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Happens to a few characters in Love Hinathanks in part to Kanako being adept at this sort of thing. Nunally twice, Vileta once, Cornelia once and others.

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She ends up with her hands tied to her back and with tape across her mouth. Happens to often in MnemosyneEpisode 1, Rin is strapped down and tortured by Sayara. Nyoka the Jungle Girl is filled with this.

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The Adventures of Tintin - Tintin has been tied up on several occasions and, in one case, gagged, but has never been tied up and gagged at the same time. Pissing him off was the smart thing to do. Keita wants to use a magic pot to gain a harem but his Clingy Jealous Girl interrupts him so he tapes her. In those cases, part of the fun is often seeing the hero escape, or try to escape, the bonds, so there's a lot of emphasis on actually showing the bonds, the struggling, and the escape or rescue.

Surprisingly, even when Akane is more than capable of breaking free on her ownshe refused to do so because Ranma was being a great big Jerkass. When it's played for drama, the emphasis is on how terrible the captive feels, so there's more focus on facial expressions and less on the bonds. Ookami-san : Okami gets tied up by some school bullies in episode 2. Also carried out the soldiers involved in the Chinese uprising.

Anime and Manga Code Geass has this increasingly through out the series. Nyoka gets tied up by bad guys all the time, many different ways. D-List Superheroine Empowered ends up like this so often that villains, innocent bystandersand her own teammates regard her as a laughingstock and she occasionally points out the shortcomings of gag de to the mellower Mooks.

Second time was with Grimmjow after he stole her out of her room to go heal Ichigo so Grimmjow could fight him properly. Sure, it's been toned down since The Eightiesbut Pre Crisisit happened all the time. Imps: A bright red crayon just for you!

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Yua Kotegawa 's first manga series Ottori Sousa was all about this trope for the first half of the series, before Growing the Beard into full-blown thriller detective manga. Very heavy on the Fetish Fuelthis series. We never see Orihime eat after that, so it's hard to tell if he followed up on this. Comic Books Wonder Womanand no wonder pun not intended, at least not consciously : Her creator may have into bondage himself, but he definitely wrote it into the job description.

Tenma is captured, tied to a chair, and beaten by a dwarf Neo-Nazi crime lord in Monster. Episode 3, Rin is bound to the handrails of sinking ship.

Bound and gagged

When this trope is played for dead serious drama, you can expect, in many cases, very dark lighting and only glimpses of the bonds. Nobue took Miu's wallet, removed a yen note, and left over Miu's protests.

They even get gagged by apples that get knocked off a table and fly into their open mouths. Why were they carrying ballgags with them again? Advertising This Sunsilk commercial right here.

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The superheroines Black CanaryZatannaand Siryn all have histories of being bound and gagged, due to the fact they all posses vocal-based superpowers. It's such a common occurrence - to the point of once suggesting that the villains threaten to untie her - that the Superdickery website has an entire gallery devoted to it. Zatanna is even shown like this on the splash of the first issue of her own comic. Then there is Apos' torture victim in various episodes.

It generally tends to be more light-hearted adventures that actually show a lot of rope. In fact, it's part of its origin.

Hanaukyo Maid Tai La Verite episode 6. She breaks free so he uses chains, she breaks free again, he uses more chains etc. In episode 1 a hospital nurse ends up this way after she's Mugged for Disguise by Haruko to get her uniform. The scene is doubly valuable as a great demonstration of Heroic Spirit and Fetish Fuel.

Another incident involved Pantyhose Taro holding her as a hostage, and keeping her gagged and bound with you guessed it pantyhose. As does Sasuke way back in Part 1, by Naruto, although he easily escapes. Max Payne: He had a baseball bat and I was tied to a chair. Naruto gets tied up and gagged in one of the movies.

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Naturally, this also happened to his sister, Mary Marvel, for the same reason. Since the doctor is responsible for his mother's severe injuries in an S. So, the doctor promptly shoves a gag in his mouth and gets ready to turn him into a living blood bank. This happens a lot on Demashita!

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The first volume of Spider Woman also features quite a bunch of tie up scenes of Jessica Drew, and at least there's one scene where she's also gagged. Nobue went over to find Miu tied up. Did I mention she was tied to a chair with a lot of rope?

When it's revealed that the doctor who helped Shiwoon overcome several members of the S. It turned out that the doctor was after him for the Phlebotinum he was given in the manwa. Powerpuff Girls Z to the titular girls. This is a persistently common trope in the series. Episode 6, Rin is chained to a table and ball-gagged in front of a chained Angel by Laura. When a Snooping Little KidDamsel in Distressor Faux Action Girl or the occasional unlucky guy is captured by the villain, they're usually restrained in some fashion, and to keep them from crying out for The Herothey're usually silenced as well.

As an example, check out the old Fleischer cartoons.

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For example, a character who is considered annoying might be tied up by the group simply to get that person out of the way. Nowadays, the victim's cell phone will invariably ring and the villain will pick it up and answer, "Sorry, she can't come to the phone right now Sometimes this is done for humor instead. All over the place.

Captain Marvel is a well-known male example; Billy's always bound and gagged because he has to speak his magic word to become Captain Marvel. For example, the US Dennis The Menace cartoon once had a scene where a seal is running amok, and at one point grabs toilet paper in its mouth and runs around the kids, wrapping them up in toilet paper.

Bound and gagged

In the Baseball Episode the maid acting as an umpire is kidnapped and shown tied up and gagged and replaced with a Technology Department android robot. Also, their occasional teammate Kid Eternity, who has to speak his magic word to summon a historical or mythological hero. Of course, if that character is really cutethe intended humor might be lost a bit on some audiences. In Yu Yu HakushoKuwabara is tied and gagged in the Chapter Black arc in order for Sensui to use his Jigen-tou to slice through the dimensions- first with Toguro-ani's body working through Gourmet, then with a conventional rope and gag.

He's given two options: the S. C, or have his blood turned into a powerful Phlebotinum that will help the S. C qonquer Seoul.

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Kallen and Lelouch are, when captured, forced to wear straight jackets; CC has one as her daily clothing'. So you can expect incredible amounts of bondage throughout the first couple decades of her comic. No gagging involved, but in Ichigo MashimaroMiu called Nobue to tell her that Matsuri was her prisoner and was being tied up with a long rope. Other times, someone might be tied up humorously as the result of some mishap.

In the olden days, this was usually accompanied by some form of fantastical Death Trap to add to the suspense. She refuses, so Ulquiorra tells her if she doesn't eat then he will strap her down and force it down her gag. Justified, seeing as she's an Escape Artist - she breaks free by the end of 2. Lots and lots and lots for you! Actually, this inevitably happens to somebody or other in just about every adventure Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus, Nestor, and a slew of bad guys.

This happens to Orihime bound in Bleachalthough the first is only implied- Ulquiorra tells Orihime who is upset because she believes one of her friends is dead to eat. It's a good thing at the start of the show she managed to get two capable Ronin in her debt to act as and See Bodyguard Crush. Tied to a chair with quite a lot of rope, and having her fiction "tortured".

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When an undercover San Jose police officer calling himself "Bobby" phoned Daniel DePew in Alexandria, Virginia, to suggest that they had "mutual interests" and invited him to his hotel for dinner, DePew, ever the optimist—and thinking that he'd been beckoned to a blind date with an out-of-town prospect—showered, put on a pair of tight jeans, and drove himself to the Dulles Airport Marriott.


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