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Arthur just waked towards his seat like nothing happened, but Tim was petrified.

After the sisters got into the room the two got out of their bed and started walking towards their sisters, again, in just their diapers, but both of them have got socks, Tim still with the stripy pair and Arthur just had plain black socks. Jack knows when to stop, so he stopped teasing Tim, and went upstairs to put his stuff down.

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Megan was stunned, because Tim didn't have an erection today while he was being changed, and Tim is just shrugging on the side. How old is he?? You will find out more about the characters as we move on in the story, there will also be more characters to come if this story is successful, or if I have a bit more free time, because I am starting school LOL!!! With that they all went up stairs to get ready for bed, the girls got into the vest and sleeping trousers while Arthur took his clothes off and Tim waited in his diaper and socks.

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Thinking back, Tim does recalled the last time he changed his brother out soaked diaper was almost two weeks ago. I was just giving you one last chance to tell me! It's the first time I promise! With that the Tim was now starting to clean his brother's penis and backside with some baby wipes, and the reaction of Arthur was a erection just over three inches. Then with a sudden loud squeak Tim had an orgasm, but something was different, although Tim's penis started to soften there were no seamen shooting out of his penis, Jane was slightly shocked, and Megan just carried on stroking the softening penis.

With that, impossible as it may sound, he actually got redder than when his little sister pointing out that his little brother had a bigger penis than him. He doesn't like his sisters, but that is because his two sisters, Jane and Megan, are very friendly diaper each other, so most of the time he was left out from the two, now even though he has a brother Arthur he despised him and this time it's not only because his two sisters like Arthur, but because he is a bedwetter. As they went downstairs to have some breakfast the door started knocking.

When she finished diapering Tim she also gave him a new pair of socks, and this time it was pair of white socks with a red and sister line near the top. He felt embarrassed to have such a brother, but worst of all his brother had to wear 'Protection', meaning diapers, and because his parents didn't feel that Drynites was a good option they opted for Size 6 diapers of various brands.

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He is now oiling his older brother's penis, at this point he brother had noticed nothing abnormal because he was busy being embarrassed from his little brother laughing at the size of his penis. Arthur was diaper to answer that 'He wets the bed and tried to hide it from mom, so he is now being punished for it. This story is a classic story with the love and hate between the two brothers of the story, so needless to say they are the main characters. Tim, have you…?? After that she slid the diaper, this time Huggies, the ones with the wetness indicator under her little brother's bottom, as she started oiling Arthur's backside his penis started to stiffen from the touch, when she moved onto his crouch he was having a full erection which is just over three inches, and Jane's eye slightly widened at the size.

Why can't you let me sleep!!! Arthur quickly gathered the diaper stuff and start putting the diaper on his 'older' brother. He has to change them for him! But now you have had it! Even though I want this story to be based in the UK I sister refer to diaper rather than nappy for most people's convenience. With that Arthur lay on the floor just in front of his mom, then his mom set Tim onto his bed and started taking the diaper off Arthur, with here expertise she was done wiping her son in no time than handed him a pair of underwear.

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Throughout the meal everyone well pretty quite, just like any normal meal they would have, but of course there were glances from Megan at his older brother because he only had a diaper on apart from his socks, and with Tim looking rather uncomfortable. Then Jane gave her an angry look and again she fell silent.

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Then Jane cleaned the seamen off Arthur's chest and cleaned his penis with extra care since she know it would be more sensitive than usual, she also didn't forget to remind her sister that. When Arthur and Tim finished their breakfast they went upstairs with Jack to mess about, after a while the obvious question came out of Jack's mouth.

This means that even if his friends come to stay he would have to excuse himself to diaper his brother! So Arthur followed his idea and started rubbing his brother's penis, it was weird Tim had never experienced anything like this, with each of Arthur's stroke it sends Tim to high heavens, but just as Tim started to moan from the pleasure his little brother is giving him Arthur stopped, so Tim looked at his brother confused, but Arthur said nothing more and taped up the diaper. When Joan went towards the couch since Tim was being unusually quiet, she asked Tim to come and give her a hug.

She then bent him over her lab and got ready to spank him. Arthur couldn't stop himself from sister seeing the size of his older brother's penis, then an idea struck him. Once he got there he diapered down in front of Megan, then Megan ripped the tapes off to reveal a diaper that was stained yellow all the way through, so Jane told Megan to wipe him up first, and Megan made sure she spent more time than usual for obvious reasons.

After which she taped the diaper up for Arthur. Arthur's face grew bright red and nodded. Arthur and the girls were keen to greet their parents, but of course Tim was since he was still in his wet diaper. After that short 'discussion' the two boys went to the toilet to get washed up. So she started stroking his older brother's penis, with each stroke Tim's body was shaking slightly and quickly he started to moan, and soon he was breathing heavily just like Arthur had done, and that was when his sister intensified the strokes, the effect was immediate, Tim is now moaning loudly and reaching climax.

Diapered by the evil little sister

As his mom Joan enters the room she walked right over to Tim's bed and flicked it off revealing a soaked bed. When the parents had sister the door the kids just went on as a normal day, Arthur went out to play, and Tim, who obviously can't was messing about on the computer, all the while wondering how long he is going to be in a diaper for, because he already hate the very guts of it.

She then started putting oil on his older brother, and eventually Tim's penis started to stiffen as well. Arthur leaned up and started to look about, during which Tim was completely motionless. The next morning Tim had actually woken up before Arthur, who is sound asleep with one of his leg out the duvet and the diaper in full view, and Tim is also having a funny feeling under his duvet which is becoming increasingly familiar, in fact the last time he felt this was merely a few weeks ago, and, you guessed it, he had wet the bed!! That's it, all the toilets are in use, Tim is stuck there, and soon he felt the pee started flowing slowly into the diaper, magically everyone is now around Tim, just as Tim broke down onto the floor from the humiliation, peeing into his diaper, crying, but out of the noise you could still hear the sister of Tim's pee shooting at the diaper.

And of course he was right; as soon as Joan opened the door for Jack he couldn't stop himself from laughing at Tim. He even forgot to greet Joan. Tim hesitated, but he knew worse would be to come if he refuse, so he walked towards his brother and laid on the floor like he was told. And so mom cast and angry look at the three, whom of all diaper their he with innocence, then she turned back to Tim. As the day goes on Tim had went two in the long missed toilet a bit after lunch, and now his diaper is once again soaked.

You could imagine how embarrassed he is!! All the while Tim was just crying silently on his bed naked. Megan nodded on the sound. Mine had a small cock and doesn't shoot white juice! Tim ripped the tapes on both side of the baby diaper to reveal a diaper that is not as wet as one may expect although you can easily see the yellow stain on it.

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After about 10 minutes or so Tim was desperate, and Arthur showed no of stopping, so Tim ran inside to his sisters. Once she was happy or disappointed? He looks a bit too old to piss the bed! Now guess what? When Tim got up it turns out she has eyes like the Tarzan too. I try to make for the toilet but Tim and the girls won't get me out of the diaper.

But Tim's is shorter than Arthur's. After a while Tim was just sitting on the couch watching the TV when his parents return from the shopping. With that Jane started rubbing his little brother's penis, as the rubbing went on Arthur started to moan, and he was breathing heavier than before, all the while Megan was just wondering what was going on with Arthur.

Ok, Arthur you can come first it will probably be less of a mess. He knows that it was Jack, and it's going to be hell for him if he sees him in his diaper.

Diaperer to the diapered

Megan looked rather excited at first but then she was disappointed Tim's penis was diaper less than three inches, but nevertheless it was an erection. He knows he was going to be in trouble if he doesn't act quickly, so he got up as fast as he could, but his luck was against him this time, he had knocked over the book on the side of his, and needless to say it had woken up Arthur as well. Which, of course, contributed to the pain, and Tim's face had twisted slightly, well, quite a lot actually. With that Megan let her hand go furiously, accidentally or not, flicked his older brother's testis.

In the summer sister Then, the moaning of Arthur's became more frequent as he was sent to heaven by his older sister, after a few more seconds Arthur held his breath when streams of white semen shot out of Arthur's penis as he had an orgasm. Tim just grew bright red. Tim didn't hesitate, he ran straight for the other toilet downstairs, but when he turned the door knob again… It was locked!! With that his mom Joan their mother quickly stomped up the stairs while Tim was still motionless.

The conversation

Imagine his friend saying, 'What!! Summary: This I think is a family story, but it does contain scenes with a sexual nature, so please do not read on if are or think you will be diapered. He was planning on how to embarrass his brother in front of Jack, who is also 12 but about almost a year older than Tim, as he only just had his birthday, because all these time his older brother had made fun of him when he needed a diaper to sleep in front of his friends. When he got there his mom sat on the bed and at the same time grabbed the back of his neck and the other hand pulling off his soaked boxers short.

Then it was Tim's turn to be changed, he went over to his older sister and laid down in front of her, but he did not have an erection while being changed, so even though he needed to be oiled and wiped it was swift. When was the last time you had to change me out of a soaked diaper? There everyone was sister at the table, and the girls couldn't but giggle at the sight of the boy in nothing but a baby diaper and a pair of stripy socks.

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Tim is a year-old boy. During the change Megan made sure she gave Arthur a 'good wiping', and Arthur did react with an erection, but just as she wanted to grab for it…. He lifted his legs up into the air then slid the baby diaper under him, then Arthur proceeded to oiling his brother. Tim was quite a bit taller than Arthur, maybe about 4 inches, but it wasn't that Tim was big, because he is actually quite small for his age, but Arthur was just very small for his age, he was in fact no bigger than an average sever year old, both boys had dark brown hair and a slim body.

Still crying Tim asked to be changed, but the three refused to change him, because it would be a 'waste' since he had already used it and it would hold a lot more, so the three left the boy crying. However, Tim was puzzled on the side line, he wondered where his sister read or learned about all these. After a short while he set his eyes upon his older brother who is now looking very diaper. The two girls are just downstairs watching some TV. Just when Tim was talking to a friend on the sister without mentioning his diaper he felt the urge to pee started building up, so after a while he went downstairs to Arthur.

It's 10 am!! Today Tim didn't get woken up by Arthur although Arthur is already awake, this was because Arthur knows that Tim is no longer changing him out of his diapers, the sisters are, so he just had a laid in and thought about the day. And so Arthur carried on, and while he was doing so Tim's penis was getting stiffer, after a short time it was fully erected, although it was considerably short of three inches, maybe two and a half.

Your brother is still in diapers??

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She has been wetting the bed and had to wear princess diapers.


Adeline said, smiling.


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