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Regular readers may already know how he would strip naked, walk into the arenas, and bash physically handicapped people in the head in front of a roaring crowd of Roman citizens. Once, while he was fighting animals in a gladiatorial arena, he threatened his senators with an ostrich head. Only one managed to survive: a boy named Sextus Condianus. He legitimately believed that he was a living god.

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The whole of Rome turned against him when the country went through a food shortage. He even brought it into dinner. When they came for Condianus, he filled his mouth with the blood of hare. Photo credit: Naughtynimitz. They were forced to sit there on the cold silver platter throughout the whole dining party, naked and coated in mustard, pretending to be food to amuse the emperor and his friends.

Cleander ran to Commodus for help, and for a while, Commodus let him hide in his castle. It made him a little sociopath. But when his favorite mistress in his harem, a woman named Marcia, told him to throw Cleander to the mob, Commodus listened to her. They left him for deadletting him sneak out and run off into the wilds. Then, because love only goes so far, he tried to kill her. And meanwhile, behind him, a headless ostrich was running around bumping into things. Afterward, though, Condianus had to lay low and stay in disguise, trying to avoid the bloodhounds Commodus had sent after him.

Even in his lifetime, it crippled the country. Mark Oliver is a regular contributor to Listverse.

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More Great Lists. They could get away with things modern leaders can only dream of—and it gave them some crazy ideas. When the creators of the movie Gladiator cast him as their villain, they actually had to tone the facts down a little. It worked.

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He even changed the language to force people to praise him. Every time he showed up in the gladiatorial arena, Commodus charged the state a million sesterces for his appearance. Once, he served two disabled men at a banquet. Jamie founded Listverse due to an insatiable desire to share fascinating, obscure, and bizarre facts. But Commodus was unique. He was brutal, even by the standards of men who beat each other to death for the amusement of an audience.

Emperor Commodus, though, is the exception to the rule. Usually, anyway. The men were alive, put on the table as nothing more than a centerpiece meant to amuse his guests.

18 reasons why commodus was rome’s known depraved emperor

Hungry for blood, he would have the gladiators tied together and force them to fight until one was dead—or else they would never be freed. Marcia, working with others who wanted him dead, poisoned Commodus, but he vomited the poison up. Who's Behind Listverse? After his years of service, he had his friend killed. Photo credit: Edwin Howland Blashfield.

Gladiator: just how bad an emperor was commodus?

He had a massive statue erected outside of the Senate house. He was the only emperor born while his father ruled Romewhich meant that he started going mad with power from the first moments of his life. He sent his men out to kill the entire family and very nearly wiped their whole line from history. He was also going to announce it at a gladiatorial arena, dressed like a gladiator and flanked by gladiators.

His website is regularly updated with everything he writes.

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Desperate to keep fiction more fantastic than life, filmmakers have to take all the complexity out and turn them into mad, cartoonish caricatures of real human beings. Photo credit: Sailko. Commodus had some weird fixations. They were just wealthy and respected, and as far Commodus was concerned, that meant it was just a matter of time before the people started calling for them to rule Rome.

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Photo credit: Wikimedia. His teachers just had to stand by, watch, and even help him do it. Marcia begged him not to do it, believing he was about to ruin an entire country, so he sent out an order to have the love of his life murdered.

Photo credit: Marie-Lan Nguyen. He had the head of the Colossus chopped off and replaced with his own likeness and even pressured the Senate to officially declare him a living god. He conducted experiments, too.

10 insane facts about emperor commodus left out of “gladiator”

When he became emperor, he gave all of his duties to a man named Perennis—and then put himself in charge of the living-like-a-king part. In Roman times, devaluing currency was a much more literal process than it is today. All. The invitation meant almost certain death; no one would dare beat him, and when he won, he would show no mercy. He would force gladiators to come to his home and practice with him. Commodus actually lowered the amount of gold and silver in Roman coins, which made each coin lighter and literally less valuable.

Commodus's affection or intimacy with lucius

Commodus was planning on declaring himself the sole supreme dictator of Rome. It was in his own likeness, showing him as an archer, with an arrow pointed directly at the building. Mark Oliver Mark Oliver is a regular contributor to Listverse. He has been a guest speaker on numerous national radio and television stations and is a five time published author.

For most of his rule, he just put somebody else in charge. Photo credit: HBO. Photo credit: Wellcome Trust. He treated her like a wife, took her advice, and respected her more than any other person on Earth—until she disagreed with him, at least. The person in charge of grain, a man named Papirius Dionysius, blamed it on Cleander to save his own head, and pretty soon, there was an angry mob out to kill Cleander. : Wordpress.

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While cleaning off the vomit in the bath, a wrestler named Narcissus was sent in to strangle him to death. Because the things the real Emperor Commodus did were so completely insane that nobody would have believed them. The lucky left his home with missing noses and limbs, and the unlucky never left alive.

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Commodus is the deranged son of Aurellus and brother of Lucilla.