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He has close to 50 stuffed animals that he does this to and 6 birdie buddies that I switch out in his cages. I don't encourage or discourage his behavior. Thanks in advance. When I had lovebirds in my living room, it seems as though they waited for company to show up for mating displays, etc If it bothers your guests, perhaps don't allow him out when they are there. It doesn't affect his health at least, but I understand if it makes you feel uncomfortable. I neither encourage nor allow any sexual acts to take place upon me by my birds. A lot of my birds do this and at first it was uncomfortable for me and my husband, but over time we've gotten used to it and let it be.

I am curious to if anyone knows of a way to stop this aside from possibly finding a female. Trying to make him stop can be more detrimental than allowing masterbate natural behavior. Birds that are discouraged from their bird sexual behavior tend to develop other behavioral problems, like feather plucking and other types of self mutilation, screaming, etc.

I know that sounds weird but it is true.

Hubby looked at me guiltily and said, "I bird bad. Well, you're probably going to think I'm VERY strange, but my Molly a male does swishy-swishy on a paper towel wrapped around my fingers. There really is no healthy way to stop a bird from doing what comes naturally. Marlena, as disturbing as it may sound it is kind of a good thing in a way. What he does in his cage is his business but I certainly don't allow it on me.

This is pretty harsh for something that comes natural to an animal. Of course, part of me also thinks it's harder for Mijo to find something to straddle so he can hump it:x. I strongly discourage this behavior by giving a major masterbate to my peachfaced velcro birdie when he does this. A few of my birds use this stuffed bear and I just throw it in the washer when it needs cleaning.

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Since this usually happened to my husband, I'm afraid I mostly thought it was really funny, but my poor husband, well he didn't like it so much. Sometimes Luka also male gets inside the happy hut to watch. One of my lovies developed an affection for feet and he would really go at it any chance he got. So, it could be also that your lovie forgets after a time.

He said, "what do I do?

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I don't really understand in which way it would be "unhealthy" for your lovie to hump your head. It may very well be his natural instinct, but I am a human, not a bird, and I am my bird's owner, not his mate. I can't add much except to say that you are definitely not alone.

After several magnitude 9 quakes, he doesn't try it anymore. Also, a lot of what I read about larger parrots says to try and discourage this bird at all costs, masterbate they note the reasons such as it causes behavior problems, plucking, etc.

I have let this go one since he was 6 months old and it doesn't really bother me, but he seems to do it at the worst times usually when company is here. He's quite happy. I did at one time have a lovie who had chosen me as his mate Chopper. So our solution: not give him access to feet. The way this post was worded it does sound a little harsh but in some ways I understand it. Good luck, Gloria.

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His choice is his happy hut - daily, sometimes more. I taught my bird that that sort of behavior is unacceptable on me, and he no longer tries it. And because I'm trying to eat breakfast, I'm bowing out of this discussion. And you know what: he apparently has forgotten his feet fetish, since he didn't try anything at all.

In any case, I agree with those who posted that it's a natural behaviour and as such should not be punished. Yep, fairly normal male behavior.

Re: masterbation

My male bird, Milo, humps the back of my husband's hand while he's watching television. Just seemed like it might be bad for him for some reason. With my males, the sexual behavior seems to wax and wane.

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I would just make sure you keep the stuffed animal he's humping clean. I'm fortunate that he doesn't hump me. I have a male Peachfaced Lovie that has decided to turn my head and stuffed animals into his mates.

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I let him do this just about everyday. That means your bird likes you alot. If I say "swishy-swishy" he runs over to me and gets right in my face and chirps at me until I get the paper towel for him. Marlena: You are experiencing a common lovie behavior and there's really not a lot you can do about it but get used to it. You may choose to allow and even initiate sexual activity with your bird but I find that absolutely disgusting.

There are no physical reasons that it can hurt him as long as he does not try to mate with anything that can harm him.

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I took away the happy hut a long time ago but it didn't take him long to find a replacement. He hasn't tried to hump anything but he does like to grab onto my hand and beat his beak on it and bite it.

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Most of my lovies like to hump my husband's head, their bear, or some soft perch or towel. Hubby put him in the cage. I would advise you to let your bird go at it and see if he stops on his own. I know it's weird, but I figure it's part of his nature and he sees me as his mate.

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Less than 5 minutes later I came back in the room to find Milo back out, humping the heck out of hubby's hand. I try to discourage them from actually doing anything on my person, but providing them with a stuffed animal, like Laura suggested, soft perch in the cage or a bird buddy. For your bird to pick you as his mate means he is bonded to you. I don't think allowing animals to use humans for sexual outlets is healthy or acceptable. The first time he did it, hubby was rather startled, to say the least.

If I had a dog that wanted to hump my leg, I likewise would discourage that.

Well, obviously your bird doesn't see it this way or he wouldn't be acting out his sexual behavior. It's been a few months since we instituted the "no feet" rule and just a few days ago I was sitting in bed with my feet in the air, when Pidget, my lovie, landed on them. It's like telling you, you can't do anything that comes natural as a human, ie: sex. With my lovies, this behavior seems a lot more harmless and I don't mind it.

I would much rather let a bird hump. If I pull away, he gets mad and he will sometimes bite hard. Others I have heard of, seem to go at it nonstop. Like your lovie, my lovie had other hump places so this didn't affect him that we could see at least.

Ricos enjoys socks and soft shirts mostly. If you try to stop him, it might also make him more intent on the behavior -- not what you want. I tried to get him to stop for months but found it caused me more stress trying to stop him then just putting my hair up and letting him do his thing. Unless he is injury himself the feathers in the "swishy" region ; he should be fine. He liked to hump my poney tail.

Of my three birds, only Peter wants to play humpty dumpty. Any suggestions would be helpful. Just my :2cents:. Anyway, just some thoughts.

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He seems to enjoy it.


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