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And, let me tell you, seeing the Heffernan house in person was extremely exciting, especially considering the long road that got us there! So, in essence, footage originally shot for, oh say, a car commercial, may wind up being used regularly on a hit television series almost a decade later.

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This was my all time favorite sitcom! I would suggest taking a bus there instead, as it is the much cheaper option. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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So, leaving Manhattan to head to an entirely different state was quite the stalking endeavor for me! Not kidding!

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Using stock images ends up to be much cheaper for a production than actually sending a crew out to shoot establishing shots of each different locale needed for a particular show or movie. I grew up in Ridgefield which is the town below Cliffside Park.

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In all of my many trips to the Big Apple, I have only actually been off the island once and even then I only ventured as far as Brooklyn. Unfortunately, they all came back with the exact same answer — they had absolutely no idea where the Heffernan house was located.

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He said that the establishing shots of The King of Queens house which were used throughout the series nine year run had been found in the Columbia Television now Sony Stock Footage Library shortly before the pilot first aired. One of the crew members did remember one pertinent piece of information, though.

Footage that has actually been used in a specific production can also very well wind up in a stock footage library. Not kidding!!!! I knew that house very well having passed it walking to my piano lessons. Employing a bit of internet savvy, Owen somehow managed to track down one of the crewmembers listed and sent him an asking if he remembered the location of the Heffernan house.

The king of queens - full cast & crew

Owen certainly had his work cut out for him on this one. The location that led us to such uncharted territory, you ask?

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Which is pretty much exactly what happened with The King of Queens house. I may one day make a road trip to check it out.

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The shocked crew member said he had the address of the house written down in one of his files and promised to dig through them to find it. No one on The King of Queens staff knew who had taken the footage or what production it was originally used for and in the nine season run of the show, no one had ever come forward to claim the house as theirs. All Owen was able to gather from locating the footage of the Heffernan house was that it had originally been shot in for use in a production entitled SIBS II. Until an idea struck him.

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Thank you sharing the address. 1 2 3.

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Food Fight - S4 - E


A well-known CBS sitcom running from to


King of Queens is an American sitcom that originally ran on CBS from September 21, , to May 14, , for a total of nine seasons and episodes.


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