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This is not all that popular of a kink in existing Dramione fic, for whatever reason. I did find these stories:.


The chanbaek library!

Falling by fireofangels, 2 k, mature. Sherlock buys John a special new outfit for their favourite game. Sherlock has told John about one of his biggest fantasies — that John is rich, likes to be called Daddy, and has hired Sherlock to be all his for the night. Heya nonny, perhaps something here is new for you!


Sherlock is being punished for being a whore and meets Sugar Daddy John along the way. Now Playing Tracks. Sex ensues. Locked to AO3. The only thing that gets Sherlock really turned on is pretending his lover is related to him, and ificantly older.

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Victorian ACD. A Little Fantasy by Sexxica, 2 k, explicit. Originally posted by psychedelichoe. His little prince needs to be ruled, and he needs somebody strong enough to take care of him. After too many days of not enough time alone together, Sherlock needs some love from his Daddy.

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Daddy Sherlock series by Sexxica, 2 works, explicit. Sherlock has been a brat all day. John Watson has moved back to Baker Street. Bespoke by consultingbluebell, 5 k, explicit.

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John knows exactly what he needs. My Sweet Sherlock by identity, 3 k, teen.

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An evening in alone with his best friend gives Sherlock a chance to tell John something very personal. John is a little put off by the idea at first, but then really, really gets into it and together they discover a whole set of new twists on the concept.

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Sherlock is not at all happy about having to wear a suit for an upcoming party, but he might just change his mind when he meets successful and talented tailor John Watson. The Punishement by MissLee, 3 k, explicit.

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Sherlock has a bad day, and John knows just the role that makes him feel better. Anonymous asked: Some new Daddy kink fic's?

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Little does Sherlock know that John is more than willing to make it a reality. Disguises are part of the package when you work as detectives, there was nothing new about that but one day Sherlock goes undercover with his best friend and they discover more than the answer to the crime.

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Sometimes Sherlock needs his Daddy to make his past all right. Confessions to a Coquelicot Cushion by okapi, 24 k, explicit.

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Warnings: age gap reader is around 25; John 45 dirty talk, smut, unprotected sex, rough sex, sexting, daddy!


Where Did His Eyebrows Go?