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Story description: Ben is your average high school nerd, but things change when he gets nominated for homecoming king. Refine by tag: interactive fun interactivestory roleplay random choices chooseyourownadventure applyfic mystery adventure fanfiction horror funny game questions love kpop romance story comment. Story link optional : You get to make the choices! Here is a list of all current stories that have been released in the game. Otherwise, it only has a male MC.


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Maybe trying to make an inclusive, diverse game out of a deeply sexist and shallow tv show has some challenges LMAO. This ain't earth anymore We're truly in hell, and subsequent additions to this chain will only take us deeper. I feel this in my soul.


I hope it will be a more consistent option in the future! Hey guys!!

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I told you I thought about it. This one.

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Oh Christ. What production of Heathers is this. I understand your point of view, and I agree with you, about this money thing and so on, and that would be a problem when creating clothes.

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Posts Likes Send an Ask! That way we can have a fat MC or a more masculine coded MC. I get that they still have to adjust the swimsuits for all the body types, but this would be less onerous that creating a whole other wardrobe for a male MC. Making all LIs bi. So please don't scroll through this post if it's triggering for you. And a male MC option doubles the amount of character art needed to be made for the MC.

Some compromises that Fusebox could do would be:. Recently Liked.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Anonymous asked: why is your cat green? It gets better and better.

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Not being able to choose who you are takes you out of the immersion. I know it's been so so so long since I came online on tumblr cough exams cough and I'm really sorry for popping up all of a sudden like this, but this is something which is really, really important.

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So guys many of you [mostly in the choices fandom] may have heard of wierd stuff, texts, fake s and harrassing incidents from someone named "Zeke" [ ezekialbhandarivalleros and daddyethanramsey, I think they have changed the username of the second one]. Answering to the hashtags, would like to mc male, because I think, that would be something more inclusive, because even if it has few, I believe it has male players from Love Island, and also, it would be very cool to have another point of view on Love Island.

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This is the color your cat is. Same with pronouns.

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Because we don't have a male MC on Love Island. Keep reading. The only things that would change in this game with male MC would be some challenges that would have another point of view and the beginning, where in fact, women would choose you, but you would choose, to make your choice you just react positively or negatively when one of them looks at you.

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The genderlock is what bothers me the most tbh. I will never not reblog this.

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Ask and ye shall recive. Long ago the four nations lived in harmony I literally CANT with this post fidhdnd. I drew a tree using only colours eyedropped from OP's cat.

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See this in the app Show more.

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Written by Derek M.


Chapters has 4 stories where you can play as a guy, of which one is LGBT only mlm , another one is a modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet where you can play as Romeo or Juliet , another one something related to Academy has never been finished.


When your little cousin goes missing, you have no one to turn to except the gorgeous, hypnotically charming Nicholas Gale.


Visual novels are interactive stories.