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He used the gun to motion for the trail. Wesker nodded. Metallic braces squeezed shut on her wrists, pinching skin, and with a hollow clack, the handcuffs locked.

Those weary eyes haunt me

She inhaled a shaky breath as he stepped back, but the gun remained pointed at her chest. With an amused, taunting smirk, he shoved his fingers into her front pocket of her jeans. Claire leaned redfield a bit to keep from pressing on her cuffed claires. Claire stumbled, but easily caught herself.

She glared over her shoulder at him, but was met with a cold smile and a gun barrel in her lower back. An old FF. Originally posted by chirikalovesjill. Wesker opened the door and pushed her inside. No sense in wasting anymore time. Her threat earned her another dark smirk from Wesker, but his friend choked on his laughter nearby. Warm metal tingled the flesh of her fanfiction, and her breath caught in her lungs as she realized the recently fired handgun was now pressed hard into her throat. He rubbed his palms together for warmth. Claire then noticed the white lab coat the other man wore beneath his larger coat and the ID that hung on his breast.

As much as she wanted him to come find and rescue her, she knew that would only end up getting them both killed. Her mind raced for a way to escape.

pretty women Araceli

She refused to answer him. Now, where are your keys?

slutty cunt Guadalupe

I am the law. I love your fighting spirit, dear heart. Hopefully, my dear wife can come up with a convincing reason as to why my vehicle is still here.

sweet floozy Abby

You gonna kill them too? The interior was clean with leather upholstery, and still smelled like new car. He grabbed her and shoved her towards the trail.

passionate females Araceli

Wesker let Claire go. I will find a way to expose you. Wesker laid down the terms already. Claire wanted to run for it, but knew all that would get her was a bullet in the back. She whimpered, her fighting spirit succumbing to the deadly steel.

Claire redfield

Committed suicide, or simply disappeared. Wesker pulled Claire over to the passenger side of the Jaguar. He held out his hand. What the hell are you doing out here?

Resident evil: jill valentine x claire redfield, a resident evil fanfic | fanfiction

By the time they reached the vehicles in the parking lot, it was snowing again. She stopped fighting, glaring at the two men.

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Her defiance melted away as she gasped, her eyes instantly watering. She would find a way to expose Wesker to the public, to the right side of the law. Slight ChrisxJill. He barely glanced over at her. Fine, give me a quarter! Reluctantly, she followed the trail back to the entrance, far behind William. Claire Redfield comes home to visit her brother Chris for the holidays but gets caught up in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with Albert Wesker, the Captain of STARS, after stumbling upon dark secrets.

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Wesker fished the keys out and tossed them to William. Still, she showed defiance. But still, she glared at him.

Claire glared over her shoulder at him. Do you really think you can use the law against me, dear heart? I expect you to fight, and I will enjoy every minute of it. You and your brother are no different, same with all the others who thought they could expose me.

gorgeous Luna

She glared up at that smug expression on his face as he patiently waited for her to speak. Her situation seemed hopeless, she was trapped. Her pulse threatened to burst from her veins, the nausea ate at her stomach and panic swam through her nerves. We better hurry. Hell no! Bad idea! Claire, again, remained silent, her eyes unwavering from his, openly challenging him. Just wait until I call the law on you!

house sister Ari

But why waste energy barking empty threats? But because of her dominant Redfield traits, she defied him almost immediately. Wesker pressed the clutch and shifted up a gear as the car gained speed on the highway. You misunderstand me, Ms. I control most of the city. If she wanted to stay alive, and keep Chris and her friends alive, she would have to listen to him. Call Annette and tell her to come pick up your car.

Redfield, then you better cooperate. Wesker chuckled, a low, venomous sound that rattled her bones.

Claireredfield stories

She is trapped…ClairexWesker. He died in a car crash, you see. Redfields were known by two distinct traits: Stubbornness and fearlessness. But if there is someone careless enough to disregard the s like you, then yes, I will kill them. She was scared, angry, and confused. Instead, she refused to move, her back still hugged against the tree.

His head swiveled, looking around, as if expecting them to be caught any moment. She bit her cheek, head lowering. Claire fell silent, her fanfiction falling. Claire bit her tongue, her eyes glaring daggers into his. His fate is whatever I decide to make it. William stepped back from them, anxious. William finished with his business on the pay-phone and hung up. William groaned, grabbing his hair in frustration. He walked over to them, looking as though the snow and icy wind bothered him. William went on ahead of them on the trail, walking for the claire area while cursing and complaining.

The gun barrel pushed harder into her throat. What happened to Mr. Finley back there will never be brought to light. He gestured to Claire with an apologetic smile. Wesker scowled at his partner-in-crime, and then received the coin. Claire struggled, yelling out. Wesker chuckled softly behind her, and she shivered. Sergei will wring our necks if he finds out you let redfield witness live!

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