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Summary: You accidentally get a text message from someone that reminds you a lot of that guy from Parks and Rec. Warnings for the series: Slight angst, language, fluff, embarrassed reader, smut. Warnings might change. Two months after the news broke that Chris Pratt was no longer single, you had settled into a new schedule. Normally, you jogged alone in the mornings; now, two of your best friends accompanied you, the three of you carrying mace if there were ever a rogue paparazzo.


You craned your neck to see the name of his agent lighting up his phone. Chris lifted his head up at this, sighing when he met your eyes.

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You sighed, putting down the remote. You and Chris lay sprawled out across each other on the couch watching some new reality tv show. After a few minutes of excited talking, Chris hung up and tossed his phone back onto the table. He looked up at you, them d his position.

With a swift maneuver you had hold of his phone and was handing it back to him.

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Chris seemed in thought before pratt his head. You were only trying to advise him. He picked up instantly and began babbling away with his agent whilst you set your chris back onto his chest and continued to watch the trashy show currently displayed on your TV screen. You leant in and softly kissed his lips with a smile. He nodded and motioned for fanfiction to grab his phone. He had his elbows resting on his knees, hands fisted together with his chin resting on it. A smile stretched across his face as he wrapped his arms tightly around your shoulders. Amongst his fists was his phone. He sat up in excitement, nearly tossing you onto the floor in the process but he managed to catch you and keep you on the couch facing him.

You knelt in front of him, grabbing his fists and holding each of his hands in yours. Getting out of my comfort zone?

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The parts mine if i want it! Later that night, you were in your shared bathroom washing your face before bed. It was a late Sunday afternoon.

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Something was definitely up here. Chris furrowed his brows at your response. You cupped his face in your hands, staring into his lovely green eyes. You looked up at his face and felt a warm feeling on your stomach which also made you smile.

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I thought you were excited? Your eyebrows furrowed, shaking your head.

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You could see Chris starting to regain his smile. You scoffed at that. When he had finished giving you the basic plot details, you just nodded and turned your attention back to the screen.

New to gfycat?

Okay, this was not his usual behaviour. When you emerged from the bathroom, you saw Chris sat on the edge of your shared bed. You turned to look at him and held his hands in yours.

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Now it was his turn to scoff. His face looked as if it would rip in half if he smiled any harder. Originally posted by captainsamerica.

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It was a beautiful night in LA.


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