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  • 43
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  • I'm romanian
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  • Roller-skating
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Top searched words Words A-Z. Cuckoldry in a sentence The word "cuckoldry" in a example sentences.


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The definition of a cuckold is a man who has been cheated on by his wife or ificant other. Appears in Middle English in noun form circa as cokewald.

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Also Mentioned In. Words near cuckold in the Dictionary. To make a cuckold of someone by being unfaithfulor by seducing his wife. A man whose wife has committed adultery.

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The cowfishAcanthostracion quadricornis and allied species. Origin of cuckold.

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First known use of the verb form is Related articles. A West Indian plectognath fishRhinesomus. When you have a romantic affair with another man's wife, this is an example of a time when you cuckold the man. All rights reserved.

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To cuckold is defined as to engage in an affair with someone's wife, or to have an affair on your husband. A man whose wife is unfaithful.

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Words form: cuckolded cuckolding cuckolds. When you have a romantic affair that your husband does not know about, this is an example of a time when you cuckold your husband. A man whose wife has cheated on him is an example of a cuckold. To make a cuckold of.

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Filters 0. A man married to an unfaithful wifeespecially when he is unaware or unaccepting of the fact.

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See word origin.

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Cuckold is an insulting term for a husband whose spouse has had a sexual affair.


Definition of Cuckold.


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