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In order to prepare, I did a lot of research about what to expectwhat sort of issues might arise, and the tips and tricks other women had found to make it work. I was excited about bonding with my baby and working hard to give her the best, but I worried a little bit about whether it would all work out, and spent a lot of time thinking about the "what ifs" of breastfeeding. One thing I never considered or worried about was whether someone would challenge my right to breastfeed my baby in my own home. She told me my neighbor had complained about her husband watching me breastfeed through my open window, and because of that I would need to close the blinds whenever I nursed my baby.


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He responded by reassuring the reader right off the bat that her neighbor's behavior was "absolutely beyond out of line. But, in general, that "demand" is coming from a little one. Photo illustration by Sarina Finkelstein; Getty Images 4. For the most part, Slate commenters were on the donor's side but also wanted to offer the neighbor more appropriate resources.

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Every breastfeeding mama faces her own unique challenges, and sometimes, that involves a supply and demand issue. She sounded so heartbroken about not nursing with comments like 'my baby is unlucky to have me for a mother' that I offered to give her a few of my stored bags of breast milk to at least ease her mind," the reader explained.

Ultimately, he said the mom should remember to "stop getting into negotiations with Tara where she thinks the two of you are having a free-flowing exchange of ideas about parenting. The stressed mom sought advice on what to do about a neighbor who won't accept "no" for an answer. Add your comment Cancel Submit.

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One encouraged the reader to "look into the breast milk share programs that might be in her area and share that information with her neighbor. She said that Tara soon resorted to guilting tactics, sending "pictures of her crying daughter with captions like 'Faye is so sad that her bottle has yucky formula! She misses her yummy breast milk! Every mom should feel empowered to set boundaries that will require others to respect her physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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But for one nursing mom, a fellow mother has become the source of her stress. No comments yet.

Breastfeeding mother spent two weeks nursing her neighbor's baby alongside her own after he suggested the mother of his child had walked out - only for her to discover the woman was still in the picture

Another believed it was completely inappropriate behavior, writing, "Why are there so many people who think it's ok to just DEMAND things from others??? Writing into Slate's "Dear Prudence" advice columnthe frustrated mom explained that she's struggling to set a boundary with a neighbor in need of breast milk donations. Tell us what you think Thanks for adding your feedback. That expectation was understandably well beyond what the reader was prepared to meet. Close this dialog window Review for.

Back to story Comment on this project. It was only a matter of hours before Tara's behavior took a turn for the aggressive.

Woman breastfed neighbor's baby after man claimed mother had left

He encouraged the reader to tell Tara to "never text her again" and to then block her. Close this dialog window Add a comment.

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We started talking more when we both got pregnant, although still casually. Hopefully after hearing from Ortberg, this Slate reader did just that.

My neighbor told me to stop breastfeeding — because her husband was watching

The reader explained, "My neighbor feels entitled to my breast milk: I have lived in the same apartment building as 'Tara' for two years, but we have never been more than acquaintances. By Maressa Brown. That said, Ortberg's assessment seems to be the most on-point of any. Tara accepted the offer "enthusiastically," and the reader gave her four bags of milk that day.

I will not talk to you about this again.

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He also recommended looping in the landlord "if she starts showing up at your doorstep," writing, "My guess is that your landlord does not want someone harassing their tenants for loose breast milk any more than you do. Close in.

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All rights reserved. As much as it takes a village, no mom should feel pressured to give more than she feels comfortable with. A third pointed out that "a combination of postpartum depression and frustration" could be linked to Tara's behavior at least "partially.

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By Latoya Gayle For Mailonline.


Wet nurses have been around forever, but one woman has asked if she was wrong to breastfeed another woman's baby, given she was under the impression she was no longer around.


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