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When Buffy and Faith have their first fight in Angel's home after they pretend they brought back Angelus, while they're both kneeling on the ground after a fight, before Faith run off she pulls down Buffy's head to her and kisses her on the forehead before leaving. It almost looked like Faith was suppose to kiss Buffy on the lips before leaving. Then in Season 3's finale, after Faith is in a coma and before Buffy wakes up after Angel bit her, Buffy is having this dream that Faith and her are talking in her apartment about making peace with each other. Before Buffy wakes up Faith pulls Buffy's face gentle toward her and then it flashes out white and Buffy wakes up in the hospital bed. Do you think the script originally planned for Faith to kiss Buffy here but they decided against it because well


Geralt's eyes get a little glassy and he leans forward, pausing and letting Jaskier make the final decision. Now, how about we find a comfortable place to bed down for the night, Milord? It was adorable. I feel as if I can't help but continue indebting myself to you.

It makes no sense!

Was faith supposed to have a lesbian kiss with buffy in season 3 but they decided against it?

I love the way Amanda grabs on for dear life. Bucky will absentmindedly presses kisses to the back of his neck and his temples, browsing his hairline with his nose. Willing to step in and help wherever and whenever he can. Darla calls Angel a big loser for not living in the sewer and is wearing her catholic school girl cosplay??? Jaskier moves Geralt's hand so that it's curled around the inside of his elbow, the proper etiquette for a platonic escort, and le him quickly down the long hallways of Yennefer's sprawling manor house.

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Witchers are dirty things, not meant for such a public life as my own. And incredibly rare.

Buffy has a diary??? Tell me what happened at the party before all of… this. Yennefer mouths. Everything will be alright, I swear. He feels Geralt tense up when he sits on the edge of the bed and his eyebrows narrow in concern.

Buffy and faith's relationship taught me about queer thirst

Although, knowing the Witcher, he isn't even sure how to go about doing such a thing in the first place. The next A Very Bouncey Halloween installment and a belated birthday gift to my darling veritasrose.

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One moment we were all enjoying the music and the next… there was a minotaur and a mermaid and a faun… Geralt went nearly mute and started clinging to my arm like some sort of aristocratic maiden! Or why he thinks this kind of thing would be impressive in the first place.

Again, Darla has a gun???

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Yennefer understands that his meaning is different; Jaskier understands that Geralt is interested in him romantically, but the bard can't seem to get it through his head that Geralt has deemed him worthy. It's warm and sweet, time fading away as they let their feelings pour through this one simple gesture. He gestures at the various faiths roaming freely past the buffet table. He chooses the blue-themed bedroom at the back of the East Wing, far from the sorceress' own suite of rooms.

He has to help Geralt change out of his lordly costume, the Witcher-turned-Count fumbling uselessly at the laces and kisses as if he'd never seen a fastening before in his life. Despite the mutagens, Geralt's face still went pale pink when he encountered a strong emotion. Jaskier wishes he had Witcher buffy, so he could catch a glimpse of the blush no doubt attempting to stain the Witcher's face. We need to help these people! Light flashes through the room and momentarily blinds Jaskier, who stumbles back against Geralt. The smooth, royal-blue velvet tickles his fingertips.

He turns the Witcher's face and locks their gazes together, blue meeting gold. Jaskier does get to see him blush this and, and the bard revels in it; he would trade all the gold in the world to see Geralt flush like this. Jaskier sits up beside him, wiping the sleep from his eyes with the back of his hand.

Jaskier continues to ignore his companion. Blood screaming inside you to work its will. When they pull apart again, Geralt gives a surprised, lopsided smile.

Buffy and faith's relationship taught me about queer thirst

As soon as he pulls the covers over his chest, Geralt glues himself to Jaskier's side, snuggling close. Thank you so much for the last year of friendship, I look forward to celebrating with you again. Jaskier hurries them down one suspiciously empty hallway after another until he reaches the small suite that he had accepted as payment for his performance at the party.

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A minotaur stumbles through the center of the dance floor, lowing in frustration as he tries to control his bulky limbs. Moving behind Geralt with practiced efficiency, Jaskier also closes, shutters, and locks every window in the room, pulling the curtains closed to keep any light from spilling out and alerting stray creatures of their presence.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar and Amanda Setton. About Privacy Policy.

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Darla has multiple glocks?? Yennefer smirks and disappears from the room in a whirl of black and white silk, the scents of lilac and gooseberry curling through the air in her wake. He mumbles an apology to the ever-sturdy Witcher as he waits for his vision to return and when he blinks clearly for the first time after a few long moments, the bard feels utterly and totally confused by the scene unfolding before him. The worst, most brutal vampire in history apparently got his name by being really really pretty???

Visit Blog. Jaskier ushers Geralt inside and locks the heavy oak door behind them. The bard meets him halfway, pressing his lips against Geralt's without any sense of urgency at all.

His memories of Yennefer have also been taken, then. He detests small talk, he hates vanity, and he finds most men of my station to be cowardly and overly delicate - myself included! Jaskier tucks Geralt into bed before changing into his own nightclothes, tossing his things back into their travel bags as he swaps outfits.

My big, strong Witcher who cares so much about defending the little guy. IM-- and the way she looks at HIM look you all know i'm spuffy trash. I worry sometimes.

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Jaskier hands Geralt a set of bags and hauls his own over his shoulder. Two werewolves wrestle for dominance atop the furthest banquet table to their left. Geralt whispers shyly as Jaskier pulls a nightshirt over his head: "Thank you again, Milord Jaskier.

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Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. He splays a hand over the very center of his blue velvet doublet a nearly perfect imitation of the way Jaskier reacts to a perceived offense.

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When Faith reports this to the Mayor , he asks her to kill the demon and take the books.


What was I doing?


She moaned.