem. Note that crucially, the connection does not have to be biological; according to the theory, it applies just as readily to children adopted at a young age as to those raised by their birth parents. What gives? One couple knew the potential problems and they never had children.

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Are you over it yet? The finding relevant to the Westermarck effect is that young adults in the same age-group are seldom attracted to each other, even when their parents more or less expect them to be. I never mentioned this to my mom, now deceased. The leading behavioural theory that has been proposed to for the ubiquity of this aversion is known as the Westermarck effectafter Finnish scholar Edvard Westermarck, who proposed it in his book The History of Human Marriage.

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The two found each other again aroundand Gonyo, then 42, was horrified to realise that she was feeling very attracted to her year-old son. It makes me wonder about the Minnesota Twin study…where twins who had been adopted into different families were compared, and in many cases, reunited. Greenberg notes that the connections established between reunited family members tend to be profound and respectful, and nothing at all like cases of incest involving non-consenting individuals. Very interesting article covering the theories at play there with biological family and the effects of disassociation due to whatever caused the long term separation.


Rachel and Shawn — who are engaged but legally prohibited from getting married — discussed in a report with ABC News all the ways in which they are a perfectly ordinary couple. They were married for 60 years and died within a year of each other.

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Pinker speculates that the reason why Freud was able to have such a dramatic response to the sight of his own mother putting her clothes on was that as a baby, Sigmund had been cared for by a wet nurse. I had no idea about GSA and it has tortured me since reunion. I want to weigh in here, because I think this article overlooks GSA in families that have not been separated for years. Two of the sweetest people I have ever known.

If two siblings are not bought up together and reunite, GSA is present but westermarck suppression did not take place. The theories do not oppose each other. Pregnant at 15 in the mids, Gonyo was forced to give her son Mitch up for adoption when he was born.

It has been a source of concern. A pair of sisters, neither of whom reported any prior attraction to women, fell in love with each other.

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Nevertheless, this was one of those articles that blew my mind…a classic effect of reading this site, but absent for a long while. Jennifer and John, half-siblings from England, left their respective spouses and moved in with one another.

I can say this, I was raised by grandparents. GSA in families that have not been separated seems to be an understudied phenomenon. Fortunately, her son did not reciprocate, and they did not pursue a relationship. Is it mutual? Please do not distribute without written permission from Damn Interesting.

Some Israeli citizens live in communal homeste named kibbutzes or kibbutzim in Hebrew. Perhaps it was this nurse, and not his mother, to whom Sigmund became desensitised; in other words, the Westermarck effect was not fully activated between the young Freud and his biological mother. That is, when a pair of biologically related individuals meet for the first time in adulthood, they often find each other very attractive.

The most interesting tidbit of this article was the Westermarck effect at work in people having incestuous relationships!

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Incest can be a bad thing — a very, very, bad, bad thing — Reviews of Tings acknowledges.


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