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It was a common practice among the villagers. They placed a doctor and God on the same pedestal, blamed them when things went wrong and worshipped them when something went right, and this gentleman, had come to me two days back with symptoms of constipation. I guessed my prescription had worked.


It was a bit tall and so I had to use my hands to push myself up and turn around onto his bed. Check Please.

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Maybe she was sick and she would make me sick or maybe she would make me old like her if I touched her. Not even a football sticker. Then after a little bit mummy called me over to her.

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He was big and wore a white coat and had a beard like daddy has. I suddenly started to feel a bit worried, mainly because I thought the old lady would follow me but also because I remembered that mummy had told me I would be getting an injection today and that I had to be brave.

Injection stories

But then he went and he brought me over a Mr. Men sticker. Or will the doctor hurt me? Not even a shiny football sticker. Not even Mr. Here you can read and submit short stories, flash fiction, poetry - in brief, your own legend.

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Say hello to this lady, she says you look very cute. Why did that little boy get the last red lollipop was he special or did he cry even more than me?

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What do you say? I wanted a red one. Vanessa Echeverria. The Secret Conference. Lit Up. Written by Double D Follow.

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Why are you stopping? I nodded to tell him I did. I wanted to play. I watched all the fish swimming up and down up and down and then back up again and I tapped my finger against the glass because I wanted the big goldfish to come and follow my hand or my finger. He was OK I guess, even though he hurt me.

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What did I do wrong? I remember the first time I had an injection at the doctors.

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Maybe the old lady was here yesterday too and she touched him and he was going to get old and die and the doctor gave him a red lollipop. But that's how all big stories begin.

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Rain Story. My arm! What was that? Yusong Liu. Younger Love.

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Were they angry at me? Well, it might not have been the first time I actually had an injection, but it was the first time I remembered it. Why did I have to be brave? It was a nice and sunny day so I was happy to be outside with mummy and I remember crossing the road and thinking to myself what a lovely day to be outside. Covenant Chimnonso. So I walked into his room.

Yae kya ho gaya???

Double D Follow. I ripped some of the tissue paper that was covering his bed too and I looked at him because I was worried he might be angry. Am I going to hurt myself again now with the doctor?

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Dedicated to exploring the truths in lies but never interested in making lies about truths. He was a bigger fish than my fish back at home but he looked the same other than he was bigger. He looked through the drawer and then turned around again. More From Medium.

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Tinghao, Liu. Brill in Word-A-Day Prose. Why did she let the doctor hurt me like that? Tess Dickenson. I looked over to my right arm and I saw that the doctor had pulled up my t-shirt at my arm and was putting a needle into me! The doctor looked like a nice man.

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Bangkok based father and teacher. I wanted a red lollipop. We're starting little. Next, he showed me a picture of the Seven Dwarves and Snow White.

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I liked seeing the doctor because he always gave me a lollipop and a sticker for being a good boy.

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Nobody likes going to the doctors.


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Mary had never taken an injection in the butt since she was


This story here is an actual incident which happened with my colleague one week back.