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  • I'm dutch
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It was in the butt. I told her I wanted to be physically castrated.

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It will be a nice diversion. It really made me aware how often it was on my mind.

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It was the only way to save my family. So you introduced the idea? And I could still get an erection for a couple of months. I was surprised that I could feel the chemical stinging as it slowly went in.

My neighbor castrate her husband yesterday.

I spend a lot of time with my grandchildren. I lost my virginity to my wife and neither of us had had sex before. The two parts are not talking to each other. I went completely quiet around girls. Before I went on Lupron I was thinking about having sex with a prostitute over 30 times a day. Which is a little concerning.

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See the original article on NYmag. Now I can see that I was constantly chasing that high. What happened when you saw Dr. Did you take the drug right away? Had you ever heard of that before? Identifying as a sex addict, he felt the only way to stop his behavior — and save his year marriage — was to medicate his body into submission. I do, but clearly not as frequently as before.

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Then the thoughts started to fade away. One was simply an elastic band on my wrist. He went through my whole life history trying to figure out where it came from. But I had to get therapy. My wife caught me. I would have done anything to stop.

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I think the lower testosterone keeps those thoughts to a minimum, but they still happen. It hurt.

Boom in wives slipping impotence pills to husbands

I also take over-the-counter calcium. We started with six sessions of talk therapy where we tried a few different cognitive behavioral techniques to reduce my sexual thoughts. The alternative was much worse. After six months I would only have the thoughts a few times a day. At first, I found myself doing it a lot. A female body is beautiful no matter what. We wanted to move as quickly as possible.

There was no physical change at all. It was part of the excitement.

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It can also make your bones brittle, which puts you at risk for osteoporosis, but I take Fofamax, which is supposed to help reduce that potential. It took at least two shots before I noticed my sexual thoughts slowing down.

When did you first think of that attraction as a problem to be addressed? She said she was married and she wanted to repair it. But I was still in a dark place because the thoughts were impacting my work. The relationship was great.

I was prepared to do it because it made my wife comfortable. Is there any way that you can describe what your thought process is like now?

My wife wants to castrate me

I was willing to chop my testicles off to save the marriage. These days, the treatment is associated with sex offenders or people with troubling sexual fantasies they fear they will act on. But I have filled my life with other things. I was a nerd and introverted.

Wife's horror after husband secretly castrates himself to 'end porn addiction'

Can you remember your first injection? Sorrentino says that about 20 percent of her current Lupron patients are there voluntarily, often desperate to curb their troubling sexual thoughts or actions. That first visit was primarily motivated by boredom, but my job was also extremely stressful and I needed some relief. I completely lost the ability to get it up. When I was 50, my job suddenly took me out of state for four days a week.

My parents stayed together. She prescribed me some drug, like Xanax, and we did talk therapy.

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And then? When I wanted to have sex it was like a drug addiction. What happens when you see an attractive woman, on the street or TVdo you still like to look at their bodies? He referred me to Dr. Sorrentino, who practices chemical castration.

Wife's horror after husband secretly castrates himself to 'end porn addiction'

Did you have sex with your wife before that first shot of Lupron? So I guess it physically stopped me right away. Surgical castration has a long and ugly history — from ancient Athenian man-slaves and 18 th -century Italian castrati to 19 th -century America, when a man named Dr.

Harry Sharp castrated nearly inmates, aiming to reduce the likelihood that they would offend again. Did it change the appearance of your genitals? By the time I got to Dr. Sorrentino I was desperate. How long have you been on Lupron? As soon as it was over I was miserable.

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She referred me to a therapist who was convinced it was depression. Do you ever worry that the drug will suddenly stop working? I had a normal childhood. We also talked about possible side effects: You might gain weight, grow breasts, experience night sweats and hot flashes — that kind of thing.

Boom in wives slipping impotence pills to husbands

Once, when I was out of town, I went to a strip club. I need to cut out the behavior then we can do all the analysis you like. Did the anti-anxiety medication help at all? Renee Sorrentino is one of a handful of psychiatrists offering Lupron to patients in Massachusetts. I did put on a little weight, but I have never had any other adverse effects. Had you tried other things? Do I ever have dreams at night and then wake up and think about them?

I lived in a blue-collar neighborhood. My wife knew a little bit about it because she re all these trash magazines, but I had only heard it used on pedophiles or sex offenders. The drug Lupron tricks the hormone in the brain that tells the pituitary gland to produce testosterone.

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I am still physically attracted to women. The thoughts happened, but much less frequently and there was nothing I could do about it.

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My shrink was shocked when she heard that, and said we need to work on it. Did you think of yourself as a kind of monster, like them?

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Read on and judge for yourself whether or not these cases of castration were warranted.


If you want to bring your straying husband back into line and ensure he remains faithful, there is a drug for that.


The vet, a devout Mormon, allegedly performed the operation on himself but didn't tell his wife - because he was worried about his porn and strip club habits.


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