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Diagnosis murder fanfic

He brooded the entire way to the hospital, how was he going to tell Amanda, he let her son be kidnapped? Once the steering column was off his legs, he felt the pain surge through them as feeling returned. Chapter 4 5. J" replied Steve becoming agitated.

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His gurney was met by his dad, Dr. Mark Sloan and his best friend Jesse Traven. Things had been going so well lately.

Diagnosis murder fanfic

Steve, never the best patient was finally splinted and loaded into an ambulance. He knew there was something else he should remember, but the pounding in his head prevented this. The next thing he knew; he was waking up in a hospital room with Amanda standing over him with tears in her eyes. Chapter 1 2.

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Chapter 3 4. Soon there were two paragmedics trying to free him.

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His next return to consciousness was when he heard sirens. It was then he remembered C. Officer McDonald, "C.

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His head pounded, vision was blurred; he realized his car was wrapped around a tree. Looks like this is more than a traffic accident, looks like we have a kidnapping on our hands.

Steve awakes after a car accident to realize C. What do you remember? Chapter 2 3. TV Shows Diagnosis Murder.

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Diagnosis murder

His attention was drawn to the backseat, as someone in a ski mask reached in and unbuckled C. Steve reached for his seatbelt, but realized his right arm was broken as pain shot up it. He vaguely heard parts of conversations, Will need to cut him out,his legs are trapped… "Hey, I think it's Detective Sloan", he recognized some of the voices. Steve awoke with a start, as he heard the shattering of a windshield to the passenger backseat. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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Jesse give him something to calm him down. That's his girlfriend's boy.

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Welcome to the Diagnosis Murder fanfiction .


Jesse helps Steve deal with Carol's death.


Mark Sloan was saying as Steve entered the office.


Steve couldn't sleep.