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  • My age:
  • 20
  • What is my nationaly:
  • I'm indonesian
  • Sexual preference:
  • I prefer generous male
  • Hair:
  • Black
  • I speak:
  • English
  • What is my favourite drink:
  • Rum
  • What I like to listen:
  • Opera
  • I like tattoo:
  • I don't have tattoos
  • Smoker:
  • No


I had never done it before this, and never planned on it. I spoke of people who cheated as if they were divine sinners—people I wanted nothing to do with, until I became one.


Do cheaters get their karma?

The cheated on gets hurt by the cheater. Can you imagine someone do that to you? You really don't know what his life and marriage is like behind closed doors.

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I still feel bad for her tho. Karma really got them good. ed Sep 9, Messages 24, Reactions 85, 2, 3, Alleybuxed Dec 23, Messages 38, Reactions4, 1, AlleybuxThe thing is that people don't believe it because you don't get to see it.

Do cheaters really get karma?

I have 2 horrible ex's. Latest activity. ed Jul 23, Messages 3, Reactions 29, AlleybuxGoldenPrincess said:. ed Aug 30, Messages 11, Reactions 36, 1, Alleybux 90, I would like to believe Karma is real? There is no law or spiritual religion that would recognize his "cheating".

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Click to expand ed Apr 20, Messages 5, Reactions 96, 3, 1, Alleybux 3, Some people confuse statistical for karma Statistics is real, karma is made up and mystical. He still living with his momma at almost 30 and waiting on her to fill the house up with groceries so he can eat he also still has not stable job or a car.

Sista Saved. These people seem to just go on living their lives.

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Log in. Public embarassment?

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Getting cheated back on? Search forums. My other ex that was abusive, stole from me, and cheated is in the same place when I met him. Raffles Active raffles Closed raffles.

Will my ex who cheated on me ever apologize?

It may not display this or other websites correctly. He wasn't your husband. ed Sep 28, Messages 4, Reactions 42, 1, AlleybuxNo but they do get great spouses. ed Aug 6, Messages Reactions 8, 31 AlleybuxMy former best friend got cheated on. Thread starter GoldenPrincess Start date Dec 6, You are using an out of date browser.

I was cheated on! is there karma for cheaters?

Countess Moon. Your own damn family! ed Mar 8, Messages 14, Reactions4, 1, Alleybux 13, ed Apr 5, Messages 4, Reactions 46, 1, 1, Alleybux 71, I think it's something we say to make ourselves feel better too.

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I want justice for the one being cheated on, and I want balance in the sense that both parties get hurt. Because personally I like justice and balance.

16 s karma is real when it comes to relationships

ed Oct 4, Messages 22, Reactions 64, 4, 4, Alleybux 73, ed Aug 25, Messages 1, Reactions 5, Alleybux Mademoiselle said:. One cheated and used me my fault he's getting married to a cute girl in January.

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Search only containers. Just because you don't have a front row ticket to the payback doesn't mean that it's not happening or didn't already happen.

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Time Out. ed Jan 14, Messages 27, Reactions8, 5, AlleybuxNo, but I guess I could still be waiting on mine. ed Sep 11, Messages 18, Reactions8, 9, Alleybux 63, They may not get the karma you want them to get but I know for a fact the universe does return that same energy you put out.

8 wicked ways to bring about karma for cheaters

He also has a good job now. ed Sep 3, Messages 34, Reactions4, 6, Alleybux 2, No but they end up being with or surrounded by other dysfunctional people which le to a less fulfilling life.

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Wanting someone to never have a good relationship and never have a family is very extreme. ed Apr 15, Messages 5, Reactions 41, Alleybux 9, ed May 7, Messages 25, Reactions1, 1, Alleybux 12, Everyone has karma. ed May 9, Messages 4, Reactions 28, Alleybux 25, My cheating ass ex went on to get married and have a family. Home New Posts Trending Featured. This post is not gender specific! Search titles only. Wiki Latest summaries Watched WikiPosts.

Does karma work for cheaters?

I hate people Last edited: Dec 6, Catherine Tramell. And what does karma actually look like? You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. New posts. They are now at equilibrium in terms of hurt, and personally to me thats makes me happy. ed Nov 25, Messages 19, Reactions 87, 5, 7, Alleybux 32, I do believe in people reaping what they sow, but it doesn't work the way most of us want it to.

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Not that I would ever have the luxury to know, but my ex for example, is he ever REALLY going to have to deal with the trauma he caused me? He may have faced some small retribution for hurting and lying to you, but you should not expect that he would never find a new relationship. ed Aug 15, Messages 23, Reactions2, AlleybuxNo, that's why you pour steering wheel fluid on their paint job and keep it moving. Install the app.

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My partner cheated on me with the local weather girl.


Will my ex-partner who cheated on me get cheated in return?


One of the most degrading and trust damaging acts that can occur is being cheated on.