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  • How old am I:
  • I am 32
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  • I’ve got soft hazel green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
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  • Girl
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  • Champagne
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  • I like travelling
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  • None


Lizzie is a four and a half year old Shetland Sheepdog that has been ing us at Camp for a little over four years now! She has a very unique personality that we all know and love. No matter what the weather is like outside, you can always find her relaxing on the deck, or sometimes running around outside spinning in circles! She is a little particular about who her friends are, but once she makes a friend and decides she wants to play with them it is absolutely adorable.


A very nice interview, gives a very nice overall insight about achievements and current state of the game. How does it feel clearing everything on that list out? Catchin' Some Rays also took quite a lot of time and was really frustrating because at the start of the expansion the drop rate was really high and people got it within 50 casts - I put it off for too long and they ificantly reduced the drop rate, so it took me close to casts to get it.

The description of the achievement and what you actually had to do to earn it was completely reversed and it took around wipes to get it, which is harder than most Mythic bosses. In Wrath of the Lich King I did achievements for the rewards that they gave, in Cataclysm I started actively doing any achievement that I could regardless of the reward - it was mostly rep grinds in the beginning.

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Total playtime on my main is days and I have a second with days. Others were fun to do just due to how hardcore I went about doing it, like doing daily quests in 2 weeks by figuring out which daily quests were the fastest ones to do on as many characters as possible each day, and then just bruteforcing the daily quest achievement. Vinyl: Battle of Gnomeregan — Drop rate increased from all hologram bosses. What were some of your favorite achievements to do and not just the really easy and fast ones?

Source: Reddit. The fact that you have to farm paragon reputation on both factions to get everything is also simply ridiculous. I'm afraid I'm not really fond of that trend of people saying, 'Oh this person has moved over to such and such game. Blueprint: Holographic Digitalization Relay — Drop rate increased from all hologram bosses. Display as a link instead. The player also created a calculator that you can access here.

Catchin' some rays

In an excerpt from an interview with PCGamer, Yoshida talks about the perception of players leaving WoW being a major factor in Final Fantasy 14's recent major growth, saying that nobody is making people quit one game in order to play the other. If there was an easier way to get the corruptions you wanted it would be better. What you may not have known is that this is his second time to do so, as he also finished Legion World First back when it was current! Aernath Ariecho Posted April 6, the conversation You can post now and register later.

A very positive end to the interview, and we'd just like to congratulate Xirev on what he's accomplished once more and are looking forward to him getting there again in Shadowlands! You can also head on over, watch and follow him on his twitch and twitter s:.

Great sea ray mount - catching some rays achievement guide

Nice interview, by the way. We took some time out to talk to Xirev about his impressive He talks about the worst things he's had to endure on specific achievements, the days played across all his s and characters, when and why he started this endeavor, his first achievement complete expansion, some very negative comments he's gotten about his accomplishments, his overall thoughts on BfA as someone who's spent a lot of time in its every nook and cranny, and a lot more!

Crafter's Spotlight: Djarii, Makeup Artist.

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Exploit Vs. Clever Use: the Rextroy Interview. What I did when I was done with everything in Legion was to play Final Fantasy 14 for a month followed by working on collecting transmog and such for the addon All The Things.

You can post now and register later. The high rated PvP achievements are definitely the all time hardest to get though. Sometimes being very far ahead of even the second place as can be seen here:.

Wow great sea ray mount boost

But I also worry about some of these people getting a little too enthusiastic to the point where they are sort of binding people down, chaining people down and going into the community and almost attacking those people who want to take a break catching and maybe enjoy a different game and chain them down in that way. Only 75 emoji are allowed. You ray complete every unique challenge available at the Mage Tower during Legion Timewalking to receive the mount.

Existential Crisis from Mythrax in Uldir was probably the hardest raid achievement ever added before they fixed it. Going for all achievements, not some the achievements themselves, just the collective effort of doing all of them. or insert images wow URL. Recommended Posts. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. At first I mostly went for achievements that awarded something, then achievements that indirectly rewarded something like reputationsafter that I kinda picked a category and worked my way through it as much as I could.

The Mage Tower is returning in Patch 9. The man with all the achievements talks to us about how he got there and a lot more. Warlords of Draenor was the first time I finished with everything but it was a while after other people did it.

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Farming PvP WQs on 45 characters to get 90k honor per day to finish the Honor Level achievement was also fun to do. I have most achievements on my main Mageif I at one point did an achievement on another character I would go back and do it on my Mage again just to have everything done on one character. Are you looking forward to Shadowlands? Dejo93 I can imagine "Live to win" playing in the background of the interview. By StarymApril 5, in News.

Catching some rays

And I totally agree with everything he says about BfA. I hope some Warcraft Devs also read this too. How was BfA in terms of the new achievements added compared to expansions? When did you decide to start actively working on getting all the achievements in the game? In this post, we're looking at which classes can attempt what challenges. BFA has been pretty bad for my motivation I feel like.

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Oxidized Leachbeast now has ificantly more chances to spawn during rain. Starym 3, Report post. I feel like it has helped me try harder at university and striving towards achieving my goals in life.

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What would you say the general ratio is of the achievements you got on a single character vs. Sooo several months left on 8. I have not failed a single exam during my time at uni even while playing a lot.

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Did you have a very specific way in which you approached it or did you just play the various content and then narrowed it down as you completed specific ones? Knowing I could have gotten it much faster made that achievement especially sour in my mouth.

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Achievements that no one really had an idea on how to do and having to figure it out on your own are fun as well, like Naxt Victim which by the looks of the Wowhead comment I made about it helped a lot of people out. Completing the Mecha-Done achievement will be easier in Patch 9. Reply to this topic Go to topic listing.

Therefore, Blizzard decided to make the following changes in the forthcoming patch to make it easier to get.

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If you consider the Honor Level achievement as being added in BFA was added in the prepatch then the time investment needed to finish all achievements ificantly increased for people who did not farm a lot of Prestiges on different characters in Legion. Seeing people AFK in Orgrimmar in their corner that they always stood in showing off their gear, mounts and ton of achievements was a big motivating factor to want to strive for the same thing.

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I ended up getting it on my first try the day I came back after the break. What was the path that you took to getting this done?

Wow bfa fishing guide

If even a player this much dedicated is saying these, it means you really have to do something about that for the ray casual player base which makes the real percentage of active players. Some of that time is overlap, but definitely not all of it. Clear editor. Share wow post Link to post Share on some sites. Paste as plain text instead. He pays to play and therefore should enjoy the game the way he wants, no?

There has been a lot of talk about players swapping over from WoW to other games recently, a lot of it catching unpleasant, as some players accuse others of "abandoning" the game while others criticize those that still play. We've all heard about the man who's finished the game very recentlygetting all the currently available achievements and claiming that he can now finally play the game. Paragon reputation boxes were bad in Legion and they are bad in BFA as well, it is probably what I dislike the most about the game right now.

What is your favorite WoW activity? Recently Browsing 0 members No registered users viewing this. Many of the players either leaving or taking a break have been playing Final Fantasy 14, including some high-profile streamers and we now have some comments from the game's director, Naoki Yoshida, regarding this tribalism and players being antagonistic towards swapping games.

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Why would people give him negative comments? Reddit user SuperSoftwareNgineer created a useful table, which shows you the challenges each class can complete. If you have anin now to post with your. Posted April 5, Sometimes being very far ahead of even the second place as can be seen here: What would you say the general ratio is of the achievements you got on a single character vs.

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Coming from the dark waters around Darkmoon Island is this interesting stingray fish.


Subsequently, one of the fun secondary professions — fishing, also received an update.


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Fish do not come from specific zones anymore.