stunner asian Rose
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  • My age:
  • 26
  • Nationality:
  • I'm from Latvia
  • Orientation:
  • Hetero
  • Iris color:
  • Misty hazel eyes
  • My sex:
  • Lady
  • My hair:
  • Silvery
  • I know:
  • Russian
  • My Zodiac sign:
  • Pisces
  • Figure type:
  • My figure type is thin
  • I prefer to drink:
  • Whisky


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William criticizes space tourism.

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Lindy says:. You know, I think his wife figured that most men in Hollywood cheat and that at least he went to therapy with her.

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This guy is such a doucebag! They met at the Playboy Mansion on Valentines Day. Did either of them think that they would be the Cosbys? David Boreanaz clearly believes in the power of positive thinking.

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You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. It must suck for her to go through it publicly and be judged. Surely there were more than those three women. What a joke! And, like Jesse, we inevitably heard of a sexual harassment lawsuit and a stripper that Boreanaz had banged. Prefer Booth than David!

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S says:. Jules says:. Kim says:. Latest Comments. I just want to be open and honest… I was associated with a woman who I was involved with and had a relationship with. Now I just want him to shut the hell up and look pretty on tv while I attempt to forget what a douchecanoe he is in reality. Iggles says:.

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All the BS he keeps spewing about marriage just makes him sound more douchey. Jezi says:. January 12, at pm. Capybaras eat a pumpkin. Celebitchy says:. Hautie says:. She loves him and at least he said I was an asshole and maybe he actually meant it. Timothee Chalamet covers Time. January 1, at pm. Except: keep it zipped!

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The 42 year-old actor spoke to TV Week about his cheating, and he spewed a bunch of crap that made it sound like sending dick pics to random women ended up helping his marriage. I just hope he learned his lesson and treats her better going forward. October 11, at am. I shagged a few ugly hookers! I felt as though I was being blackmailed or there was some sort of extortion.

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October 10, at pm. Becky says:. Facts about Midnight Mass on Netflix. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:. The best she can hope for is that he will be discreet and wear a condom.

Facts about midnight mass on netflix

She is a playboy centerfold who has been in playboy films. Kit says:. Yeah im sure she is really happy to have bonded over his serial cheating. Open top menu Advertise Writers Contact. It sounds like this ass went to therapy with his wife and learned to talk around the fact that he was picking up any chick that would have him and that he was trolling for strange at workand at strip clubs. This is his second marriage, and there were rumors about him cheating to end the first one too, so his wife must have known what she was getting into.

Hautie — he did pay off Allred for the chick he sexually harassed though. DM critiques Ethic's investments. Ugh, I used to love him, too. I Choose Me says:.

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Kushkins says:. He probably still have some of his game left, if he had.

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That was in response to the news that Tiger mistress Rachel Uchitel was about to go to the press with details and text messages revealing an affair with him. DreamyK says:. What a load of crap. Um, yeh. Nikki Girl says:. What a complete and utter sleazeball. Hey, it worked for Kobe Bryant!

That took care of five of the six youths, that left only two others.

He got caught plain and simple. Jake Gyllenhaal is cool about Brokeback. Look at his hair! I have a hard time believing his wife is a victim of any kind, naive or not, especially after the first time he was caught. Millicent Simmonds to play Helen Keller. Violet says:. Another day, another douche.

Rachael says:. My memories of Angel are crushed! Well, that 20k bracelet he gave her as a make-up present seems to do the trick. October 10, at am. The Cambridges upstaged the Sussexes? Pervy Douchebag! So sacred you banged, groped and paid off a bunch of skanks. He hit on me right in front of his wife and she gave me the stink eye! Did Ioan Gruffudd ghost his ex? She asked for money.

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The Bones star has settled a sexual-harassment lawsuit brought by an actress who claimed he forced himself on her while she worked as an extra on the show in


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Here you go!