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What does a priest, a cowboy, and a medieval squire all have in common? Dean Winchester!


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For a tough guy like Dean, the flannel also seems too casual. This look would suit a guy in his earlys, not a man who was in his lates by this point.

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Darker colors have always suited the Winchester brothers. This is because this looks makes up one of the many reasons why Dean is such a cool character.

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When it comes to dressing sense, the angels have had some wins and some misses. Dean took it to another level by wearing this brown jacket, making it three articles of clothing.

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Apart from freelance writing, Saim is a lifestyle blogger, co-owning the blog 3 States Apart. Unfortunately, Dean looked way too much like a geek for this crossover to seem cool.

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Despite the look being out of style about years ago, Dean certainly brought it back and then some. Making it better was his choice of rolling the sleeves up, as they had the effect of going with his cleaner, combed hairdo. Alternate Michael may have been a bad dude, but the guy certainly knew how to make Dean look like a million bucks.

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Rather than keep it simple like Sam, he opted for the full wannabe cowboy appearance that is just laughable. He also got much burlier later in life and the flannel is better suited to the younger Dean who was far leaner. With fifteen years worth of seasons from Supernaturalthere were bound to be some hits and misses.

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As part of his first act of using Dean as a vessel, Michael got him clad in a s suit. Dean himself had worn a tuxedo once before and looked superb both times. Not to mention wearing a tie in a buttoned-up shirt and this was setting up Dean to be a total nerd both in his attitude and appearance.

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Plus, points go to Dean for carrying himself like a man on a mission. By Saim Cheeda Published Oct 11, Share Share Tweet 0. The shirt in the inner layer might have clashed had it been a lighter color, so kudos to Dean for opting for a black one.

It goes without saying that Dean is responsible for all of the funniest episodes in the series.

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Jensen Ackles played the Red Hood and Supernatural fans got to see Dean interact with a figurine of the character. The history of Supernatural is filled with memes dedicated to it. Related Topics Lists supernatural. This jacket was well complemented by the contrasting shirts underneath. Easily making things worse are his socks pulled up all the to his knees, which has the effect of bringing focus on those very red shorts. After all, it made him look a total badass, what with Dean also holding the weapon that was going to kill Dick Roman.

Demon Dean might have done a lot of bad things but he was an ace in appearance.

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The problem was wearing a half-sleeved shirt which never looks good on anyone.

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Dean Winchester b.


Dean Winchester : You know what I think Mom would say?


Almond milk tends to curdle sometimes unless you shake the Official Dean Winchester The Scream Shirt and I will buy this shit out of it to redistribute the small bits or put it in the cup first.


This required further investigation.