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  • Years old:
  • I'm 29 years old
  • Where am I from:
  • Kenyan
  • My orientation:
  • I like guy
  • Color of my eyes:
  • Misty brown
  • What is my figure type:
  • My figure type is quite plump
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  • Easy listening
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  • I like riding a horse


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And I kinda ran with it hard! Read the warnings!! He woke up alone in a bean bag chair, covered in come. David eyes burst open at the feel of her tongue on his lower stomach, beginning to lick upwards, following the trail her hands had just left. David is so tired the next night.

There are chills all over him as he rubs his back over the contrasting textures of his wood floor and the silky, white rug he was half laying on near the foot of his bed. If the vlog squad was a ten on the scales when it comes to madness and nights only remembered from the phone videos, you and your friends were a hundred.

He feels a hand come to rest on his chest eventually, weight dipping beside him on the chair and it soothes his head. It makes him reach out and run his thumbs over her lip and hook behind her teeth, it also makes her snap her eyes close and writhe a couple times. David x Reader : Masterlist.

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I hope you like it. His gaze is so clouded with want as it bores into her.

Best vlog squad smut/imagines

There is fire inside him, burning him alive. Matt had some ecstasy, and they were making fun of his early s drug choice when Molly was so readily available in Hollywood, not to mention in this house. The internet gossiped about how he liked girls that were more famous than him, Liza must have given him a complex. He is being drug out to some U. Weekly party for… something.

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Can I use this plssssss? They say David Dobrik has a type. The one she had ripped off him the night before.

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Maybe not the booze or drugs At least not on the regular, I mean shit, who was he, Zane? Most people are passed out or left to continue the fun else where.

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His gut seizes and begins to flutter along side his legs. And god, is he fucking torn. Comforting Natalie after a breakup Kinda David x Natalie fluff. The pleasure she brings is all-consuming and blissful, but also a tease of what he could be feeling. Her palms brush his nipples, causing him to gasp a soft ahand then her fingers wrap around both sides of his throat. He stares at her blankly, looking for guidance, his lower body weighing down on top of her. He wants to come, so badly. His death grip of the duvet under him pulls the cover up and he falls back into the bed. David taking you home to Chicago David x Reader.

David was so curious in his drunken state, he just kept asking question after question. From how he gulps down the pill to the way he downs a fourth shot with your drummer, you feel a need to take him apart. Enjoy, little doves. The single friends are fucking strangers in different rooms or causing chaos in the open space of the house, and the couples are wrapped in each other like no one else exists.

Friends with benefits - david dobrik

The cold glass on his skin is an amazing contrast to the warmth of the girl sucking and biting his neck and chest. He leans back and drops his eyes shut.

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Closing his eyes and letting her work him over, David staves away the tightness in his stomach. Summary : rockstar, rich, bad influence! She had dragged him out here after he was a couple shots deep, laying him on the ground and ruining all make outs for him forever. She speeds up her long, deep strokes, mewling against his skin. And the resulting cry from the girl on top of him is so infatuating he does it again and again, lost in it.

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Break up angst David x Reader — Part Two. Send me requests here, smut or fluff! She winks at him, points to her outfit and continues the conversation she was having with the reporter. She pulls off her thread bare cotton crop top, leaving her in only a bralette and black skinny lizas that scrape against his hips so perfectly.

Her torso is pressed back against the glass, sinful fucking hips rolling against his. Drugs are free flowing, the booze is close to being gone and his friends are dispersed around his house, all completely fucked up. A boy who drew fame and money to him with paintball guns, flamethrowers and recorded drunken nights out. She runs her hands from the waist band of his pants upwards, the fanfiction makes David whimper and shake his head from side to dirty, not enough but so good. Her presence alights a longing in him that nobody else had before; not Jason giving him shit for his lack of experience on the podcast, not Toddy shaking his head at him for not knowing something obvious about drugs or partying and damn well not Liza with her tales of dabbling in the things David only records.

You thought your life was crazy and filled with luck, until you met David. He thinks he could come from just this, if he really concentrated. And is blurred in his vision until he davids her soft, warm body, carding his arms through hers and wrapping around her. It was heavyly inspired by this song below! All of Jacks clients were going to be there and blah, blah, blah. Originally posted by vlog-thesquad.

I like this one aggaha

His publicist dressed him, Jack and Natalie were going with to make sure he talked to enough people and David wanted In-N-Out and sleep. He wiggles his head in her lap, begging for more. He had no energy to listen to the semantics of this bullshit night. His lips go immediately for hers, tongue sinking into her mouth with no hesitation.

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He thinks he really means that as he falls over, her body coming with him. Originally posted by s0mewhereweaknessis0urstrength.

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Her deft hands move to push and pull the material down and off his legs, with only a little help from the man. Hate comments and breakups David x Natalie, friend fluff. She runs her hands up and down his arms, relishing in the noises she brings out of the man. Living in the realm of vlogging, this was a rare occasion when all cameras were thrown to the wayside.

Every nerve ending is vibrating, wave after wave of ecstasy roll over him. Everyone is in their own world, high and floating, and his world is on the grass in his backyard, waiting patiently on her knees for an answer from his sitting form. She pours the carbonated booze in, spilling around the sides of his mouth. David wants to crawl inside her and never leave.

Stressed Natalie David x Natalie fluff.

Ing off — masterlist

The had left a conversation with Zane, Matt and a couple techies that worked with her band. But, the image of her mouth devouring him stirs a monster inside that wants only that for the rest of time. When her hands comb through his hair and begin to softly knead his scalp, David swallows the liquid and lets out these tiny whimpers, eyes falling shut.

And yeah, he wants that. Warnings : heavy drinking, drug use, smut, oral sex, sex, idealization of drug use drugs are bad, srs, this is fictionsmut again. Grammys after party and unrequited feelings ft.

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He almost instantly forgets the discomfort of being sick when she angles his body towards him, showing the oversized red hoodie dress she was wearing and only wearing, with thigh high black Louboutins and a black velvet choker, fuck him sideways was a ature Clickbait hoodie. Your answering laugh might sound mischievous, but your intent is soo much more wicked than he realizes when you tell him to take you to his bedroom.

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My mind palace feels cleaner already. And you would totally flirt with Toddy to piss David off after he does something stupid. David flushes when Tana snaps her head back from looking at the rockstar and says. Twitching on the bed, David wants to curse this woman, throw her out of his house. But, apparently this was important. Ilya David x Natalie. Vacation with David David x Reader.

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Omg anon I wanna co write something with you so bad rn! Then, causing his brain to short circuit, she stands and begins peeling her too tight jeans from her legs, exposing a pair of black lace boy shorts that match her bralette. I have the best anons. He is so wrapped under her spell, dropping his jaw and looking up at her with wonder.

Ing off — masterlist

The touch makes his entire body shudder. He brackets her body with arms on either side of her head, grinding his hips down against her, panting out roughly. His hands almost feel wrong on her in this moment, he feels like he should be sitting back and watching her take what she wants while he brims on the edge of losing his mind. He also said something about YouTube, but whatever all exposure is good exposure at this point in your career.

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Requested: coffeecentralperk said One when Jonah hurts reader really bad physically and squad is pissed off?


Originally posted by vlogsquadfanatic.


Instant Halloween costumes.


She has been nothing but the sweetest girl on the fucking planet and deserves so much more credit for her writing skills than she gets.