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  • Age:
  • 47
  • What is my nationaly:
  • Ethiopian
  • Service for:
  • Man
  • Tone of my iris:
  • Lively gray-blue eyes
  • What is the color of my hair:
  • Black
  • Figure type:
  • I'm quite overweight
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  • Absinthe
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  • In my spare time I love listening to music


The beat was pounding in the dark, smoky light at the club as I watched my wife dance with her new acquaintance. But I knew better. And sure, I may have this Inner Wimp that sort of craves all this. She intertwined her hands behind his head as the beat intensified, surprising him as he looked over at me, briefly.


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Then she started begging. But once more he said the wrong thing…. A few days later they were sharing a lunch together, the incident mostly forgotten. She looked at her husband in utter astonishment.

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Instantly she slid away from him in dismay. Bloody hell, she wanted him to take her any way he wanted. The impromptu sex boycott was still in effect. Amelia writhed and moaned as she struggled to take his cock back out. But it also made her uncomfortable just thinking about it. Amelia was in a good mood. Amelia cuddled closer to her husband James as they watched. Amelia was so upset with her husband that she temporarily cut off all sex from him. Her panties were thoroughly soaked. I keep imagining how you would react as another man or a couple of men were pleasuring you.

Will you just stop already? Two weeks went by.

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Was he insane? She was going through serious withdrawal! Amelia was shocked. She finally wrapped her arms around him and started to cuddle.

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It had been such a long time. James had gotten time off from work to eat with his beloved bride. Then he went back to finishing his part of the meal before paying the bill. Then he pulled his bride into his lap. He went back to rubbing her crotch again. She was beginning to miss feeling him inside her. They were sitting on the sofa together watching a movie while their daughter was in bed. Are you serious? He pushed her off the sofa and bent her over the end of it. The more he pushed her, the more she found herself thinking about it.

She really wanted to taste him. But what she wanted most was to feel him deep inside her womanhood. Why was it making her feel this way?

Real cuckold stories posted by real cuckolds. cuckold stories about hotwives, bulls and their cuckhold hubbies!

She moaned as he slipped a hand under her bra and groped her breasts. She stared at him in utter disbelief as she dropped her fork. She was wet with desire. What the hell was wrong with him?? So I was wondering if another man could possibly have the same effect on you.

A steamy love scene was introduced. She did not object in the slightest. Her suspicions were immediately aroused.

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One night they found themselves alone on the sofa watching another movie while their daughter was spending the night with her sister Dottie. Are you seeing someone behind my back? A hand went down to her crotch and rubbed her. Amelia began getting all hot and bothered. In fact I was kind of wondering what it would be like to see you take on two men at the same time. She really wanted to make love to her husband.

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I think I just lost my appetite! Just for that you can sleep right here in the bloody living room! Take me any way you want! She unzipped his fly and got his cock out. Amelia could feel herself giving in.

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Then he began fingering her. It was difficult staying angry with him. The scene had made her horny.

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Then he paused for a long moment as though deep in thought. He reached down and moved her panties aside.

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A week went by with no mention of his crazy fantasy. Or was he having an affair at work and starting to feel guilty about it? She found the idea disturbing, yet strangely arousing. Then he pressed his cock against her wet opening. He stopped her before taking a long look at her. But Amelia was starting to wear down. Yet the more she thought about it, the more it was cuckold to appeal to her. There was another love scene in the program they were watching. He noticed several eyes on him as the argument had attracted some attention. There was some room between them as she was still trying to be angry with him.

What the hell was making him think that?? Picturing James watching her while another man was fucking her made her blush. He lifted up the hem of her club and pulled her stories aside. One night they found themselves sitting on the sofa watching another movie. Why was he still going on about that?? It really had been a long time.

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Amelia eagerly slobbered all over it, the television program having long since been forgotten. She wanted to have sex with her husband in the worst way. He thrust his fingers up into her pussy. Was it wrong to feel aroused thinking about it?

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It was disturbing the way it made her feel strangely excited whenever he brought it up. He lifted up the hem of her dress and rubbed her panties. How dare he ask her to fuck another man, much less two of them? So he decided to try again.

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She shivered with desire; she wanted him so badly. He always knew just how to please her. It was hard and eager for her. Make love to me. She yearned to feel him taking her, yearned to feel his cock deep inside her. It had been much too long.

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