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  • 34
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  • Brunet
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  • My figure features is quite skinny
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The past few months I have been addicted to high school novels. I read a lot of college romance too.


Very Similar.

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It's so similar to Bully but I actually cried in it. But I don't care. Actually, the most similar book I could think off is Almost. Sep 02, AM. From Lukov with love by Mariana Zapata has that whole enemies turn to lovers type of vibe.

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Mar 24, PM. I enjoyed Fear me it was pretty similar, Are there any other books similar to Bully? I am always trying to find books like Bully and this one is similar. Characters hate each other at first but it becomes something more! Aug 10, PM. Any books similar to a once best friend then slowly drifts away and maybe into hate books?

Sep 15, AM. Bully theme and is so cute, I loved! Where in the beginning they can't stand each other but then things start heating up. Oct 02, PM. Forget You by Jennifer Echols is similar. I loved it almost as much as Bully and I'm very picky about books.

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Aug 31, PM. Jessie wrote: "Any books similar to a once best friend then slowly drifts away and maybe into hate books? Feb 20, AM. Warning: it's not for everyone, it's dark, lot of triggers Feb 25, AM. Jul 23, PM.

Jan 25, AM. Please read the line between. U won't find any psychological trauma based on parent-child or classmate interaction or not so well ingrained. The books are amazing.

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She does, after hitting rock bottom, she knows her spiral downward is going to kill her. Listina is an angry bitter alcoholic who is barely functioning and stumbles upon diaries that she knows she is afraid to read. It has much more emotion in it than bully has.

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I would highly recommend it! Aug 31, AM. Walking Disater and Beautiful Disaster. Feb 05, AM. I am so freakin in love with this book!!! May 13, AM. I actually loved that book and the second one was even better!! Sep 02, PM. Hi All, I have a shelf for just bully romance. May 30, AM. Jun 01, AM. Love's Suicide. Here are links to my social media below. Aug 16, PM. They start out as neighbors who hate each other but then both of their stories unfold.

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It's such a good book. Comments Showing of 44 44 new post a comment ». It doesn't have the same type of HEA that Bully has, though.

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Sep 17, PM. Almost sounds good Miriam i'll add that one to my list :. Dec 15, PM. You may like the Neighbor from Hell Series very funny too! It will make you cry.

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Aug 13, AM. Aug 14, PM. Dominic by L. Casey, the whole slater series so far is excellent!!! Dec 22, PM. Perfect Chemistry Jan 17, AM. My novel is an adult fiction work, based on my real life high school bullying experiences hence the similarities in the name.

People who like bully (book by penelope douglas)

I freaken loved it. Jan 26, AM. The Line Between by Tamsyn Bester. Nov 10, AM. You can try The Nature of Cruelty. She relives every humiliating memory one by one, being bullied by her own friends as well as other girls.

Similar books like bully (the fall away series book 1)

You should check them out. Everyone says it's a rip off of bully. Pretty much after they submit to their attraction it gets boring. Jun 11, AM. Jun 29, PM. Jun 30, PM. Aug 19, AM. Sep 03, PM. Nicole wrote: "You may like the Neighbor from Hell Series very funny too! Jun 03, PM. The Nature of cruelty is pretty similar but the only problem is the book traces their relationship when they are already grown-ups and u can't find the thrill that's in Bully no races and any dilemas.

Bullies to love – the ultimate list of bully romance books!

It's actually based on "Wuthering Heights", which technically has the once best friends devolved into dysfunctional hatred theme as well. Your welcome to check it out.

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Feb 07, AM. Mar 20, AM. Fear me by BB reid. Sep 15, PM. Oct 05, PM. Oct 20, PM. Nov 22, PM. Just seen your post and started reading stepbrother dearest Love it so far looks like we have read a lot of the same books Nov 24, PM. Faye wrote: "Just seen your post and started reading stepbrother dearest Beware of Bad Boy. Dec 01, PM. Stepbrother Dearest is kinda like this in reverse.

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The bully romance sub-genre is a required taste.


Penelope Douglas Bully Similar books.


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Ahhhh so many of us are not just fans of bad boys, but of book-guys that are absolutely horrid in the beginning.